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$120 Cash Back in The First Year When You Deposit $3,000 into a Citibank Plus Each Month


Simple offer: Open both Citibank Plus and Citibank Online Saver as a Citibank Starter Package. Deposit $3,000 each month for 12 months and get $120. Open the account for your salary and you've got $120 at the end of 12 months.

Citibank's T&Cs: New customers only. Offer ends 31 December 2013. The other T&Cs only apply to their other packages which require credit approval (as they contain a credit product), this one does not.

Citibank Plus is a totally free unlimited transaction account - no fees or charges for anything, and I mean anything! You can even use NAB branches to deposit into your Citibank account. Save $3 to $7 per month ($36 - $84 annually) compared to other banks just on monthly account keeping fees alone.

Minimum opening balance - $0
Minimum ongoing balance - $0 (the $3,000 doesn't need to remain in the account)

Here is what you get, all for nothing:

  • Free bottle of award winning wine at participating restaurants
  • Deposit and access your account at any NAB or Australia Post outlet/branch
  • Free unlimited access to any ATM worldwide (save up to $10 each time, an ATM Operator Fee may apply)
  • Free unlimited Outward and Inward Telegraphic Transfers to any bank worldwide (International transfers)
  • Free unlimited Foreign Currency Cheques Deposited
  • Free emergency worldwide Visa Card replacement and cash advance service
  • Free unlimited Bank Cheques
  • Free unlimited Cheque book access
  • Winner of 2012 Money magazine's Best of the Best awards for Innovation

And no fees or charges for anything:

  • No foreign currency transaction fees (normally 2.5% to 3.5% of every foreign currency transaction)
  • Foreign exchange rates rates from Visa used (as close to wholesale market rates as you can get)
  • No Overdrawn fee
  • No Withdrawal fees
  • No Statement Copy fee
  • No Stop Cheque Payment fee
  • No Dishonour fees
  • No Overdrafts fee

Any advice is general advice only. It was prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situation, or needs. Before acting on this advice you should consider if it's appropriate for your particular circumstances.

CORRECTION: NAB Branches accept deposits only

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  • Wow … Appalling.

  • +2

    Seems like a very stringent, and easily faulted eligibility criteria for little return IMO.

  • +2

    Too long to wait.

  • +16

    Need to deposit in ING … withdraw, deposit in Suncorp … withdraw, deposit in Citibank …

  • Why bother.
    Even if you cycled $3000 from another bank account the withdrew it straight away it's only a 4% return p.a. $120/$3000 = 0.04

  • +2

    Should read deposit $36,000 into your account and we'll give you $120. I suppose you could withdraw and redeposit the $3k each month, but what a hass.

    • +2

      This can be automated using regular transfers.

      You set it up once in Internet Banking for the in and out legs (might take 5 minutes out of your life) and basically never worry about it for the rest of the year.

      I am all for putting an extremely high value on your time (I know I do) but this is a bit ridiculous really. $120 return for 5 minutes work is pretty damn good in anyone's books! ;)

      • I think it will end up taking me an awful lot longer than 5 minutes, by the end of the year.
        But I am still going to apply.
        I had been thinking of a Citibank plus to try the free T/T anyway.

  • I wonder how many people can actually put in $3000 p/m. At a rate of 4% interest on a savings account, you'd make around $780 pa.

    Edit: Didn't realise you can withdraw and re-deposit.

    • .

  • +2

    Still potentially a nice little bonus for those who were already intending to open a Citibank Plus account, which is pretty handy account to have for travel (along with a 28 Degrees Mastercard).

  • +2

    This is a good account to have anyway, with the free foreign currency transactions.

    • yes, not the best exchange rate but good enough. it's for people who often do the smaller XE transactions.

      • How is possible to get a bette rate (other than wholesale?)

        I have heard MasterCard's FX rates are marginally better than Visas, I've never checked this myself.

  • Anybody have a Citbank account who can comment on their customer service and security procedures? For example - do they have text code for withdrawals, and how easy is it to speak to someone if you have a problem with a credit card dispute. I'm interested because of the no fees overseas aspect.

    • +1

      I have been a customer for years. Friendly staff in the bank branches, very helpful over the phone, never had any fuss.

      One text code to view transactions from your account online, and I believe a text code for every transfer to an account not in your address book.

    • I have a Citi credit card. The login is a virtual keyboard. No sms or ring token. Virtual kb entry is very tedious when u log in often to check transactions.would be worse r on a savings account where you also sign in to make transactions.

