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PRESLEY CROPPED JACKET 1000 CENTS ($10) + Other $10 & under Deals @ Cotton on in-Store/Online

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This is my 1000 posts +1000 comments & 1000 cents ($10) deal for my fellow Ozbargainers.

Have a good evening all

Now available in store and online.

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Free shipping on orders over $50

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  • +6

    +1 for the 1000s

    • +22

      Thanks for clarifying 1000 cents = $10 because for a second it made no 'cents'

  • So you're hoping for +1000?
    Well here's your second one!

  • nice, lots of $10 fleece hoodies

  • +1

    Wow, a lot of hard work has gone into posting 1000 deals. Well done.

  • 15 more deals for 1000 bargain posts…nice ;)

    Pretty sure scotty said he starts paying you to post deals once you hit 1000?

    • We coronate you with the 1000 post hat.

      But seriously, nice job. I'm curious to how you got both post number and comment number at 1000.

      • We coronate you with the 1000 post hat.

        Oh…seems the cake is a lie :(

        Lucky I stopped at ~ 200 deals!

  • +5

    Thanks for all the posts but you should get a job.

    • +2

      …that pays 1000s more.

  • +2

    There's a lot of windswept yet firmly in place hair in that catalogue.

  • About 1000 minutes of work went into all this!

  • +7

    Wow I'm so good at bargain hunting I spent $50 I wasn't going to spend today just for free shipping.

    • Hey. Can you tell me how long it said it would take for shipping? I need clothes for an interview tomorrow and I don't think shipping will be that quick and Cotton On won't match the price in store :/

      Edit: I just saw that the site says "5-10 days" for the shipping :/

      • +1

        who wears cotton on clothing to an interview? is it for a barista job or something?

        • +1


  • Ah I see that the username is ironic since you can't be from theearth to have lined all the 1000s so nicely

  • congrats!

  • You mean, save 5900 cents? Sounds like a better deal that way.

  • champion.

  • +2

    Super effort for the ozbargain community. Cheers

  • +1

    well done earth

  • Login just to upvote your effort :)

  • Awesome deals and congrats on the 1000s!

  • Impulse bought 50,000 cents worth of clothes, thanks!

  • +2

    Are these prices online only? Or in store as well?

  • And there's another $50 I didn't plan on spending. Thanks for the deal.

  • +1

    Sherpa jacket? I would have called this a Lumberjacket!

    • -1

      Dexter would approve of this comment.

  • +1

    can we collect at store?

    • +1

      Store won't match online price after visiting today. Not sure about Click & Collect.

      • Seems like they don't have a "Click and Collect" option. Reckon calling and asking will work?

  • +1

    This feels almost a dupe of http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/117177 as I remember checking out the Sherpa jacket with that deal

    • Agree!

  • +1

    Wish I was that guy in the pic

  • +2

    Congra 'the earth' for the 1000 posts milestone in 2 years. That's average of 1.5 post per day. WOW!

  • Great Deal! Took advantage in making it up to $50 to get free postage.

  • Finally placed an order, made it to free shipping. Surprised that the offer is still open.

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