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Microsoft Surface Pro 128GB Australian Stock with Type Cover ($1,067.99 Delivered)


Microsoft Surface Pro 128 GB + Type Cover Keyboard Black ($1,067.99 delivered)
Australian Stock
Includes GST

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    price in title pls :)

  • Price in title, thank you.

  • Is it worth waiting until September 23rd?

  • I still don't get the Surface thing.
    Very expensive for a tablet, to the point where that is almost the cost of a MacBook, which are themselves criticised for being pricey.

    • +4

      well it is the same inside as a MacBook in a small package with a much much better screen
      bad deal considering new one out next week

    • It's a PC in a tablet (at least the Pro is).

      It runs regular Windows 8, you can install any and all programs you want, and you can use it as a tablet or with a keyboard and mouse.

  • Australia probably won't get the new one till later though?
    the current version took like 6 months to be released here in Aus…

    • I think we're getting it sooner this time.

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    I would never think this to be a deal unless it's less than $400

    • i will consider if they drop down to $200-.

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    Sorry Rep, but I dont see a deal here.
    Without the keyboard, it is $999 from Microsoft store with free shipping:
    Additional keyboard retails for $150 from microsoft, but worth buying it from other retailers or online.

    Also, if you are a student, you can get additional 10% from Microsoft store:

    Surface Pro 64Gb for $800:

    Surface RT is also cheap.

  • -3

    too expensive for a tablet.

    many acer laptops nowaday have touch screen and runs full windows 8
    and they cost below $500
    less than half the price of this unit and they can do more.

    I couldn't find a good reason to consider buying this tablet.

    • Cheap Acer ones are normally Celeron/Atom processors with standard HDD and crap resolution.
      Due to Tablet's Ultra thin design, Full HD screen and SSD, tablets are expensive. This one comes with a i5 3rd gen. processor.

      Few tablets with atom processor are cheaper as well. Sony, Lenovo matching Tabs are over $900 as well.

      I think around $700-750, these could be good. You can use them as a tablet or Laptop.

    • +3

      Are those Acer laptops running i5 processors with 1080p wacom digitizers?

  • +11

    The best part of this deal is the rep's username.

  • This should be around 300 AUD mark and micros$$t can get my money.

  • +2

    Everyone posting how it should be $200-300 or comparing it to the iPad obviously how has no idea how powerful this thing is. Just check out the specs. The machine will run most games you can throw at it, comparisons to iPads are just not even worth making.

    They can also run any Windows app, unlike the Surface RT which can only run Windows 8 apps from the Windows Store.

    • it is like putting a jet engine into a family car and sell it to everyday people - and you're trying to convince them that they need the extra grunt.

      you confused hardware grunt with efficiency - they're not the same thing.
      and you confused PC buyers with tablet buyers.

      this tablet is suffering from identity crisis.
      who is Microsoft trying to sell the tablet to? gamers or every day people?
      for gaming, there's already the Desktop PC and the xbox console.

      think about why microsoft would need this much grunt power in a tablet in the first place?
      was it because it was still very laggy on dual core that they have to crank the hardware up? if it is then it must be very poorly designed. I don't want it.

      for your information, most people buy the iPad for the softwares/apps, not because it has high spec hardwares. They also love how those apps make them feel. In case something broke, they can alawys take it to Apple. Apple have excellent warranty policy / customer service. The customers feel very well looked after. it's all about the user experience.

      can you say the same about the windows softwares and the microsoft support experience?
      can you now see that the hardware only represents a small part of the buyers need?

      • People would buy this tablet because they want a tablet that is actually useful for every day computer usage. Instead of carrying an iPad and a laptop, just carry a Surface Pro.

        I could use a Pro just like I'd use an iPad, but then I can also plug in a mouse and jump into Visual Studio and do some work.

        The Surface Pro is absolutely fantastic, and I wish it was available when I was in the market for a new laptop. I recently got a Surface RT as it was half price for TechEd attendees, and using it to remote desktop to my home PC is fantastic because its got a full keyboard, a mouse, and touchscreen for Win 8 apps. My next computer will hopefully be a Surface Pro.

  • I got same bundle from JB Hifi for $1050. So not really a bargain

  • I reckon I might buy just to be the only person in AU who has one. Those iPads… all over the place. Surface, collectors item.