  • +2

    It's a good offer.

    The online savings account pays 4.40% p.a for the first 4 months compared to ING SM which pays 4.50% for the first 4 months.

    After the first 4 months though, the rate drops to an Appalling 2.95% p.a so it's back to the 'money shuffle'.

    The offer by itself would not have been such a good deal if the Citibank Plus account wasn't such a bloody good product.

    As far as transaction accounts, not many (if any) of the competition even come close.

    I would have definitely been all over this offer if I didn't already have an account. I wonder if there is some 'hack' I can employ in order to be a 'new customer' again.

    As usual, loyalty does NOT pay!

    • So do you still recommend people close this account after receiving the $120 in 12 months?

      • Probably not for this one. No

        However, 12 months is very long time in the financial services industry. Lots can happen and better (or equal) products might be introduced. Competition has become very fierce recently.

        Ask me again in 12 months. For now, the answer is "no". :)

  • +1

    Checked the foreign exchange rates claim and this is what 3 are currently offering on the $A to GBP (wholesale cross rate was 58.88 according to SMH):
    Visa 59.00 (!)
    Bankwest 56.4
    Travelex 56.52
    Paypal 57.31
    a difference of 4.6% from best to worst. Sounds like a decent saving if you buy or transfer funds OS a fair bit.

    Just need to do a bit more research about their systems and service.

    • The Visa Card rates and link are applicable to Citibank Visa Card transactions only.

    • Citibank do not have chip cards or PayWave on their Visa debit cards for now.

      This is the only disadvantage I can think of at the moment.

      Also, their call centre is 100% foreign based (in Manila).

      Branches are also effectively non-existent but you can transact at any AusPost branch so this basically puts them on par with ING. However, unlike ING, they do have their 'own' ATMs. You can withdraw at any Citibank, Westpac, St.George, BankSA and Bank of Melbourne ATM and pay no ATM operator fee regardless of the amount withdrawn

      For my money, their benefits far outweigh their disadvantages but that's just me.

  • +2

    Repeating my comment from before as a warning for Ozbargainers.

    This deal might sound good, but be forewarned, Citi always sleeps when you have something really urgent.

    I had a terrible experience with CITI, where they locked me out of the savings account with a large amount of cash in it and refused to communicate with me out of my general email address, they didn't have a branch wehre I could go to get this fixed and in general their support centre were a bunch complete morons.

    To cut a very very very long story short,,,, I ended up going to the ombudsman and fought the case with their office Priscilla Bryan where they ended up compensating me 500$ as penalties and a written apology.

    Perhaps things might have changed now but beware that they have very few branches where you can go and have a real person address the issue. When things go wrong as they always do.

    There are no branches where you can conveniently withdraw large amounts of cash if you need to.

    And I had a friend working for their callcenter, the horror stories she said about the credit cards and banking are enough to put me off citibank.

    Sorry IMHO a NEG for the BANK ,

    • NAB branches are not convenient? Bank@Post?

      • NAB branches are not convenient?

        Maybe it's a new thing, certainly didn't exist when I was around,
        Also I doub if you get locked out of your internet banking account there is much that an NAB branch can do except ask you to contact citibank.


        Have you tried withdrawing 5000 $ from a Bank at post ?

        Nothing against you my friend, The Last CITI deal where I made this comment was also posted by you, so it's not personal just a warning for other ozbargainers. I've been burnt badly by citi before.

        For my personal preference I have realised the hard way that the hundred or so extra dollars that it costs me with CBA is worth it for the convenience of 99% perfect customer service.

        + Having callcenters in Australia is a big +.

        Remember everyone that Citi has it's callcenters in India, nothing against the country but certainly service is not the same level as CBA or any of the other local banks.

        • Citi has it's callcenters in India

          Manila actually.

          Most companies are moving out of Indian call centre and going to the Philippines. Salaries in the Philippines are lower and their accent is easier to understand (American accent)

          99% perfect customer service

          I hope you said that as a joke…;).

          CBA probably has the MOST incompetent call centre staff of all financial institutions operating in Australia (be it Australian or foreign-owned)

        • Manila actually.

          Maybe they've moved now.

          I hope you said that as a joke…;).

          Lol, no I meant it, But hey you can have your own experiences, feel free to share them here.

          The thing I like about CBA, apart from the fact that they are based in Australia, is that they have branches open on Sundays, much better support and a physical place you can go and fight if things go wrong.

        • +1

          Well, each to their own mate.

