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Acer V5-431p-997b4g50mass 14" Touchscreen Notebook $299 after Cashback @ MSY Fri-Sat Only


In my mail late last night - 2 day special. Limit 3 per customer.
Pay $368 and claim $69 cashback within 2 weeks of purchase.
MSY has no indication of stock level, so it's probably first in gets the laptop.
Here's a link to a short review: http://www.notebookcheck.net/Acer-Aspire-V5-431P-997B4G50Mas...
they don't recommend it, but their price was 700 euro.

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    I bought this previously on the Bing LEe deal. Removed the DVD and put in an SSD and this thing flies for my needs. Only drawbacks are it is a bit heavier than I would like.

    • What kind of temperature is your one running at? What kind of power consumption?

      • Doesn't get uncomfortably hot on my lap or the palm rests. Has a standard Taiwan 19v/3.42A plug pack with a 4.8/2.5mm plug common on Acers.
        I haven't got power consumption figures, but considering it doesn't cook, it will be run of the mill.
        There was an empty RAM slot on mine so I added another 4Gb for 8Gb total.
        I would suggest it is inadequate for modern gaming and/or media work like re-encoding as the CPU and GPU are bottle necks, but it is a fast system for web/office stuff.
        The touch screen is marginally useful.

    • Hey mskeggs do you have a link to where you got the correct DVD drive replacement thing from for this lappy?…
      Thanks in advance

      • Below is from a message about fitting an SSD I sent to another user.

        I had trouble getting the DVD drive fascia to sit flush. The caddy I had was shorter than the DVD leaving a gap with sharp edges. Eventually, I decided to just remove the original DVD fascia, but it didn't fit the caddy right. At the moment it is a bodgey combination of one plastic tab that did slot in plus a bit of blutack. Not ideal.

        I will probably file away a bit of the DVD fascia to make it sit flush, but have left it for now as that will remove the remaining tabs that hold it to the DVD drive, should I want to swap it back.
        I got the cheapest 9.5mm caddy off ebay. The slot is very tight, to the point I had to remove some stickers from the surface of the caddy to allow it to fit.

        The DVD is held in with a single screw at the mid-rear of the drive from the bottom of the laptop.
        I ended up installing the SSD as the internal drive, which is a little tricky as most of the device needs to be dissembled to get access to the drive. There was a link to a step by step in spanish that was helpful in the last deal. I put the 500Gb in the DVD slot sled so I could, in theory, more easily remove/upgrade it, but it is held so tight in there it is a nuisance to remove.

  • now the link shows:
    Our Price: $428.00
    never liked their service on my pc bought some time ago [poor, ignored issues, needed fair trading to enforce microsoft OEM warranty issue on win vista to 7 upgrade mess which was never fixed anyway.
    they are uncontactable by phone and misunderstand detailed emails with irrelevant off the cuff solutions which need even more emails for even more misunderstanding.
    who are good for service among brands?

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      in true MSY spirit!

      • sorry I meant acer not msy whom I do not know!

    • Down to $359 when you include $69 cashback (see http://www.msy.com.au/Parts/notebook.pdf)
      Still not at the price OP mentioned in title.

      • Fri-Sat special as mentioned below (I didn't read properly)
        thanks :)

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      Not sure about who has good service, but MSY are only good if you know what you want, and can take the risk of never wanting any type of customer service.

      • Don't bother with may, go to the manufacturer

        • I meant acer had poor service not msy whom I do not know!

    • sorry I meant acer not msy whom I do not know!

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    I think this Friday to Saturday only

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    Word of caution, getting full cash back from Acer is a challenge by itself …

    • the snail mailing is really painful and they ask for stupid evidence like a barcode cut out from the box.

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        Well, in my case, I never received that letter, after calling them several times and waiting 30 minutes over phone each time, they agreed to transfer the cashback funds to my account directly for a fee of $20 ! I never got the letter nor full cash back.

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    Windows 8
    Intel Pentium Dual Core 997 Processor (1.6GHz, 2MB L3 cache)
    500GB DDR3 1333 SDRAM
    14" Touch Widescreen LCD display (1366 x 768)
    USB 3.0
    Multi-gesture Touchpad

    Operating System: Windows 8 (64 bit)
    Screen: 14" Touch Widescreen LCD display (1366 x 768)
    Processor: Intel Pentium Dual Core 997 Processor (1.6GHz, 2MB L3 cache)
    Memory: 2GB DDR3 1333 SDRAM
    HDD: 500GB hard drive
    Optical Drive: 8X DVD±RW DL
    Graphics: Intel graphics
    Mic Jack 3.5mm x 1
    HDMI x 1
    USB 2 x 2
    USB 3 x 1
    VGA x 1
    RJ-45 x 1 combo
    2 in 1 card reader
    Network and Connectivity:
    Wifi IEEE 802.11 a/g/n
    Ethernet Gigabit Ethernet
    Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0
    Weight (incld battery): 2.1kg
    Battery Life (typ): 4 hours

    • msy says it 4GB whereas you say its 2GB.. Which is is?

