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Geminus Thermo Double Walled Glasses $27 Set of 8. Free Shipping. Save $18. Plus More!


We've been quiet for a while so we thought it's time for another sale on our Double Walled Glasses!

Keep your comments coming on what you want to see next and we'll try to make it happen.

All the glasses have a 12 month warranty so if they do have issues please contact us and we'll sort it out for you. They also come with free Australia wide shipping and all glasses listed here are in stock.

Sale ends Friday or when stock sells out.

Make sure you use the discount code OZBARGAIN

1) Geminus Double Walled Glasses 250ml - Set of 8
Now $27 from $45

2) Geminus Double Walled Glasses 300ml - Set of 8
Now $32 from $50

3) Geminus Double Walled Glasses 370ml - Set of 4
Now $18 from $30

4) Geminus Double Walled Glasses 450ml - Set of 4
Now $20 from $34

5) Geminus Double Walled Glasses 650ml - Set of 4
Now $22 from $36

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    OP you should do better than this. These glasses are offered much cheaper elsewhere.

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    Yeah, cite your sources please @lqs, @mr_asstight. If big glasses (450cc, 650cc) can be had elsewhere for less, I'd like to know about it.

  • -2 votes

    •Mouth blown


    (sorry for my boyish humour)

    • +1 vote


      In other news… I previously bought from Avancer - had a couple cups which were faulty (water somehow got inside the walls) but they replaced them promptly. Great customer service!


        thanks for the positive feedback! :)


        My Avancer glasses are still intact, and i don't want to break them just to buy new ones, the prices even came down imho, thumbs up!

      • +4 votes

        The first time I washed my Avancer glasses in the dishwasher, one did not survive despite Avancer's claim that they are dishwasher safe. In contrast to your experience, Avancer did not answer my e-mail for help. So their customer service was not good for me.

        The cracks were originally hairline and I kept the glass as a waste food bin. Later the cracks joined together and broke the inner wall. Because of the shards and sharp edges I had to throw the glass away. I now hand wash all my double wall glasses to avoid more losses.


        My experience with the customer after sales service is one of the top! Quick email reply and replacement. The quality and finishing of the glasses isn't the best of the best but acceptable at this price range especially if you are looking for the 450ml and 650ml ones.


    Good to see this deal back, And that further 10% off on your total when you order 2 sets makes it amazing deal.
    I bought 1 set of 650ml and 1 set of 450ml.

    My first time trying these glasses, hope I love them :)

    Thanks Rep.


    Just placed an order. Taking fellow ozbargainers word for excellent customer service :)


    Hi Avancersales.
    I am looking for small espresso double walled cups that are around 50-60ml. would you be getting this size? Or 80ml is the smallest size as i dont want saucers. Thx


    kmart has Double Walled Glasses 4 for $10 , ALDI had 3 for $10


      The quality of Kmart one doesn't look good.

      ALDI one not sure but couldn't find any now.


        The kmarts are fine…. I have some….. Have been in general use for a couple of months…. dishwashed, handwashed, hot, cold…. have performed well.


    Just bought some


    with the code and 10% off for 2 items it came to $31.40
    Not bad.


    Also ordered the 4x650ml, Fairly nervous.

    Will vote a positive for the shop if they turn out as described.


    Hi rep
    Just letting you know my order came.

    My first set of double wall glasses and im scared to use them lol

    They look great but fragile.

    Can i use them with hot water?


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