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Acronis True Image 2013 $9.99 USD (80% off) + Potentially Get Plus Pack for $10 (Hit and Miss)


Acronis True Image 2013

One of the best Backup and Recovery Solutions

80% off Promo

They also offer 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

They Also have their Acronis® True Image™ 2014 beta program running if anyone is interested which started 16th July

To Potentially get the plus pack for an additional $10 (usually $30), follow these steps (It doesn't always work)
Credit goes to Vladdo and pax

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  • I need to backup 2 computers, can I only buy 1 license and install on both? Will Acronis detect I have installed twice?

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      You can install the full software on your main PC and have a trial on your secondary PC. The trial can create the backup fine but you will need to create a boot disk with the main install so you can load the backup to the secondary PC when required. The trial is 30 days but the backup stays.

      I did this for over a year but at this price it saves a lot of hassles and worth the second key. The key only works for 1 activation. This program is worth every penny. Backup a fresh image and when you need to format, just load the image and its' pretty much a format with all the programs, keys and all data transferred. A time machine for your PC.

      • Would you say I can just buy 2 Acronis True Image 2013 and one Acronis plus pack? So with my second pc, I can backup but if ever I wanted to restore to another pc, I can just use the plus pack from the first pc?

        • I don't think it cares about the PP.. as in, i don't think there's any validation/activation whatsoever :)

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          There is an activation required. I never purchased the plus pack. I just have the normal version which creates the boot disk. You just need the boot disk to load an image. The trial version can be used to create a backup image. Does that help?

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    Hey eastern.. I tried this morning just out of curiosity and noticed that it was back.. HOWEVER, for whatever reason, it also included a copy of AIDA64 extreme edition.. I tried it again but didn't work with the extra copy of AIDA :(

    I've since put in for a refund on my fridays purchase lol

    • I've since put in for a refund on my fridays purchase lol

      30 day Money Back Guarantee ??

      HOWEVER, for whatever reason, it also included a copy of AIDA64 extreme edition

      It might have been a website glitch, but if you got it you must be lucky

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        yeah.. must've been some really wierd glitch…

        I have a download link and key so its all 100% above board…

    • EDIT: [got answered above]

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    Non-stop PC backup looks interesting:

    True Image 2013 records on going changes as you work, so you can revisit any file, folder or your entire system as it was at a specific point in time.

    This doesn't have some kind of expiry date does it?

    I also take it i need to download the software - how big is it?

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      Looks like you get 3 months to download it..
      "Your download link is valid until 20/10/2013."

      That said, I have true image 2012 and the download links haven't gone anywhere as I can still download them..

      TI2013 is 273mb and PP is 103mb

  • Pardon my ignorance but what does the "True Image 2013 Plus Pack" actually do/provide and how does it work (in plain english please)?

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      If your machine has a serious crash and you need to restore to a new machine with different hardware.. you can't.. Windows will have a tanty because it thinks that all the device drivers will be the same and you'll get a BSOD.

      The plus pack makes a boot disk, so you can restore your backup to a totally different machine irrespective of what new hardware you have.. It does save a lot of grief, should you have a total hardware failure.

      Edit: After you do a restore with the plus pack, windows will boot nicely and act as if nothing happened..

      • Can you confirm that you need the Plus Pack to create a boot disk? I am pretty sure the regular version can create a boot disk without the plus pack. As mentioned, I never purchased the plus pack but made several boot disks to be safe.

        • I think this answers your question.

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          The normal version creates a boot disk.. however, if you need to do a full restore you can only do it to the same hardware.

          The plus pack changes restored version of windows, so it can boot into totally different hardware, should you have a complete system failure. The normal version would make windows BSOD if you restore to different hardware.

          "No matter what the make, model or installed components of your computer, easily restore files, programs, or your entire system to different hardware, dynamic disks, and even Microsoft Windows Pre-installation Environments (WinPE)."

  • Can I buy the plus pack itself instead of buying them both together? (As I forgot to include the plus pack last time)

  • I really liked trueimage though stopped using when I upgraded to win8 as the version I had (which was the current at the time) did not support win8 and the only way around it was a paid upgrade… Since a new version windows is probably a little ways off you should be OK.

    Either way this is great deal and it is a nice piece of software, but yearly paid upgrades are a pain

  • Not working for me @07:40 EST: Followed instructions, Plus Pack discounted to US$9.99 when TI2013 added to cart, but TI price stays at US$49.99.

    Anyone else had the same issue and managed to get the full discount? If so, how did you solve it?

    Missed it 1st time round - so keen to get it this time…

    • OK, figured it out. The link to TI2013 in 3rd step of the instructions is slightly wrong:

      Follow the instructions, but instead of clicking on the link in the 3rd step, use the "Go to Deal" link: https://store.acronis.com/325/purl-july-promo-ti2013-deep_en…

      Then both the Plus Pack and the TI2013 will show up in your cart for US$9.99 each - US$19.98 total.

      Happy camper!

      OP - Thanks for the 'deal repost', want to update the link?

  • Last time, someone mentioned AOMEI backup and related tools. The wife just bought an SSD, and needed to copy the disk and add one partition from another disk. AOMEI worked perfectly.
    It also does backup and restore of disks and partitions. You can do incremental and differential backups.
    If you don't want to spend $24 on Acronis, AOMEI has a great suite of products that will do just about anything you need.
    The Acronis deal is great, but I'll pass. I'll definitely up vote the deal though

  • If anyone just wants to backup the windows pc I'd recommend using macrium reflect free version.

  • Could someone tell me the difference of the paid true Image 2013 here & the free version from Western Digital please?

    • I'm not 100% sure, but the WD version may fail to operate unless there's at least one WD hard drive in the PC. Its functionality could be crippled in other ways (the WD version may only be used for cloning/migration, providing no advanced backup features).

      • Correct, requirement is at least one WD on your system. However, I have read a workaround (cannot validate if this works or not, as I have a WD drive):

        If you don’t have a WD drive in the PC, then it will display an error when you used it. To remove this limited function and make it work for all types of hard disk drives, simply hold down ALT then type T and O. Do this simple trick whenever you get an error message.

        FYI, WD Edition is based on Acronis True Image 2009, and I have found it works well.

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    just Purchased TI with PP for $22+ AUD

  • I am unable to work out how to get TI2013 & plus pack for the same price of $9.99. TI2013 comes up for $9.909 but plus pack $17.99. Would appreciate a detailed instructions thanks. Not usually this blonde.

  • Vladdo, Many Thanks, done no problem

  • Did anyone else get an email this morning to say that there's a free upgrade to True Image 2014.. It's actually the premium edition.. so.. this cheap copy just got even better :)

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