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Acronis True Image 2013 $9.99 USD (80% off) - Add Plus Pack for $9.99 (Read Instructions)


Acronis True Image 2013

One of the best Backup and Recovery Solutions

80% off Promo

They also offer 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

To get the plus pack for an additional $10 (usually $30), follow these steps:
Credit goes to Vladdo and pax

They Also have their Acronis® True Image™ 2014 beta program running if anyone is interested which started 16th July

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  • Worked, got my serial.

    Great software, don't mind paying $10 for it, has saved my @$$ before. :)

  • +1

    Why is it the best?

    Redo backup and clonezilla are free alternatives.

    • +1

      One of the best Backup and Recovery Solutions

      i never said it was the best

    • +3

      Here's Clonezilla, and Redo Backup.

      Personally i've been using Norton Ghost for years - doesn't work though with TrueCrypt encrypted disks though - so i use Backup Maker for them. Not a recommendation - just sayin.

    • It's not the 'best' but it's damn good, and stupidly easy to use.

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      The best feature of Acronis (with the plus pack) is being able to restore to dissimilar hardware, i.e. you can create an image on one computer and restore it to a completely different computer with different hardware, with their UniversalRestore feature. Works great for when you upgrade computers or laptops. Sometimes you can just move the hard drives over without cloning, but it doesn't always work.

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    Cnet & Expert & pcmag reviews mostly seem pretty good.

    But note pcmag comment: "Includes potentially dangerous features that make non-standard modifications to disk structures.". Ooh.

    • +2

      Bit sky falling in low tech journalist opinion acronis resizes the main partition to make an extra partition
      By no way a non standard dangerous or unusual feat.

      " I'm referring to Acronis Secure Zone and the Acronis Startup Recovery Manager, both of which make non-standard changes to the deepest and most crucial parts of your disk structure"

  • xml driveimage for me. being able to hot clone a disk on the fly is great shakes.

    • +1

      Some not happy campers using this product.

  • +1

    Much cheaper than other discounts currently being offered. Plus pack also same price after purchase.

    • How did you pickup the Plus Pack for $10 ? I can't find it !

      • It lists for $25, but after you add it to your cart it's $9.99 (so total 19.98 for both).

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          i tried adding it to cart and it stays $29.99

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          add plus pack into cart remove true image 2013 and add it again , both will be 9.99$ then…

    • Still shows as $29.99 for me for the plus pack..

      • add plus pack into cart remove true image 2013 and add it again , both will be 9.99$ then…

        • Edit: you can get the plus pack for $9.99.. IF you add it first to your cart.. then open the discount link in a new window and it'll carry over.. shame coz I already bought it without the plus pack ;(

          You can't buy the plus pack for $9.99 without buying TI 2013.. :(

        • Works, thanks! :-)

        • It still does not work for me. I requires me to add TI 2013 and TI 2013 Plus pack together at 40% off price and when I click on link here in this post, the price of Acronis pack does not go below $29.99.

          How did above Ozbargainer get it to work? I am surprised.

        • same, still not working

        • +1

          incase my steps were not clear before…

          1. go to link above (true image will be added in cart)
          2. in other window open product page and add plus pack (right now its for 29$)
          3. now remove true image 2013 from cart .
          4. go to product page again and add true image 2013 again

          both will be for 9.99$ now

      • +1


        1. go to http://www.acronis.com/buy/ti2013pp

        2. go to https://store.acronis.com/325/purl-july-promo-ti2013-deep_en…

        3. Both should be $19.98

        I made a purchase of just TI2013, and was a bit annoyed that I couldn't get the PP for $9.99, so I contacted support and they've allowed me to get a refund.. They weren't even aware that the PP was available for $9.99..

        • nope, still not working for me, even though ive deleted the cookies

        • +2

          You're right.. i just tried it in Safari & Chrome and didn't work..

          Maybe you have to purchase TI2013 first.. then make a second order of TI2013 & PP (so that PP can see that you already have TI2013 and is available for the cheaper price).. and then just cancel the first order..

          Hey.. i'm an ozbargainer so not everyone is as ruthless as me :)

        • +1


          See my comments below. Once both are in your cart, remove TI, and find it again using the 'Products' menu on the website (says $29.99 on page). Add to your basket and both products should be $19.98.


  • Thanks. Best price I ever seen for this program. Long time user of older version that is free to use with WD hard disk. Never had a problem. Even using it to backup Seagate drives. I tried adding plus pack but it didn't give it to me cheaper. Oh well prob never use it.

  • just be prepared for SH*Tloads of spam coming from them. I think I receive at least 3-4 emails a week whenever they have "specials"

    also there is nothing IMHO that the 2013 version does over any other previous version since 2008-2009.

    You'll also find that you aren't eligible for the next version's free upgrade as it will be outside the window of days that you're allowed.

    They are pushing hard for their cloud solutions and their marketing emails are extremely annoying

    • +1

      To be fair, you can unsubscribe from their spam, and I'd really love to know how you managed to get TI 2008/2009 to work under Win 8..

    • +1

      Ensure you don't tick those boxes yeah?

      • Or wait til you get one and at the bottom of the newsletter and emails..

        "If you wish to receive further newsletters, please subscribe here.

        If you do not want to receive e-mails from Acronis, please click here."

