This was posted 8 years 14 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) Flavoured or Pure 500g - $17.10 Delivered

338 is having the largest sale in bulk supplement history. We are taking 20% off all products for the month of October. Our WPI is now 50% cheaper than most other stores.

No coupon code required, all pricing is already reduced.

Shipping Costs
0 - 500g - $2.70 Australia Wide via Australia Post Standard Mail
0.5 - 3KG - $11.70 Australia Wide via Australia Post Satchel
3 - 5KG - $14.60 Australia Wide via Australia Post Satchel

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    • Ordered and paid 4kg on the 10/10 . So far I have only received the shipping confirmation last week -8 days after the order. Also so far no updates in regards to the "tests" they have been bragging about before (see posts above).

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    - Will you have stock (WPC) available to order before the discount period is over?
    - Any word on the samples/test results? It's been a while.
    Great job on the $5 flat rate shipping, definitely makes you more competitive price wise.

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    Ordered item on the 10 October..

    Got shipping email on 18th October…

    Today is 23d October and nothing… still waiting

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      Exactly the same here. I also received an email last night trying to regain confidence in their service but unfortunately it's taken too long. Back to Optimum Nurrition from Rockhard Supps (generally a 1-3 day delivery from QLD to VIC), Vitacost and iHerb for me.

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        nothing in the mail today for me either. hard to see how they could have been shipped on 18/10.

        • We are sorry these confirmations even went out as they are not the final confirmation. Until you receive one directly from Fastway couriers your order may be ready but not dispatched. If you haven't received anything by the end of the day contact us and we will track it down.

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        Negged the deal now as it has just taken far too long.

    • Exactly the same here!! And nothing delivered today. So that is 6 days since "shipping" and almost two weeks since ordered/paid for. Last time for me, no matter how good their deals in the email last night sound.

      Also: anyone seen any of those test results, yet ;-) No, thought so. No WPI = no tests….

      • Might be time to open a Paypal claim….

    • same deal here, ordered 10th got confirmation 18th. Nothing arrived yet.

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    Yes, how long does it take for goods shipped from Brisbane to Melbourne to arrive?

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      usually overnight, max 2 days with most regular courier services, aus post = normally 1 or 2 days, max 1 week during busy periods(christmas etc)

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      Everyone should have a tracking number, if you don't by the end of the day contact us and we will find it for you.

  • so looks like i am not the only person waiting, i have been promised some compensation and also been fed a pack of lies about the reason for delay, sorry i am newish to ozbargain but is there some way we can put a massive warning about this company?
    perhaps they are honest and unorganised but the longer this drags out the more suspicious i get.

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      I received a refund and I think anyone else still waiting should ask for one as well.

      I was promised my shipment would be leaving Friday 18th, and I did receive a shipping confirmation on that day. Still nothing in the mail even after I had paid extra for express post. Then last night I got the same email as everyone else saying that they had to change shipping providers to Fastaway Couriers. So basically I was lied to when the shipping email was sent - nothing had been sent at all. I guess they just sent those out to stop everyone from asking where their shipments were. I was also told that they couldn't get me a tracking number because they had too many shipments and weren't keeping track of all the tracking numbers.

      Horrible business practices, even if the company is new to this all. The downright lying was the last straw.

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        yes - and just so everyone is clear, Fastway do provide next day(over night service) from brisbane to sydney,melbourne etc. so fastway management might also wish to take up a case with the company as they pretty blatantly lied on that mass email(assuming they are located in brisbane) ill wait to see how it all pans out before i forward that email to my friends at fastway.
        oh and the notion of not being able to get a tracking number is rubbish, if they are truly using the system they claim, then tracking number would be very simple to grab.

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          We have 2 confirmations the one from our shopping cart (Shopify) which the guys tick off as soon as the orders are picked and packed. We then have the second notification which comes from the shipping system (Fastway) which includes the tracking number. We know a lot of people have the first email but not the second. You will receive the second one no latter than today.

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    anyone notice how quite they have become? no more replies on ozbargain. i fear we have been had

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      Just received an email :

      A consignment has been dispatched from Bulk Proteins, these will leave on our next courier cycle.

      While I am happy that it seems they finally got their act together I am totally pissed of that they obviously have been lying to me/us in the past sending out the shipping confirmations on the 18/10.

      This is a f**** insult!!! They should be banned from OB!!!!!!