          I personally would never pay the 'CBA Premium' just to have branches I can go to.

          I actually haven't seen the inside of a bank branch in over 5 years probably…and I like to keep it this way ;)

          I would much rather deal with a machine then with the sort of humans most financial institutions employ.

          Saying that, I must say that both ING Direct and Ubank have outstanding customer service in their call centres.

    • That's pretty much the same story with Virgin Money which was "powered" by Citi (tho BoQ have since bought VM out). Same terrible service and their online portal is atrocious!!!

  • gee they don't give much detail in the t&cs. it's a bit worrying that the only description of the promotion is the text that is in the image

    "Starter special: $120 Cash back in the first year when you deposit $3,000 into your Citibank Plus each month."

    • +1

      You see
      "Terms & Conditions apply and are available on request."
      and you may think this is not transparent

      Look at FAQs section:

      About the Offer
      When should I expect to receive the $120 cashback?

      You will receive the $120 cashback 12 months after all your accounts are approved and activated, and you've met all the criteria.
      Which account will I receive the $120 cashback into?

      The $120 cashback will be paid into your Citibank Plus account.
      Do I have to deposit $3,000 into my Citibank Plus account or Citibank Online Saver account?

      To meet the $120 cashback criteria, you will have to deposit a minimum total of $3,000 by the last business day every month for 12 months into your Citibank Plus Account.
      Does $3,000 deposit have to be a salary credit?

      No, as long as you've deposited a minimum total of $3,000 during the course of the month into your Citibank Plus account. However, depositing your salary is an easy way to meet this minimum requirement.
      Once I've applied, how do I know if I've been approved for the Citibank Starter Package?

      We will advise you by email that your account is open. You will also receive a Citibank debit card, ATM PIN and deposit book (if requested) in the mail. We will also send you a CitiPhone Banking Telephone PIN (TPIN).
      How long will it take for my accounts to be opened?

      From the time we receive your application and identification documents, it can take up to five business days to activate your account(s).
      I'm already a Citibank customer with both a Citibank Plus account and a Citibank Online Saver account. Does this offer apply to existing customers?

      Unfortunately, current Citibank customers already holding a Citibank Plus account and Citibank Online saver are not eligible to apply for this introductory offer.
      If I close one or more of the products, do I still get the $120 cashback?

      Once you choose to close one or more of your Citibank accounts, your Citibank Starter Package will cease.
      How do I arrange for salary credits into my Citibank Plus account, to meet the monthly deposit criteria?

      Simply complete the switching form available online citibank.com.au/switch or visit your nearest Citibank branch.
      How do I organise for the direct debits on my old account to go to my new Citibank Plus?

      Direct debits are an agreement between yourself and the merchant or service provider, therefore you will need to contact the company directly to advise them of your new account details. For details about switching bank accounts, visit citibank.com.au/switch
      Can I close my old bank account through Citibank?

      You need to contact your previous financial institution personally to close your account. You should first make sure all your service providers have redirected any direct credits or debits to your new account before you close your old account.
      How do I provide you with my Tax File Number?

      You can advise us of your TFN, claim exemption or non resident status by logging into online banking and updating your status.

  • +2

    I have a citibank visa debit with a plus account and worked so well with overseas purchases. Great rates and no foreign fees! But I tell ya, I hate the Internet banking UI with a passion! Tedious, unintuitive and definitely puts me off from anything longterm with them as an account to pay bills with.

    • +1

      yeah, i had a virgin account at one stage and it used a crippled citibank interface and it was a complete p.o.s.

      • Thanks for warning.
        That Virgin account I opened for the bonus, had the most tortuous application process and online banking ever for me.

  • i don't get where you get all free or no fees? i checked their feesand charges…. they charge everything.

    • Outward Telegraphic Transfers7
      To a bank within Australia:
      In AUD $10 When you transfer funds in AUD from your Citibank Australia Account to another bank account in Australia.
      In a foreign currency (excluding AUD) $25 When you transfer funds in a foreign currency (excluding AUD) from your Citibank Australia Account to
      another bank account in Australia.
      To a bank Overseas :
      In any currency (including AUD) $25 When you transfer funds (in any currency) from your Citibank Australia Account to a bank account overseas.

