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Covergirl Nailpolish (11ml) for $0.50 and Ulta3 (13ml) for $0.70 at Coles Tooronga, VIC


Covergirl range: Outlast Stay Brilliant Nailpolish (11mL).
The guy I called couldn't confirm whether this product and price would be in other stores state or nationwide, but for Coles Tooronga, the deal ends on the 21st September.

I haven't tried Covergirl nailpolish, but a quick google search came up with favourable reviews.
There were plenty of different colours (over 15+ I'd hazard) and all of the colours I bought (I purchased 7) are sold at Priceline for $6.95.
It's a very good price for a decent size and the quality seems quite good too (not too thick, nice sized brush, seems to dry quite quickly as well).

Ulta3 is known as a "cheaper" brand as reflected in its normal price of $2-3, but is still pretty decent quality.

***Note: Particularly with the Ulta3 glitter polishes, open them and check the consistency of the polish, as I found that most of them were thick and gluggy, therefore unusable. However I had no problems with the Covergirl polishes.

Also, the Covergirl polishes weren't recognised in self checkout, so I had to call an assistant over.

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    Thanks! I need some more colours so hopefully our local Coles will have them at this price too.

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    Was same price at Victoria Gardens Richmond the other week. The clear comes in handy for household repairs.


    I'll have to take a look at my local store when I'm there today. Would be very handy for 50c per colour.

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    Seems to be nation wide. My local Coles store in East Vic Park, WA has them. I got one of every colour… there was only black :(

    Also didn't scan correctly at the self-checkout, so the guy just asked how much it was and put it in my bag.

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      I got so excited when I read that you got one of every colour! They only had black? That sucks!
      It didn't scan for me either, will add a note about that in the deal info.
      Well I guess if you go to any other Coles in the next week, check out if they have any more colours!


    Checking this out in Geelong hopefully today


    Checked here in Sydney (Macarthur district) - no go. They said that it may only be particular stores that get this deal. Wouldn't match price in another state. Selling it at $5 here. :( This was despite it being in the clearance/sale area.


    Took all colours to the register and left with none =[
    Full price at Carlingford Coles


      Weird how NSW is keeping prices high and other states are 50c. Cheapest I got was $2.50 but very few colours.

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    Wife found some at Bayswater, VIC Coles - nothing else in the area..

    They scan with no price, or something like 'price check'. She just told them it should be 50c and walked off with a shitload of them….

    Oh, and then they went back with more family members and got some for them. lol

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    I have a friend who works at Coles Hurstville Westfield (NSW); I showed this to her and she got the price changed from $2.50 to 50c. However, her coles didn't much left, so her manager convinced a manager of a nearby store (Hurstville station) to bring the price down from $3.50 to 50c.

    I believe both stores still have the 50c ticket up.

    Here's a receipt - http://i.imgur.com/NQlFePt.jpg. (sorry, I took off the cap off of the blue one)

    To clarify: Hustville westfield doesn't have much (one tray left, limited colours) but Hurstville Station had 4 trays worth, all colours (yes, even after I bought 38 units for friends). My friend says yes this is most likely store specific, and OP's store was desperate to get rid of stock to clear space. As was her store (why it didnt much convincing her manager).

    Sorry for the long comment.

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