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Logitech Mac Trackpad Rechargeable. $35 Dicks Smith


Dick Smith are selling this trackpad for $35 a real bargain. My local DSE we're showing stock but could not find it.

JB were happy to help and price match.

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  • Saw it at the "usual" price of $50 in Broadway. Would've got it for $35.

  • Are these any good? Last time something like this came up, it wasn't very good quality. Think it was one of the Logitech models too.

    • Was that a different model? The plastic touch one was not very good.

    • I have never used the Apple product so I cannot compare, however this is a very solid product, very well built and quite a weight to it which is reassuring. My Apple KB and Mouse chew batteries so the rechargeable facility is a big plus for me.

  • Great find mate, been watching this one for awhile as it's $69 at JB and I've also noticed it's FREE delivery on DSE! Now I just need the matching K811 keyboard..

    • You missed Dickie's 40% off sale a few weeks back? ;)

      • haha.. probably - I only started to keep an eye out for the K811 and the trackpad very recently >.<

        • The Solar keyboard feels cheap(er), the K811 is great with illuminated keys. Also looks more expensive.

  • while designed for mac, anyone know if it's usable with other OS's? It does say bluetooth, so maybe android or windows or linux would work too?

    • There's a Windows version that's not on special. It's a darker shade of grey:


      Surely you'd just need to load the appropriate software and it should work? Not sure if Logitech's software distinguishes between the two models.

    • +2

      I will try this for you I have a windows machine.

      Ill let you know later

      • Much appreciated.

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