      • Since the specs offered are completely inadequate, above and at MSY, I copied the specs of this model from the last time it was mentioned here.

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          Hi, it is 4Gb

  • whats the deal with mouse touch pad being on the left???

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      keeps the right hand free

      • +1

        What if Im a lefty? ;)…."Stranger in the night…"

  • Very good price for a w8 laptop

  • It says Pre Order NOW on the email… any idea how to do that??

    • You can now preorder on their website its at the reduced price

      • Ah sweet they've updated the price. Thanks.

  • Anyone experts on the current range of laptops?

    Isn't better to get a laptop without a touch screen? For around the same price, you can get better specs but don't have the touch screen feature.

    Any recommendation on such a laptop?
    Something such as: Acer Aspire E1-531-B9602G50Mnks for $350?

    • Yeah if you have no need for a touchscreen then you are better off looking for a deal on a laptop without, coz you do pay a price premium for it. But in this case it is just as cheap as a non touch screen model anyway.. But the acer you've listed does have a fractionally better processor, but only 2gb RAM, and $50 more expensive, Also the acer you linked has greater power draw = less battery life than this one. plus its from their E1 (essentials = pretty crap) line so I wouldnt ecpect much from it.

      I wouldn't expect much from this one either coz acer doesnt have the best reputation for build quality and reliability, but this is definitely the better deal of the two…

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    Hi guys, you can actually purchase the laptop today at the special price. Don't need to wait until tomorrow :)

    • Auburn NSW store aswell?

      • +1

        Yes but really limited stock

        • rep why has the price gone up to $428. I thought this was a Fri & Sat special.

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    Dual Core? I will pass

    • +4

      lol. Yea I don't dish out $299 on a touchscreen laptop unless its at least hex core! \,,/

  • What is the "Intel Graphics"?

    Is it HD4000?

    Does it have dedicated or shared memory?

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      Its not HD4000, It is just listed as Intel HD Graphics on the Intel site, so I would assume shared memory, but don't know for sure.
      Update: It looks like it is worse that the HD2000 found in a Sandy Bridge i3.

      HD Graphics in the intel 997 has 350MHz base clock speed up to 1000MHz turbo clock speed and supports 2 displays.
      HD Graphics 2000 in the i3 has 850MHz base clock speed up to 1100MHz turbo clock speed and supports 2 displays.
      Fine for HD movies but not for gaming.
      Source: http://cpuboss.com/cpus/Intel-Pentium-997-vs-Intel-Core-i3-2...

  • Can we price match at OW for 5% cheaper?

    This is what I found at OW website, not sure if they are the same.


    • -1

      Is my understanding right, where if you pricematch at officeworks, you won't be able to claim the cashback, rendering a pricematch useless in such a case? Or do I have it confused with something…

      • +1

        Pricematchng at officeworks and claiming a cashback from acer are completely independent so you can do both. The trick is ensuring that both models are exactly the same and have the same SNIDs, because if they dont, you wont be able to claim the cashback. It would pay to go into officeworks and check the SNID off a box and type it into the cashback site to see if it is eligible http://ec3.acer.com.au/AcerCashBack/ACA/Projects/CashBack/Lo...

    • Price Matched at OW,

      None left in stock in Canberra (just display models but I didn't want that…)

      I paid for it now ($349.60), they've got a few (30+) coming in a couple of weeks.

      Still good for Acer cash back as they will print new dated invoice when I pick up.

      • +1

        ah so you checked the SNID on the cashback site to make sure it was eligible? When does the cashback expire?

      • how'd ya go mate?

    • Also price matched at OW, came to $343.10 because the cashier took 5% of OW price instead of MSY and discounted it by $24.90. OW also accept paypass so if you have an ING orange everyday get it put through in $99 lots to save another 5% :)

  • Hi, can anyone help with the cashback link? Will be my first cashback if I do go and buy. Tried finding links online, looking at current offers from cashback, but then at the register online page, it ask for a SNID (Serial Number Identification) which I am guessing a number on the laptop? i click on the help to find the SNID (Serial Number Identification) but it just comes up with an error. Thanks, would appreciate very much :D

    • +1

      There will be a label on the side of the box that will have barcodes and SNIDs and model numbers etc. You will need to cut that out with a stanley knife or something as part of the cashback process, but make sure you read the full instructions on the cashback site. When you have bought it and have the SNID in front of you, type it in here to proceed: http://ec3.acer.com.au/AcerCashBack/ACA/Projects/CashBack/Lo...

      • Thanks, and thanks again for the answer above :D

  • What does everyone think?
    Worth getting or not?
    Thinking if I should try and build a PC or get a laptop.
    I'm pretty broke atm though haha.

    • +2

      It's definitely a good deal imo. I don't think I've seen a 14" Touch Screen for 299 before so I would jump on it :) I've seen the asus vivobook touch 11.6" below $300, but the lowest i've seen this 14" was at Bing Lee for $329 after cash back.

