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Free Yoga Class for INGDirect Customers


For customers who joined ING DIRECT on or before 4 July 2013.

Enter your INGDirect email address.

Yoga is a fantastic way to flex the body and centre the mind. Kickstart one of the world's healthiest habits in your lunchbreak at studios specialising in a variety of yoga styles.

How to get involved
Here's how to claim your FREE yoga classes

Step 1:
Select your State below, and at your preferred studio hit "YogaPass". *Conditions apply.

Step 2:
Keep an eye on your inbox for the YogaPass.

Step 3:
Take your YogaPass to your first yoga studio session to redeem and breathe.

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  • +33

    Just another way for banks to bend you over?

  • Worked for me. Voucher arrived within a few seconds. Thanks mate.

  • Nice one, thank you

  • Didn't work for me just says "Email Id is not Registered!"

    • I am getting the same message when I entered the email address to which I am getting all the emails form bank. I joined ING Direct late last year.
      The same error for my wife's email as well. She joined a month back.

    • Is it only us getting "Email Id is not Registered!" message when trying to register for this on the given URL?

      I don't see anybody else discussing this in here..

  • +8

    Just realised that some of the locations let you attend 10 times with the YogaPass instead of once.

    Ctrl-f for "10 classes".

    • Thanks for pointing that out! I wasn't going to redeem because I didn't want just a single class. Found a 10 pass class for a studio near me in Perth.

  • before i redeem…
    is the voucher only valid for your preferred studio - the one which you hit yogapass?
    or can it be used at any http://www.yogapass.com.au studio?

    The SYLW Yoga offer and details are:

    1. Duration: 09:00am (AEST) 25/07/2013 to 11:59pm (AEST) 31/07/2013
    2. Availability: 2,000 vouchers. When the 2,000 YogaPasses have been redeemed, the website www.tlcrewards.com/spendyourlunchwell will cease its operation and the consumer will be notified that the promotion has closed.
    3. Voucher valid to: 1 August 2014
    4. Merchant: YOGAPASS
    5. Merchant Website: www.yogapass.com.au
    6. By accepting this offer you agree to the full terms at www.yogapass.com.au/legals/
    7. Merchant Terms and Conditions:
      1. The eVoucher entitles the bearer to claim one YogaPass offer at any participating venue as detailed on www.tlcrewards.com/spendyourlunchwell
      2. Each Voucher is valid for single use only
      3. The offer may vary from 1 (one) session up to 10 (ten) sessions depending on the studio chosen. Check with each studio to confirm availability of the offer.
      4. The voucher can be used for any casual class, not for courses and bookings are subject to promotional availability at participating venues.
      5. A health assessment may be required for completion prior to enjoying the Free YogaPass experience if you have a known health condition. Please check with your chosen venue when making a booking.
      6. 1 x voucher per person and yoga studio during the promotional period.
      7. The YogaPass Voucher can only be used by students new to the yoga studio. It will not be accepted if you are already a student there
      8. The YogaPass is not transferable or redeemable for cash.
    • as per

      1. The eVoucher entitles the bearer to claim one YogaPass offer at any participating venue as detailed on www.tlcrewards.com/spendyourlunchwell

      it's a generic yogapass expiring 1/3/2015 with unique code and no venue information - only the email mentions the venue chosen

      there's no number indicating how many classes it's valid for unlike paid ones - http://www.yogapass.com.au/products-page/yogapass

      so i would keep a copy of http://www.tlcrewards.com/spendyourlunchwell to ensure you receive 10 classes if your chosen venue offered that


      .2 Each Voucher is valid for single use only
      .3 The offer may vary from 1 (one) session up to 10 (ten) sessions depending on the studio chosen. Check with each studio to confirm availability of the offer.

      might seem conflicting/confusing

  • TLC really has to clean up their act same issue as the book deal punched in the email address and keep saying not registered. Good deal though!

    • called up both TLC and ING to fix the issue, both parties tried to handball the problem to each other and the person at ING was less than helpful. How frustrating that they have good intention but its just not working.

  • Good deal, no class near me though.

    • Just go to a local one and pay the $15 or $20, for many, even at that price its still a bargain!

      • It's not expensive, or can be called cheap, but paying for something at the normal price is never a bargain on OZB. ;)

        • Yeah your right :P

    • For 10 classes it's about $100.

  • +1

    I dunno.. I think most of these Yoga schools would give you a free trial lesson anyway if you are a new customer, so I don't think is really a deal as such..

    • +2

      perhaps 1, unlikely 10 :)

  • I despise the debased version of Yoga practiced in the West. In India, yoga is a highly spiritual discipline that is supposed to liberate the ego and obtain union with the divine. Westernize yoga is just stretching exercises for egoist atheist who do it because it is "cool". I doubt 1 in a hundred of these people doing yoga in gyms have read the Yoga Sūtras of Patañjali, or even heard of Patañjali before.

    I am sure this post will be massively negged, but that doesn't change the fact that what I am saying is true. I highly esteem the Indian yogic system - it is just soulless yoga taught is the West that I abhor. I am currently practicing pranayama exercises from a book published by the Bihar school of yoga, and also own an excellent book by them on Kriya yoga (chakras, energy work). That is true yoga.

    • +3

      . OP, please change title to "Free Western Yoga Class"! ;)

      • +2

        For corrupt a$$holes who just wanna be cool!

    • +2

      Running was used to be a skill for escaping from predators or for hunting, thousand years ago, but now so many people run in gyms for nothing, at least not running for their life or for a meal.

    • One style which is practised and recognized by both is "free" yoga

    • +1

      Haters gonna hate.

    • +2

      Good point, but it's like people who want to have Pizza without travelling to Italy for it. They miss out for the "real deal" but it's better than not having any, i guess.

  • My ING email didn't work either.

  • It's just a single trial class similar to those trial gym pass

  • The number of free vouchers on offer have been depleted.
    Explains why our emails will no longer register.
    You can see the amount in the back of the webpage to the right, unfortunately looks like the way the webpage is designed it will still prompt for an email address regardless if the number depletes to 0

    • Then this thread should be updated as Expired. :)

      • +1

        1636 vouchers left :)

  • thanks heaps.

  • Cool, thanks! I've been wanting to get back into yoga for a while, so this is a good excuse. I just got a ten class voucher. Some of the yoga places run westernised 'gym' yoga. Some do not. :-)

    PS. Not expired, as of 5 mins ago.

  • I live in Southside of Brisbane and the closest I can see is in West End.
    There are three there.
    Can someone recommend one for me please?

  • Not bad to give it a go.. :)
    Loves ING Direct

  • I've had two separate ING accounts, looks like they both worked. Do you reckon they would be fine if I use one and my partner the other?

  • I signed up for the vouchers for a studio in Perth that was listed as 10 free classes. I sent the voucher through to the studio and apparently it's only for one free class. The owner has offered to take it up with ING directly, but not sure what the outcome will be.

  • Confirmed working still. 1203 vouchers left

  • If I redeem one, am I able to pass it on to someone else? Or do I have to be the one to use it?

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