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        BTW I just opened a paypal claim. I want my money back. If they are lying that bluntly about shipping, why should I believe them one single word about the quality of their product?????!!!!!!

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          We may have had shipping delays but our product is high quality. Whey Protein is NZ stock, Sweetener isn't sucrolose and many of our flavours are from one of Australia's largest flavour manufacturers and some are even natural.

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      We aren't being quiet on purpose, we just have all hands on deck to get everything out. We are serious about this business and we are here to stay. We have had area's we have now improved and will continue to improve in the future and hopefully in the future you can see we can be trusted and reliable with shipping.

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    Has anyone actually received their order? Ordered on the 9th and have only have a shipping confirmation which looks like a delaying tactic. Although I have received email from bulk protein in which they apologized, as they only had a 2.5kg tub of wpi to satisfy the 40000000 orders. The nice man then suggested I drink milk in the mean time and to also down the leftover tuna oil from the cans as a substitute. Thanks Bulk Proteins!

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      "If you have not yet received a tracking number yet your order is still progressing through our dispatch area although our shopping cart software may have advised you that has been dispatched, this notification was suppose to have been disabled and this status is used internally to confirm the order has been picked and packed and has caused a lot of confusion. The guys are working through importing the label data and we are getting pickups 3 times per day at the moment to clear the backlog. The last order is set to be dispatch by the end of the day tomorrow."

      Thats the reply i got for my enquiry as to whether my parcel had gone missing. I think is would have served them well if they had told people this when they discovered the problem.

      Hopefully they will learn from the mistakes they have made with this promotion.

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        Yes, we should have acted on the situation as soon as we discovered that people had received these. However we made the decision to not get distracted and just everything out by the end of today.

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      was it Mike? i have been emailing back and forth, initially i was getting replies from Ryan, now it's Mike, who is apparently the director? still no word on my order. the guy seems to have NFI of what is going on there .i am absolutely disgusted.

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        We know what is going on and that is we have delays. There is no way to sugar coat it, we did a huge sale and got a huge response the good thing is it is all over today.

  • oh dear.
    was hoping to get sample results before the sale ended!

    • LOL, good luck with that

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      I am pretty sure they promised we would have them before the sale ended

  • Man sounds like "Click Frenzy" all over again!!

  • while i agree that the 'shipping confirmation' emails that went out were at the very least misleading, and should have been clarified before this, these guys have been very generous with the free samples offer, and did warn about delays. they are obviously snowed under…

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      Not everyone is waiting on free samples, some of us have paid for goods and have not seen a thing and have been fed constant lies by the company, i too am incredibly suspicious on weather or not the goods are as they claim - why would we not be? what have they done thus far to garner our trust?

  • Finally got my consignment number.

    Let's hope this means we have something being delivered soon.

    Talking about paid for product here, not samples.

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      So here we go. Fastway dropped of the bag of Protein at 7am.

      First I was very excited.

      Until I opened the Fastway bag.

      I had Protein Powder everywhere!!!!

      They had thrown the 4 (Paper)bags into the fastway plastic bag together with the four plastic spoons.
      With no extra packaging or padding.

      I assume that due to the paper bags being relatively thin, and the plastic spoons being relatively sharp and all being allowed to move around in the fast way bag/ or Fastway stacking something on the bag, with the spoons pressing into the side of the paperbags
      -> At least two of the bags had ripped and a good portion of the protein had been spilled into the fastway bag.
      Two have quite big (Spoon sized) rips/holes. Hard to tell if the other ones could have smaller defects.
      On top of this the rips are underneath the little clip thing with which you can reseal the bag once opened.

      Needless to say the first thing (after cleaning up) was mixing myself Protein Shake.
      I went for Mango as that was one of the broken bags and I never had that flavour before.

      I used a hand shaker and water ( I use water to keep the carbs as low as possible at the moment- this is also why go for WPI).
      Mixability was relatively poor.
      After shaking a little while (which usually is enough for my Balance WPI) I still had a fair bit of little lumps in there.
      Even further shaking did not solve this. Will try the blender/shake maker later today, but in my opinion it is not suitable for hand shaker use. Unless you don't mind the little bits and lumps of Protein in between you teeth.

      Taste was, mhhh? A bit artificial??
      This might be due to the fact that I am simply not used to Mango flavor as Protein shake, not sure.
      Might also turn out a bit better when mixed with milk.
      As it did taste quite "watery" using the water. ;-) Not sure if that makes sense but I guess most of you guys used to Protein shakes would know what I mean.