      As for budget PC vs budget Desktop. it comes down to: Desktops are faster, but laptops are portable. Depends what you need more.

  • By the way, what can the "acer cash card" be used on?

    • Anything where eftpos is accepted.

      • Is it possible to use it more than once or does it have to be used in 1 transaction?

        • can be used more than once. The balance is stored against the card.

        • Can be used more than once.
          The trick to these things is that you need to inform the cashier of the amount remaining so they can enter that transaction first otherwise it will decline the transaction.

  • Thank you OP letting us know this deal. Just bought one at OW. Same model as msy. Paid $349.60. That would make it $280.60 after cash back. Even cheaper than an android tab. Well done!

  • Just got mine from OW. Came to $349.60. Now for the $69 cash back and the $30 TRS. Total = $250.60

    • Winning haha, but you missed the ING paywave. Any takers?

    • What's TRS? How it works?

      • You get GST back if you take it out of the country with you within 30 days. Only good if you got a holiday planned ;) http://www.customs.gov.au/site/page4646.asp

        • Thanks Riczter.

          Good on you, I don't have recent overseas travel.

    • can you tell me how to price compare with OW. does they ask for quote or bill? the offer is online can I show that on my mobile?

      • Yeah I just walk in with my phone and have the OW open in one tab, and the MSY open in another and walk in and say "do you have this and can you price match it with this" easy :P

  • Imagine walking into a store asking for a "Asus Vee five dash four three one p dash nine nine seven bee four gee 50 mass"

  • +1

    Just be aware that the model has Screen problem, please check on youtube for V5-431P

  • can some one pls tell me price compare with OW. does they ask for quote or bill? the offer is online can I show that on my mobile?

  • Can anyone post an OW receipt please

    Officeworks chadstone says they dont pricematch MSY because of different warranty bullshit

    • Officeworks Chadstone does present some challenges, try Glen Waverley.

      • The representative was a bit of a dick, got it at Carnegie, the representative even checked with thr manager, and said there will be re-stocking fee if returned.

  • Price match at OW Ferntree Gully. No issues at all, just walk in and show them the webpage on my Samsung S2. Used ING paywave to save even more. At home at the moment tried the SNID on the package with acer cash back page and no problem at all for cash back. Thank OP for this beautiful bargain as a steal. And good luck with everyone. Yeah some of OW might be picky, as I was in Vermont south OW. Just try another one nearby.

    • OW Vermont south is another cranky store… try glen waverley

      • Launceston store is cranky as….I had to ring head office to get the price match through one time.

  • Hi guys

    I ride my bike quite a lot and my last laptop kept having screen issues whenever I rode. I had a cover for the laptop but not a specific bike backpack. How will this laptop go with bike commuting will it break?


    • +1

      I wouldnt risk it :/
      I'd spend a bit more on a non-budget model and get one with an SSD if you can.

  • Worked at Carnegie OW. Told me same warranty thingy, got the laptop under one condition that there will be re-stocking fee if i return it.

    • I do not quite understand how warranty is related to re-stocking fee, please anyone can help ….

  • Office works W.A. south of the river has 5 in stock in bunbury, none in Cockburn/success, one in fremantle and subiaco (possibly display models) and none in oconnor.

    • Update for WA: 5 in bunbury, 2 Albany and 2 east vic park.

  • Just bought one pricematched at OW Elizabeth Street Melbourne.

  • just one question can it play league of legends in high setting smoothly? this is the only game i play, thanks

    • +1

      It'll be able to play LoL but probably not on the highest settings at a decent stable framerate, Far from a gaming laptop.

    • +1

      Yeah def not high settings, I'd imagine even low settings wouldn't be all that smooth..

    • More importantly, can it play Dota 2?

  • Could some one please post the OW bill

  • Thx for the post, I got the last one from OW bondi junction.

    • +2

      Dude the 997 was only released last year. 17W TDP means half decent battery life as well. The pentium line is still going strong with their ULV models. Without these type of processors still being churned out we wouldnt have $300 laptops. So yes. You are the only one surprised.

  • Can some one please post an office works receipt?

  • Done this model have a backlit keyboard like the other higher model V5 i3 & i7 do?

    • No backlit keyboard

  • so hard to decide.

    Great price with touchscreen, but slow CPU, slow graphics, below average screen quality, no backlit keyboard and Acer's snail rebate program.

    • Same situation! Price matches the specs though…

      • I was prepared to buy it for client support jobs and put in an SSD, but the lack of backlit keyboard changed my mind. I work a lot in dimly lit network rooms etc and really want the lit keys.

        My Eyes!

        • IT people don't look at keyboards when typing =P

        • +1

          of course we never make typos when entering IP or MAC addresses!

          So what if I end up forwarding all VoIP packets to the printer?

  • Got mine yesterday. Great laptop so far. I repartitioned the HD. Love the touchscreen. Best of both worlds.

  • Anyone having issues with the wifi?