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Pod Skincare Sale NOTHING OVER $7.50


Pod skincare is closing down at the end of August. This is your opportunity to purchase premium natural skincare products which are all current season products at below actual cost. Products which retailed at $30 - $70 are now being sold for no more than $7.50 There is now only around 200 units left of all products which is why we are running this sale. Products are now strictly limited so be quick!

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Pod Skincare
Pod Skincare

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  • Thanks for your info and great discounts! Just placed an order for 20+ units. Hopefully they have a long use by day.

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    I found one thing over $7.50.

    Postage is $9.95

  • Thanks , place an order.

  • Well there's my skincare and my sister birthday present taken care of. Thanks OP.

  • Thanks rep, what is the use by dates ?

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    the use by date is 12 months after opening. They are current runs so would be good for 2 years unopened.

    • Thanks for reply op, sorry to hear about your business. Have just placed an order. Reviews sound great but at same time will be a shame if can't get anymore replacement product .

  • the use by date is 12 months after opening. They are current runs so would be good for 2 years unopened.

  • Thanks just started using products from previous deal, so have stocked up again and purchased gifts for my sister -Thanks

  • Thank you alison2481.

    Looking forward to seeing more of Lisa-Mae and Byron Bay.

  • Hi, Your Liquid Facelift and Liquid Canvas say they are 50ml but in the picture it looks like it says 30ml? Just wondering what they are? thanks

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    I ordered Sat, still did not get email order confirmation nor shipping information.

  • Yes, I just checked, status is pending, can you tell me what's going on?

    • Same here. Hoping to get them soon.

    • I ordered on 17th (Saturday) and Order status: completed. But have not received items yet…

  • I ordered on Saturday too (not long after Alison posted this on OzBargain), have just checked my account and it says cancelled?! No communication, no refund yet. Can you please return here and explain why, Alison?

    • I just checked and mine too is cancelled. I checked about an hour ago and the order was still pending then. No email received. :(

    • I do not get any communication on this forum so please do email me at [email protected] or on facebook. I respond to all emails if not immediately certainly within the same day. Once again my sincere apologies

      • Beg to differ, I still haven't heard from you and its been more than 24hrs.

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    Mine is cancelled as well, what is going on?

    Just logded dispute thru Paypal …

  • Of the people who have had their orders completed, what date/time did you order it?

    The orders should have been processed in chronological order. Alison's last post on here was much later than my order so she was still taking orders then. It's not even that some of the items have been cancelled, it looks like the whole order (order, order, order…;o)).

    I posted on a couple of forums and have generated quite a few sales. I'm really pissed off.

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      I ordered 17/8 at about 5.30pm, before the Alison made comments on this thread and my order was cancelled.

  • I've just emailed and she replied straight away.

    It was a problem with PayPal & their website and the orders are still OK.

    I'll take the neg back. :o)

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    Hello Friends. Apologies for the problems with our paypal link. Please be assured that when you order on the site, and pay with paypal, we get an order from paypal. The problem is that the link from paypal back to our site is 'timing out' and then automatically switching the order to cancelled.

    I have taken the paypal payment option off for the time being and we will endeavour to have it fixed as soon as we can. We are being inundated so it is hard to do many things at once.

    So we have your order and we are going to work hard this weekend packing to process as many of the orders so that we can assure you of our best intentions. I will update you as we go.

    I assure you if you placed an order, and paid for it, that it will be honoured. I do not check this forum very often (too busy packing!) so if you have any other questions please do emails me at [email protected] or post on facebook and we will respond as soon as possible.

  • What's the update? Has anyone received their order yet? :(

    • No, nothing yet. I received an email on Saturday advising that the order was complete but still haven't received anything.

  • Almost 3 weeks. Has anyone received their orders?

  • I received mine and a partial refund as some items had sold out. Very happy with Alison and its a shame they are closing down. Placed a second order today to get a couple more things for the wife

  • I recieved mine as well, but no refund :(

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