      Now sitting here writing my little "review", the after taste is actually quite nice.

      But at the same time I have a "greasy" feeling on top of my gum (like a thin coating of fat/grease).
      You know, the same kind a feeling you get after eating something really fatty and have cold drink straight away afterwards???!!!!

      Don't think this can be related to anything else as I had nothing besides the Shake so far!

      • -1

        Thanks for the review, a few things we are going to start looking in to straight away are

        1. We really hate trying to find spoons in the sachets when they are sealed inside so we opted to put them on the outside. However I think we might have to switch to the same method as everyone else. They obviously have experienced similar issues.

        2. The mix-ability issue concerns us, as mentioned before we use Fonterra 894 which is an instantised product. In all our tests we used hand shakers and didn't even bother putting the stainless steel mixing balls in as it mixed without effort. We will try and hunt down a sample from the same batch and see if we can figure if maybe the sweetener or flavour is reacting with the Instantisation of the Protein.

        Also send us an email with your order number and we will organise some new stock for you, either the same or you can get something different if you like.

        • +2


          sorry to tell you:
          tried mixing in different hand shakers (with and without mixing ball),
          blender/milk shake maker, with milk, with water and every time I had little lumps in there.
          (with the Mango flavor- Vanilla was all gone, others not opened yet)

          "Also send us an email with your order number and we will organise some new stock for you, either the same or you can get something different if you like."

          My order number is #1173.
          Please replace the broken Mango an Vanilla with either 2X Vanilla or 1X Vanilla +1X Chocolate.
          Optional I would be happy to accept a partial refund?!

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          I received mine yesterday. Tried it with milk, tried it with water. Doesn't dissolve well with either solution and with shaker and ball.

          The colour is grey (hardly any chocolate colouring), which matches the taste. Almost no flavour. If I didn't read the packet then I wouldn't be able to tell that it was supposed to be chocolate. I'm not impressed with this purchase. I'll try a few of the other 1kg packets and if they are all this bland then I'll request a refund.

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    Ordered 2 x 500g packets (mango — interested in the concept, banana, to see if it will replace my regular).

    Ordered October 14th
    initial "Shipping confirmation" on the 18th (being generous, this took 3 days to pick).
    Today, 25th, still no courier number, and no packages.
    Comments above say that all courier details would come through yesterday, and this doesnt seem to be the case. Anyone else having similar issues, and what does the rep have to say? 10 days out and there are still people waiting for courier details…

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      I had the 'shipping confirmation' on 18/10.
      Last night I received the Fastway 'A consignment has been dispatched from Bulk Proteins, these will leave on our next courier cycle.' email from [email protected]. No tracking number.
      Still waiting for a Fastway tracking number or delivery for my 500g packet.

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        i got an email last night with a tracking number but my tracking number is still showing:

        Label 'QB00000xxxxxx' does not have any scans.

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          finally, tracking says its on its way.

        • lucky :) Nothing yet for me, not even a tracking number. As kickling said below, likely out of stock and just not telling anyone.

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    Check their website, all out of stock … you're probably waiting on them to actually make up your products

    • Time to take advantage of PayPal, methinks. Shame, good responsiveness originally from the rep.

    • We made the decision to mark the popular items out of stock until every existing order is delivered and everyone has their tracking number. We know a few people got tracking notifications with blank data, we are working with Fastway to get this sorted out. Also we are still sending out tracking emails for people outside of our Courier Service as we need to do this manually as Australia Post are still implementing us on their eParcel system.

      • +1

        Hi Rep,

        Any chance you guys might extend the promotion? In spite of the teething issues you guys had, I'm still keen to get my hands on some of your stuff.

        • -1

          To be honest we can't run the promotion back to back, however we might bring it back in a month or so when we are confident we can do it smoothly. The guys have been slammed and are putting in serious hours to get all these orders sorted out. Also we need to look at our systems as at the moment we are using 4 different systems to try and cope and none of them talk correctly to each other. Most of the time we need to just resort to working off paper copies as our shopping cart software isn't very friendly and it doesn't connect with our shipping providers software.

          Sorry we can't extend it but its more important that we re-group, get everything working as it should and have back up plans for when software or hardware fail which they have done a lot over the past 2 weeks.

  • -1

    First WPI Test Video has been sent to us via our facebook page -

    • +2

      So who tells me if it is not of you guys or your mates who made this the clip?
      "looks pretty dark" that sounds like science!!! Also plenty of cutting action happening in the clip.