        • +1

          these have all been done, you will still get offers on your existing software

          have tried numerous times to unsubscribe, not sure if they have multiple lists for different versions of software, my comments were made despite having "unsubscribed" multiple times. now the emails just get sent automatically to junk

  • I have been a user of this since 2007 and it is very useful and has saved my bacon a couple of times. The cloud backup was very slow on uploads though - probably trying to push to servers in the USA. This is by far the cheapest it has been - as Peter05 says, they have been spamming me multiple times each time there is an upgrade, and the cheapest it gets is around $29.99. At this price I decided to get a copy (my current version is 2010) might need it for Windows 8 in the future. Thanks OP.

    • +4

      Just be aware that any cloud back up to the USA gets your data scanned and potentially copied by the USA government.

  • There's a note on the discount ad saying "Until July 22".

    • Thanks, That makes it July 23 for aussies

      Updated title

  • Thanks, got it.

    I use Paragon Hard disk manager for backups. Now maybe I'll alternate Paragon and Acronis!

  • bought this a while back thinking it might work with Win 8.
    I was wrong

  • Can anyone confirm whether or not the ability to clone drives has been removed from the base product? (I.e. do I need the plus pack?)

    I need Achronis to back up an SSD in case it fails and be able to copy the contents to a new SSD. (That is what I used 2011 for.)

  • +3

    Took a while to get the add/remove process down pat, but got both for US$9.99 each.

    For anyone wondering, when you remove True Image and leave Plus Pack in your basket, don't click on the link here again. Find the product and manually add it to you basket.


    • yep that worked
      Updated OP with this method

      • Didn't work for me - the plus pack became $9.99 but True Image was $29.99.

        I then removed True Image from my cart and clicked on the original link (the photo) above, and both became $9.99.

  • I've been using 2010 since .. well.. around 2010. It works fine, although recovering to SSDs requires me to manually create an aligned partition first. I think 2013 takes care of that.

    Apart from that, are there any improvements that are worth the upgrade?

    Is the USB bootable rescue disk still the same? i.e. you can create full images and all that?

    I hear versions after 2010 also need activation. How strict is it?

    • I'm in the same boat. I have 2012, and only see very marginal improvements in this new version.
      But as I use SSD's I'd be interested to know if they now handle alignment.

      (Regarding Activation, its a one off during install)

      • What if I want to install it on my desktop as well as my 'service PC', which is used for troubleshooting stuff? How strict is it with multiple activations?

        • very strict, you will not be able to run the software until one of them is "delicensed"

        • ahh that's a pity. Is it easy and instant though? Click something in the menus and it's immediately deactivated, then on the other pc, click something and it's immediately activated?

  • I already have acronis, If I buy this will add to my expiry time?

  • If nothing else this is a good (cheap) way to crossgrade to ShadowProtect.

    • Please explain..

    • From what I could find the discount for a crossgrade to Shadowprotect is less than the cost of this discounted version of Acronis. Only a few dollars.

      Macrium Reflect is fast, however the free edition does not do scheduling of incremental backups. Fast on file browsing from backups. Bcked up 500GB on not that fast a computer in less than 2 hours. Acronis is not that fast.

      • I haven't timed it, but I'm quite sure you can speed up Acronis by turning off compression. I assume the compression level is why Macrium is faster for you.

  • If anyone has used this and Syncback Pro I'd like to hear your opinion on the two.

  • Good program been using it since 2011, run in window 7. Highly recommended.

  • I'm quite new about this software, do we really need the plus pack? or we just go for the normal pack only

    • +6

      Ozbargain Rule No. 1: Buy now, ask questions later

    • +1

      IMHO the most important feature of the plus pack is the ability to do "universal restore". this means you can restore your image to a computer that is not physically the same as the old one, be it motherboard chipset changes, graphics drivers etc etc

      however this feature I think isn't affected if you just found the bootable ISO online and ran the universal restore there, there's no license checking

  • Excellent backup software. I've been using the 2012 version for > 1 year now, and it's saved my ass a few times.

    This is a ridiculously good price!

  • Would buy if it supported Windows 8 :/

  • I had no issue getting the Plus pack as an extra to ATI2013. Bought the ATI2013, then the next page came up offering more copies of ATI2013 and the PP, both $9.99USD each.

    Using FF

  • To be honest I don't really like the newer versions of Acronis. Ever since they released version 10 it has been going downhill.

    Our backups never ran smoothly after 10 and needed a fairly frequent kick in the bum to start working again. This was on all of our servers and desktops. This is why we moved away from Acronis and went to shadow protect.

    Also restoring was painful.

  • Thank you O.P.!

  • +1

    why pay? Macrium Reflect & is the best I have used http://www.macrium.com/reflectfree.aspx
    easy USB recovery

    better downloaded from filehippo or softpedia

    • +1

      I think this is the biggest thing that we like about Acronis True Image

      "Restore to dissimilar hardware" which isn't available in free..

  • Good price, haven't had any problems with the 2013 version yet.

  • I have had to unfortunately use this program before due to a total Seagate failure (surprise surprise) and I followed the steps and basically my pc was as if nothing ever failed! It's amazing and worth the full price, so this is an amazing deal! a MUST have!

  • Limitations on restoring archives made with earlier Acronis versions ?
    I have Acronis TrueImage Home 2009

  • +1

    Did I miss it, I'm getting $29.99.
    Also, could I use this as a technician?

  • +1

    Damn looks like I missed it too. $ 29.99 for me too :( !

    • Hi Babe…

  • +3

    Just a heads up.. it's back.. but this time with a free copy of AIDA64 extreme edition (diagnostic/benchmark app) worth $40..


  • Yeah i just clicked on the link in the topic and it added True Image Home 2013 as $9.99 USD to my cart. The deal is back. Time to remove the threads expired status.

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