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$225 Pokemon Limited Edition 3DS XL, Melb Intnl Airport Duty Free Store


Hey all. Was walking through the duty free area of Melbourne's international tullatmarine airport and spotted limited edition 3ds xl consoles. I double checked with floor staff and they confirmed $225 is the price (same price as a normal colored 3ds). Great buy for ppl returning back to Melbourne from overseas!

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      Steady on. That’s a bit harsh don’t you think?

      Admittedly not accessible by most but still a deal regardless.

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      No different to the guy who posts cheap fuel in Preston….

      Take your medication and lie down…

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        haha take your meds and lie down. :P

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          Yeah, we all saw that comment 1 post above as well. .

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      Keep calm and take your meds.

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      Member since March 2012 - not one single deal post.

      Great contribution…

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      Here, have a snickers.


      You're not you when you're hungry.

    • ajdj I suppose you want to complain about sushi train next ?

    • Look who's the "nooblet" now.

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    I think ajdj10 is upset because he/she never gets to go overseas. Its ok.

    • 43 negatives…..

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        most ppl seem to be here just to neg him and forget about the 3DS deal.. LOL

        • Haha now at 347 well deserved negs haha….

  • ajdj10, why did you stop treatment?

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    Hey hey… and you only selling unused scoopon coupon. are you high? At least his post will benefit few people not like your post

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    That is a great price for the 3DS XL….up voting in the hope that someone can take advantage of it

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    LOL i just picked one up! thats my nephews bday gift sorted luckily was visiting in client in tullamarine
    and i parked in the FREE 30min Maccas/BP waiting spot.

    ajdj10 get a life mate, you be surprised how many people are willing to travel to snag a bargain!

    • Is it the store just outside the terminal?

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    if only i saw this a few hoursa ago. i just picked a mate up from melb airport coz he was coming back from overseas.

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    Started an account just because I had to see what had been neg'd so hard lol

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      I've gotta remember to return to this thread in 30 days time just to neg it

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    I like to shop
    at the duty free shop.

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      only got $225 in my pocket

  • My sister is returning from the UK TOMORROW!!!!! Is there a purchase limit? Can I on-sell them to anyone on here???

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      Think Brodens on his way down to clean up the stock

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      not for a profit you can't

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      They are $248 at EB Games - so you are really only saving the GST here..

      Not a lot of profit per unit….

  • EB Games are also a lot more accessible for most.

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    I suspect this thread got over 50 positives purely because of the first comment..

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    lol… FP going for -300!

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    Neg 304. Is this an ozbargain record? Mods?

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      I just noticed OzBargain doesnt have a badge for negs. Someone should sort that out :-)

  • That first comment..

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    For the people who have Costco memberships and who don't care about the limited edition pokemon-ness, the Sydney Costco has red, blue and silver 3DS XL for $225.

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      Target has it for $4 more if that's more accessible.

    • are those PAL version consoles? Just wanna confirm as Costco does a lot of U.S. import

  • anyone know if they sell 3ds xl in the auckland airport? might be abit off topic.

    pls respond

  • And we have a new winner! Congratulations to ajdj10 for being the most negged comment in OzB history.

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