      What makes me so suspicious?? The mixing is nothing like what I experienced.
      He shakes it for 3-4 seconds and has no Lumps????? Sorry I have to call BS!
      Does not work with most of the best WPIs I have used (not with 3-4 seconds of shaking)and definitely does not work with the product I received from you guys (lumps after almost a minute of shaking and even in the milk shake maker)!!!! (see post above)

      • -2

        All I can say is it's real, I noticed it today when I checked our facebook page. Let's just hope some more people take the time to do the same thing.

        As for mixing, it really should be pretty easy. The only time we have ever had trouble is if we are using really freezing cold water as it slows the reaction down and takes a little more to shake. However Instantised Whey Protein should be able to be easily mixed with a spoon. He may be using tap water which as it is a lot warmer mixes pretty fast.

      • +1

        Most WPIs I have / do use mix instantly with a couple of shakes, with no lumps or anything. I doubt you are using the best WPIs if you get lumps after a few shakes. At the very least it means they really arent instantised very well. I used to get lumps several years ago with cheapy products, but these days the processing for instantising has improved considerably.

        Brands I am CURRENTLY using (NOT including brands i have used in the past) :-

        Protein Direct
        Ultimate Nutrition
        Optimum Nutrition

        The only product that has any clumping at all is Ultimate Nutrition and thats only small little clumps.

        • +2

          tried lukewarm water this morning (def. did not improve the taste ;-) ).
          Couple of shakes and still lumps. Leaving it sit for two seconds, shacked again
          and almost all lumps were gone.
          Sort of OK, but never had to put that much effort in except for once when I get some real cheap/nasty protein while I was in Europe, can't remember the brand though.

          As the rep said, might have to do with my batch, flavor (mango), sweetener or something else…
          Will be interesting to see what others experience once they start getting their stuff…..

        • Definitely get it checked vs other batches or flavours etc. It could have been a bad batch or just for that particular flavour / type. Or it could be that their instantising isnt that great, saying that they did say that its supposed to mix instantly.

          I have found generally milk does enhance the flavour but can cause lactose / allergy issues if you are in that way inclined. Saying that i have found one or 2 products where water worked better than milk but thats very rare.

      • PM David Tran on Facebook and ask him, looks pretty legit to me, does that mean we have to suspect anyone who posts something positive about the products? How can be believe anyone then?

        • +1

          How can be believe anyone then?

          "Anyone" does not stuff you around for almost three weeks (after taking your money) with some BS stories about goods being shipped when in fact haven't even been packed…..

          The boy who cried wolf- rings a bell????

      • I finally got my unflavoured WPI this morning. I have only had one scoop so far, I used a teaspoon to mix it into a glass of soy milk. Except for a bit that stuck to the spoon there were no lumps, YMMV.

        This is quite different to the WPC i have used the same procedure on before, where i always had lumps, not that they bother me anyway.

        I probably should consume it for a few days before i express further opinion on the product, pity i dont have a test kit.

      • +1

        Hey guys I'm the one that made the testing video,
        Just made an account to reply to comments cause I've just been a lurker for deals

        I'm sure bulk proteins can confirm that I have absolutely no association with any employees or have any part of their business

        My review was from an unbiased genuine perspective

        If I have to say something negative to make you feel at ease, I will say that there was a lot of confusion with the shipping and it did take a while

        But the product I received is a good quality protein. In regards to the mixing, I did have a shaker ball in my shaker bottle which helps I guess, and I think you're underestimating how hard I was shaking it ;) haha
        Just wanted to get a quick mix for the video

        • +3

          K guy who created ozb account on yesterday. All your video does is say the WPI and actually WPI. Shipping delays? You must seemingly be the only person to receive their order.

          I'm sorry to say but a company who takes 3 weeks (and counting) to deliver a product with NO COMMUNICATION to the customers is a company I will be staying far away from in the future.

        • -1

          We are really sorry for the down votes and bad comments. We really appreciate your video and people who haven't experienced such terrible shipping times will as well. Again thanks for taking the time to post and we are sorry the current negativity from our issues has spread to your video.

  • +3

    I don't understand, If there are shipping delays, that would imply that obviously, some people would've received their product earlier. It seems that anyone that ordered on the 10th or later hasn't received their product.

