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1 Hour Photo Shoot $29 Incl.1 Free Print and Low Prices on Additional Images (Save $86)


Where is this deal valid?
We can currently take bookings for shoots on the Gold Coast and Brisbane Southside. Other areas in SEQ are subject to a travel fee (please call for price before purchasing this deal to avoid disappointment). However, if you live in other metropolitan areas then please call to see if we can organise a photographer to suit you. We also have photographers in the Bundaberg and Central Coast NSW regions.

What do you get?
* One hour photography shoot either in studio or an outdoor location (usually $100)
* Choose one image to keep as a 6" x 8" print for free (usually $15)
* You can purchase any of the other vouchers and stack them with this voucher to save on printing
* You can also purchase images to keep in high resolution on disc
* We create a free webpage which is password protected so you can view your images
* All Canvas prints at 10% off

How does it work?
Call, text or email Simply Beautiful Photography (see contact details on the site) to purchase vouchers. I will check with you to make sure that we can take your booking (especially if you have a specific session date in mind). We then email you your voucher within 48 hours of payment (usually within 6 hours). You have until Jan 31st 2014 to make a booking for your session. Please note that if booking a newborn shoot that you need to allocate up to 4 hours. Also that an additional studio fee of $50 will be required to secure your booking.

Other conditions
at Simply Beautiful Photography, our philosophy is to listen to you and meet your needs. So if you purchase this voucher and we cannot find a photographer that suits you then we will give you a full refund so long as you ask for it prior to January 31st 2014.

We aim to be as transparent as possible. No tricks and no hidden costs. We just want to make sure you are happy with every aspect of your service so talk to us and see how we can cover your photography needs today. The only way we can make a living from this deal is by ensuring that we capture images of you that you want to pay to keep, and to do so ethically so you recommend us to your friends.

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    Put location in title please.


      I'm not location specific. Wherever you are (in metro areas) let me know and if I can't provide you with a photographer that you like then I'll refund you completely.

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        No thanks, I would rather check the photographer's portfolio before waisting my time with people you don't even know who they are or how good they are.


          Understandable. The nature of these deals per against that personal touch I suppose and photography should be fairly personal

          In general terms my approach to try to deal with that is if someone made an enquiry out of my service area then I will show them a portfolio of work from a photographer who is in their area. If they like their work then they can buy the voucher, if not then that's Ok

          I've put a long expiry on the deal in an attempt to mitigate there issues as best as is practicable

          Impossible to make it perfect for everyone and that's ok. Happy to try though


    If it's anything like the 'cheap' photoshoot we did in Sydney a few years back, be prepared for the big upsell at the end. Hopefully this company isn't as abrasive as they were.

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      It's a really good point and we understand that this is the usual practice in the industry

      For this reason our print prices are displayed on our website and on multiple pages so there will be no surprises which is fairly unusual. In fact I would appreciate if anyone can find for me a photographer that has cheaper print prices than us for comparable print quality.

      Not only that but you can get about 50% off prints by stacking coupons found on that link. In the end everything is about reputation so I'm keen to go the extra mile to make sure you're happy. We're not perfect but always willing to improve by learning so feedback is valued


    Be careful if your in my position. Alot of these photography companies end up keeping copyright for photos taken.

    I have to be very careful about who owns photographs of myself just in case 6 months down the track they end up 'Oh wait… I have photos of this guy' and end up flogging them to the highest bidder. Just something to keep in mind!

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        Photography and copyright is not easily understood. It's a good question though. Generally with photographers you can purchase images but still not have any rights or ownership of those images. However, it's unethical even if it's legal to subsequently make additional sales of those images in the manner you have referred to.

        The only way to ensure you own the images and retain the rights to them is to buy that from your photographer but can additional cost.
        Generally speaking


      Of course they own copyright to the photos, however that doesn't mean they can do what they like with them - there are all sorts of other issues involved. Generally speaking, unless working on assignment, a photographer will ALWAYS own copyright of any image. And this is the way it should be.


    Rep, please provide your price list.


      When I get back to my laptop I'll post the link for the prices. It's easy to find on my site though. Mind you, the practise of providing prices is super rare by photographers. Most require you to enquire first so they can sell you up front. My preference is to help you make an informed choice so there are no surprises later.


    Just looking at the prices, they are VERY reasonable. If I was in the market for this thought, I would like to see more of a portfolio..


    for those buying, I hope the photography is better than the website.


    Impressive prices on wedding photography and you get to keep the shots on CD (no pay per print rip off like most of the industry).

    Good luck to the rep :)


    Good luck to the rep. Im a photographer myself (if only amateur) and photoshoots arent anything to sneeze at. It takes a long time for planning, shooting and post. Even if you only get a half decent photographer, that's a pretty great price for what it is.


    Thanks for the props.

    I've built the site myself and just learning as I'm going along. It's all a work in progress but super keen to get ideas and advice if anyone wants to private message me. I still have a ton of changes to do on my to do list… all in good time in suppose

    Thanks to everyone for comments


    Posting up the print prices as requested. The reason why is that as we are coming up to the end of the year we may review prices soon. Any OzBargainer who buys these vouchers will be guaranteed to retain these prices regardless of any future price increases (so long as they redeem the voucher prior to 31/01/2014

    Photo Prints

    5"x7" - $12
    6"x8" - $15
    8"x10" - $20
    12"x18" - $50
    16"x24" - $80
    20"x30" - $120

    all other print prices are found here!maternity-and-baby-portraits/c240d

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