expired JB Hifi - Logitech Broadcaster Was $248, Now $148


Saw this at the JB HiFi on level 6 of Pitt St Mall Westfields, Sydney. Not sure if it's in all stores.

Normally $248, now it's $148.

Captures in 720p HD, broadcasts wirelessly and allows for dual recording.

Looks like it only works on Mac. Unconfirmed for PC.

Can use it to record video in QuickTime, Photo Booth, edit them in iMovie or Final Cut Pro or use it for video chat with Facetime, iChat or Skype.

If you create youtube videos or host google hangouts, this also might be a tool worth getting.

Thanks to Noob999, details can be found here: http://www.logitech.com/en-au/product/broadcaster-wifi-webca...

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    for that money you can get a real pan and tilt ip wifi camera(not only digital)that works on windows too ;)
    Good deal though considering the rrp for those who want to buy this product


    Yeah, but that one appears to be able to run even without a power cord using its built-in battery.


    Seems like a good discount but I think this functionality could be achieved with a smartphone's built-in camera and some software or is this somehow better quality, speed or just more user-friendly?

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    I just used it last night. It's very user friendly and only works on mac.

    It's great for putting it at remote locations and then streaming back to your Mac or directly to UStream without a computer. You can view the stream from your Mac or your iPhone. It does not have any storage capacity, so keep in mind this device can only steam capture video. Recording is done at the Mac.

    I found the case and the tripod mount to be super cool.

    The quality of the image I would rate around a 7-8. I tried to use the broadcaster with a Logitech C920 (Full HD Webcam) and I wasn't able to switch away from the iMac's built in Facetime cam.

    Dual recording is something u can't do on a smart phone. I would imagine this is only useful if you're creating youtube videos.

    You can plug an external mic in the device to improve sound recording if you like.

    I don't think it's a device that would replace a smartphone. Each smart phone has it's merits. I think this is something that would compliment your toolbox if you do a lot video blogging, video chatting or video creation where wifi is accessible. I'm thinking of using it later also as a additional baby monitor.

    I Hope this helps.

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