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FREE Pack of Seeds from Yates - Herb or Flower Seeds - No FB Like


Yates is giving you the opportunity to obtain a free packet of seeds.

To get your seeds sign up to their Garden Club onsite (joining is free.)

There’s no expiry date listed and the offer may be ongoing.

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    Looks like Yates also has another free seed promo, for two packs of seeds here http://www.yates.com.au/garden-club/seed-offer/index

    Got the free seeds last year from the promo the OP has posted.

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    Thanks op. This is my motivation to build a herb garden…

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    Hm I can't remember getting last time I signed up…

    • i singed up twice and got 2 packets of dill seeds

      no idea what im going to do with dill plants….. oh well

      • I think i got dill when I joined last time as well…

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      I never received mine either

  • I've sent through my request. Looks like they actually validate the email address?

  • are they GMO free seeds ?

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      They are not GMO and it would be difficult to buy GMO seeds in Australia. Having said that, Yates seeds are far from certified organic and most seeds are not heriloom. The seeds on eBay from reputable sellers is what I buy, and Diggers is also reccomended for the best seeds.

      A Google reveals a response to the question and is a little worrying http://www.yates.com.au/garden-expert/answers/products/2346-…

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      Generally if you get GMO seeds it requires the biotech company who own rights to send inspectors to climb your fence and secretly inspect your garden to ensure you aren't misusing their seeds in ways that breach the contract.

      I highly doubt any company could afford to secretly inspect your garden once a month.. and if you have a dog be able to tranquillize it before inspecting your garden. Do you really think that tranquillizer darts grow on trees without GMO.

    • For organic seeds that are open pollinated try green harvest, green patch and eden seeds. I can recommend green harvest. Not cheap but good service and fast mail order. They'll answer customer questions and help with gardening queries.

  • How does this work do you choose the flowers and vegetables you want or is it random?

  • Free herb seeds = basil :(

    • What about the flowers and vegetables?

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      What's wrong with basil? Make pesto and bruschettas :D

  • Nice. Just hope they eventually arrive!

  • I got a packet of Italian parsley seeds last time.

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    Wasnt interested at first glance but this bargain really grew on me

  • Greats for cooking as herbs and spices.

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    Never received them last time.

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      Me either. But is it going to stop me trying again? No :)

  • i received some sweet basil seeds in the mail today. thanks yates!

    • Ditto even though we only ordered flower seeds, and particular flower seeds at that

  • got some large leaf rocket today. pretty damn happy with that

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