This was posted 2 years 11 months 9 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

expired 4kg Clothes Dryer $179 from Aldi


4kg Clothes Dryer

  • 5 drying programs
  • Stainless steel drum
  • Double layer lint filter
  • Overheat protection
  • Safety switch on door
  • 3 year in home warranty
  • 60 day satisfaction warranty
  • Dimensions: 700(H) x 600(W) x 435(D)mm
  • Box dimensions: 760(H) x 655(W) x 465(D)mm

row row fight the power

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    Forget to add some info?

    Also the 4kg is the size of the load.. not the weight of the dryer!!


    Should post the price ($179) somewhere

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    The gf and I got a washing machine (same category - laundry) that was terrible from aldi. Would tangle all the clothes like crazy - to the extent of frequent tearing. After about a month or two it started making funny noises which kept escalating till it eventually packed it in. The exact same thing happened with the one her parents bought too. So for that reason I'm pretty set on not risking laundry related machines from aldi… Or white goods in general come to think of it.

    Though I do love aldi special buy products in general :) unfortunately some just suck for quality.

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    Pretty sure I remember this model getting bagged out for producing a weird burning plastic smell and infusing the clothes with it.
    Might be cheap but what if it screws up all your clothes with said weird smell? How cheap it it then?


    We actually have been looking at this - continuous rain last month has finally pushed us to want to buy a clothes dryer. However ProductReview didn't have good reviews on the 5kg and 6kg dryers from this brand (also sold by Aldi):

    We also bought a Stirling 81L upright freezer in August 2011 (same as this one here but we bought it 1 year earlier and paid $30 more). It died yesterday — and that's less than 2 years!

    However thumb up to Aldi's warranty claim service. It broke down with less than a month on warranty. Called up and they gave us a refund right on the phone.


    I surmise the electricity bill will be scary.

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      I don't think they meant to be used all the time. I much prefer having the clothes dried under the sun, but for those odd weeks with non-stop rain and kids really need their uniforms the next morning — clothes dryer is a godsend.


    My dryer is a godsend too especially when it rains and my kiddo dirties all her uniform before any dries!

    Got the fisher paykel areosense one and love it. Clothes arent tangled at all.


    question… if your laundry area is out of space… where else can u put a dryer?

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    The main type of people who might consider this are those that have never had a dryer before.

    This type is a timer model. You have to "guess" how longto run it to dry your clothes. If you set the timer too short, your clothes will be damp. If you set it too long, then your clothes come out crisp and you waste heaps of power.

    These things are pretty much the lowest form of life as far as dryers are concerned. They are pretty damn horrid.

    For anyone considering one of these, you really should be looking at "Sensor" dryers. These are automatic - you tell it "how dry" and tit switches off when it's perfect. Most sensor dryers also have a cool air "crease guard" which just cold tumbles the clothes every few minutes to keep them fluffy.

    Spend the extra $200, you will be glad you did.


      how well are the sensor driers?
      btw it was a serious question. never used a dryer before and didnt consider one until i moved to nsw.


      Any recommended models or bargains out there?


      Its really not that hard. You work it out after a few goes
      My experience with sensor dryers has been pretty bad - mine would usually turn off before the clothes were dry!


    it will use $179 of Electricity a year!


    Do you use a heater in winter? If so that would almost certainly use more energy.
    Many people who live in apartments have no choice but to use a drier.


      This is identical to the mistral sold by BigW which was over $200. Had mine for about 18 months and its perfect for my tiny apartment. I run it with the bathroom extractor on to avoid condensation.

      With the warranty this is a real bargain.

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