    • Free access at over 3,000 Citibank, Westpac, St George, Bank of Melbourne and BankSA ATMs Australia-wide.

      no "•Free unlimited access to any ATM worldwide (save up to $10 each time)"

    • http://citibank.com.au/global_docs/pdf/Feesandcharges.pdf

      Says for Citibank Plus Transaction Accounts:

      Non-Citibank and non-Partner* ATM owners may charge you a fee for use of their ATMs. No Citibank Fees are charged for Citibank Plus Transaction Accounts (including no Dishonour Fees, no Bank Cheque fees, no Telegraphic Transfer fees and no International Transaction Fees). Debit Interest is charged for Unarranged Casual Overdrafts. See Debit Interest section for more information.

      *Partner ATMs include Westpac branded, St. George, Bank of Melbourne and Bank SA ATMs within Australia.

      In relation to the “Outward Telegraphic Transfers” fees you quote, the section heading specifically says “Fees (Excludes Citibank Plus Transaction Accounts)”.

      • thanks.

        Applied :)

      • Yeah I thought so. Not NAB ATMs (mentioned in description) but Westpac.

    • You have to read a little closer.

  • To save me looking it all up, is there a fee to transfer money to another (non-Citibank) Au bank account or not? That would be a deal breaker.

    • +2

      For $120 I'll tell you.

      • Like ti.s on a bull.

    • no fee

    • +2

      if you can't be bothered reading the fine print then you shouldn't be signing up for things in the first place

      • You presume far more than you actually know. I didn't suggest I was going to "sign up" without acquainting myself with the details. I've glanced at the fee schedule and it looks to be contradictory. Nothing on here suggests otherwise definitively but I hoped someone who already had the account might help. I'll be emailing Citibank to get them to confirm in writing, and I'll even report back, but anyone who relies on web forums for their info is bound to come a cropper sooner or later.

        • You might as well ask if they deduct any money as fee when you transfer money in from another (non-Citibank) Au bank account. Hold on, will they charge you for writing a reply to you or answering your call?

        • Nearly a week gone by and no response from Citibank to my query suggests their (potential) customer service is appalling.

  • $3k is a lot to deposit each month, for a measily $10 a month. Basically you have to clear $750 a week and have all of it go into your CB account. Other deals giving $50 only ask for a one off $2k deposit and you don't have to wait a whole year. Unless you can keep moving the same $3k back and forth each month like it's a football.

    Get stuffed.

    • transfer money in and transfer it out

    • +2

      You could just get your salary deposited into the Citi accountand set up an automatic scheduled transfer to your other institution's bank account.

  • +1

    Nah the one year wait for the 120 isn't worth the effort of having to deal with Citi's absolutely shithouse online interface.

  • Hey guys,
    I'm going overseas next year and was wondering if opening up the following accounts with Citibank would be helpful. Do they have physical ATMs I can withdraw cash from?

    • "Instant access to your cash at over 3,000 Citibank, Westpac, St.George, BankSA and Bank of Melbourne ATMs throughout Australia"

      All other ATMs will incur ATM operator fees.

      You can also withdraw money at any AusPost or Woolies/Coles (no purchase required).

  • Well I'd prefer to bundle it with the Savers Package.

    Same deal with the $120 bonus but also comes with a Citibank Reward Platinum Credit Card with no annual fees if the $3k pm is deposited (Savings of $199 annual fee + $99 Supplementary card fee).

    Also comes with the standard insurances:
    * Complimentary International Travel Insurance
    * Complimentary Transit Accident Insurance
    * Complimentary Purchase Cover Insurance
    * Complimentary Extended Warranty Insurance
    * Complimentary Guaranteed Pricing Scheme
    But no concierge??

    And the reward points/program ain't great (1.25 points per $1 spent on purchases in Australia and 3 points per $1 spent on international purchases).
    You'll need 9,100 points for a $50 Coles Gift Card which seems pretty steep.

    Thoughts on this?

    • The rewards scheme of this card is crap.

      So basically, it boils down to how much the 'complimentary insurance' feature is important/useful for you.

      If concierge is important for you, there are several offerings in the market that will give you access to a concierge and come with a ZERO annual fee. Their rewards schemes are more generous as well.

      Here is one (you need to qualify for the Platinum card):

      If you don't care about a rewards program, The Zero Platinum Mastercard from Bankwest is impossible to beat!

