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Resume Centre - LinkedIn (25% Off) and Cover Letter Writing (50% off with Purchase of Resume)


I used these guys this week and i am very impressed. I thought it would be a good time to get an updated resume done (been using the same bloated one I got done up 10 years ago) and figured for $100 for a Resume and Cover letter - what have I got to lose (well apart from $100)

These guys are great, had a quick turn around time and will do unlimited revisions on your drafts until you are happy with the end product - I only needed 2 revisions, first one came out a bit pretentious, 2nd one I forgot to add some details in the original application, third one I was proud to use.

Links to the offers:
25% off LinkedIn Profile Writing - $68.32 down from $91
50% off Cover Letter Writing with Purchase of Resume - You will need to choose the resume for you and the prices for the cover letters are on the next page. Prices are from $64 - $117 per resume Cover letter are $17 (non specific) or $19 (tailored for specific job ad)

I do have a referral link as well, if you want to use it, feel free to click and place your order on the website (menus are quite easy to navigate) - I will get $20 from each successful order using this link: Click here

These guys also have a free resume review service as well

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  • Do they have a sample/example? Would you be willing to publish yours (without personal details)?

  • $100 for a resume doesn't seem like a bargain to me. If your a member of the job centers they do them for free and there are always ads in classifieds alot cheaper.

    I think this is just an ad for you to make money off the referral.

    • This is the cheapest I could find (much cheaper thn most of the $400+ ones). Using the Job centres is all well and good but I wanted a professional looking resume written by someone from my industry not just some generic resume - plus I am unable to utilise the free job centres as I am currently employed and not a registered job seeker.

      I dont care if anyone clicks the referral or not, but it is there if anyone feels like it, that is the reason I put it at the bottom under the plethora of other links in this post but you are welcome to your opinion - I am happy to remove it if it offends you so.

      I thought this was a pretty good deal and I am happy with the service tbh, I will getting them to snazzy up my LinkedIn page next week.

  • Apart from the cover letter (which i think should be slightly modified on a job-by-job basis)… why didn't you try this first?:


    It makes clean resume formats from information in your linkedin profile

    • Because my LinkedIn profile is pretty bad, it was pretty much just a copy-paste of my old clunky 10 years of bloating resume

      I agree with the cover letters being personalised, I got this as an add on so I can get a good example of what I should be writing.

  • Well I only looked at the resume, nothing too exciting but it was laid out Ok

    I would suggest getting rid of words like plethora though and as for "harnessing the synergies" that's very clunky wording.

    Although it does seem they used words you might had you written it. So it might make sense as it needs to sound like you.


    • Six words in, and you are already FORMIDABLE. Wow, dude.

      They are also using US spelling "utilizing" not "utilising", which to me makes it seem more of a cut and paste job from the web. Also makes me think they are not really based in Australia. You'd be surprised what little details stand out even on a super quick peruse which is what recruiters generally give each resume.

      This service might be OK for help with layout or a starting point to work from, but to me the written content is questionable and may work against you.

      • Thanks for your feedback, I am happy with it but I may get a few more people to look at it and tweak if I need to.

        The spelling is from me anyway, i went through and changed the spelling on words as I am currently applying for a few US companies to get sponsored - I am hoping to be able to move to a city in California or Austin, Texas by the end of the year.

  • I noticed the word formidable too, but wasn't too bothered by that. It is a little bit over the top but hey the guy is trying to sell himself :)

    The main reason I suggested changing things like "harnessing the synergies" is because some people hate the word synergy with a passion. It's a corporate jargon word and its much better to put in what you actually mean in plain words.


    And plethora means abundance, plenty etc. I think there is a better word that might fit.

    • I changed it to: Working as a member of a geographically diverse team to perform tasks, such as IP addressing, Cisco Wi-Fi Configuration and Administration and PABX Administration.

      I think that fits loads better