  • New customers only. already got a citibank plus account 0 0

  • I applied through the above link.
    When I finished the online application process,
    there didn't seem to be a completion screen with application ID shown.
    And I don't remember supplying my Tax file number.
    Anyway finally got a single email a couple of days later,
    with my application number and requesting an ID check.
    I printed out their generic ID check form (not personalised like most banks have)
    which I had to fill in, then took to post office.
    The post office were unfamiliar with the form,
    and they realised they had to enter my details manually,
    then they said they needed my Citibank application number (which wasn't on the form)
    I didn't have the number with me, so another trip to post office is required.
    Citibank doesn't seem to be user friendly, but I haven't given up on the $120 yet.

    • i also got a similar email. the application number is in my email:

      Thank you for your recent application for a fee free Citibank Plus account (Application Reference Number: CPAxxxxxxx).

      as a last resort, if citibank don't know anything about it then apply again. it might be lost in their system.

  • Yep, the email I got did show application number,
    its just I was expecting to get it a bit earlier.
    If you haven't done the ID check at the post office yet,
    remember to write the application number down, and take it with you.

  • i just did my aus post verification today.

    the pdf verification form is generic. you do not need your application number (i saw it comes up as 000..00001). the bar code seems to be only for the purpose of identifying the type of bank verification on the wizard on their computer.

    they type in all your details into a wizard app on their computer and it all gets sent electronically. the application form is returned to you. no signatures or anything.

  • Thanks Matt,
    Yes you're correct.
    The problem with mine was the bar code didn't scan (because of my crappy printer probably)
    So they had to type the barcode numbers manually into different fields.
    But they didn't know what to enter into the application number field.
    And they asked me for it.
    As you say, it was just meant to be a generic 0001, (not my email CPA number)
    Anyway they submitted the ID check on my second post office visit.
    So hopefully Citibank will accept it.
    I got the receipt no., which is what Citibank asked when I just rang them, so it should be OK.
    I always get through to the girls in Manilla quickly and on a 1800 number too, and they are very keen to help,
    hmmmm, so thats all good.

  • +2

    i just got an email saying my account is open

    • An account or two accounts?

      You need both transaction and saving accounts to be eligible for this offer.

    • i applied for the package, so i assume both. i still have to wait for the details to arrive in the mail

    • +2

      You're doing better than me.
      I rang to check my ID verification passed OK.
      They said no - apparently the post office person had typed my name as "Jeffery" instead of "Jeffrey"
      So I was told I had to go back to the Post office to correct it.
      Also I asked about the bonus for the starter package,
      and was told I had only applied for 1 account (citibank plus).
      Even though I am absolutely certain I applied through the above link and it said starter package and bonus $120.
      She did say that promotion started on the 23 Aug, and I applied before this.
      Anyway I cancelled the whole application.

      But I haven't given up.
      I am going to reapply.
      Never give up.
      Its the journey, not the destination.
      Besides I want a citibank plus with no fee international T/T.

      • hmm, i'm beginning to think i didn't apply for a citibank saver account as well. i notice my emails say:

        "Your Citibank Plus Account Application (Reference number CPAxxx)"
        "Your Citibank Plus Account is now open"

        no mention of any saver account

        i recorded my application using a desktop recorder. i just viewed the video now and i definitely did apply for the starter package.

        hmm, i just rang them and got my plus account details, but an online saver account hadn't been opened. the person serving me said they would email the application processing team and get it sorted.

        i also think they never asked for a TFN anytime. grrr. i've got to ring them again.

        apparently they can't record the tfn over the phone, you have to either send them a letter or fax or visit branch.

        • +1

          The customer service did tell me they should honour the bonus offer for me,
          even though I only opened one account.
          But I would definitely make sure both accounts are opened.
          I can't understand why they don't get the TFN during the online application.
          Citibank do seem to have a primitive system compared to most other banks.

        • all sorted now. maybe i was jumping the gun, but my online saver account is also open today.

          i'm interested in doing a test for some small overseas purchases using the plus account to see if the exchange rates are better than vs my ing direct visa debit card.

  • +1

    Went to one of the stores today to verify my ID. Was absolutely disgusting. There were flies buzzing around in circles, it was dirty, and they had one greasy teller who was the slowest worker I have ever witnessed. Waited half an hour before I just walked out.

    • +1

      Was it an Australia Post outlet or a Citibank Branch?

      If Citibank Branch, can you please advise which one so I can warn people? Cheers

      • +1

        Yes a Citibank branch. Camberwell.

  • Remider: This is the payout time! Anyone recieve it?

    I have satisfied all T/Cs but no payment is received. I contacted Citi via internet banking a week ago but got no reply yet.

    Please share your experience.

    • Please ring them. They will credit it to your account. I rang them and it was credited within 10 business days.

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