    This means, at the time of posting the free sample offer, they would've known they were already behind on orders and went ahead on the promotion. This is insulting to the paying customers. I cannot believe its taken 18 days to receive a package when it would take less time than that to consume.

    What a joke.

    To top it off, there's absolutely no way to take advantage of the original promotion, cos you would have to be an absolute idiot to order more than like 1kg of this stuff without testing it first and due to how everything played out, that's just not possible.

    Well done bulk proteins, you guys fucked up monumentally.

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    So what's the deal for people who have ordered and paid for stock, not samples, and have a shipping notification but no shipping number? I got a shipping notification on the 18th, then I got three separate notifications from fastway on the 24th with no shipping numbers in any of them?

    Do you have an ETA for these people? Have the orders actually been shipped? Do I need to purchase elsewhere if I'm going to run out in the next couple of days or is my order going to be here?

    I'd be interested to know what your volume was for the sale vs your volume predictions?

    I ordered on the 10th so it's almost been three weeks…

    • You are lucky to atleast receive some kind of email about delivery. I have only gotten the shipping notification on the 18th and nothing else. Ordered on the 14th. This company has not communicated anything and is not replying to emails. This is starting to feel like a scam.

      • -1

        I'm really sorry you haven't received a response from our customer service guys. Send me an email at [email protected] and I will look in to where your order is and should be able to provide you your tracking number

        • I emailed you, you replied and said you would resolve the shipping issue and I would receive in 1-2 days. You have not replied to any emails in 3+ days and I've received nothing.

  • +2

    Mine (2 x 500g) finally arrived 19 days after my order was placed.
    I ordered on the 10th, received the shipping confirmation on the 18th, received the "new consignment" email with tracking number on the 24th and finally received the package on the 29th.

    I'm not opening it until I get home tonight in case the bags are broken inside like BlueDiesel's. Will give a small review after tonight's workout.

    • +1

      Both bags were intact inside the paper Fastway bags with the scoops.

      I opened the chocolate WPI, went to use the scoop/spoon and it was about 13g or something so I used a standard 70cc scoop which held 30g of this protein. I mixed with water, dextrose and creatine so the flavour was tainted by those but it was a little weaker in flavour than my other powders. It mixed easily in just a standard shaker with no ball, shook for about 10 seconds and everything was dissolved.

  • +3

    Ordered on the 9th and just received mine today. Didn't have any ripped bags or any packaging issues. However I can confirm that BlueDiesel is 100% correct about the mix-ability of the product. Mixed a mango serve with skim milk today and used a ball shaker, found that it was quite lumpy and the taste was disappointing. Took a big effort in mixing yet even then there was lumps. Haven't experienced this with any other WPI protein. Haven't tried the other flavors yet but considering the wait, so far very below average. Taste and Mix-ability: 4/10

    • We are looking in to the mango flavour. It seems to be the only instance of low-medium mix-ability at the moment as although all ingredients have good water solubility, together they are causing issues. We have decided to discontinue it until mix-ability is at a high standard.

  • Evulse, what is the source of your raw protein? Fonterra NZ? If yes, what product line, 894 or 895? And do you order direct from Fonterra NZ or piggyback off another large buyer (which I won't mention here)?

    … I ask because both 894 and 895 production types are extremely soluble. The only time you should have issues if it is not stored correctly and collects moisture.

  • +2

    Still have not received my order. Fast way Put a status of "Picked up" on 25th October from Brisbance, it is now 30th October and still the status has not changed. How long does it take from Brisbane CBD to Melbourne CBD. Thought Aussie post would have been faster.

    My ebay purchase got sent from Hong Kong on the same day on regular post and I've already got that.

    So means I've purchased this item on 10th October and still nothing. 20 days and still waiting.

    • Mine was "picked up" on the 25th and arrived to Heatherton, VIC yesterday so I think yours will arrive today.

    • I have ordered some stuff on Amazon (US) last week and had it delivered yesterday…..
      Sometimes makes you wonder what the problem is with the shipping companies in Australia.

      I mean this case is extreme (and I think a big part of is to blame on the vendor) but seems to be a general issue here in OZ.
      I often get stuff here faster from overseas (Europe, China or US) then when ordering from down south.
      And often (Checking the tracking numbers) you see that it takes 1 or two days to come to Australia,
      but than takes 2-3 times as long to get to its destination within Australia.

      If you ever need something in a Hurry I can only recommend stores like Amazon (Express delivery) or (Express delivery/even though it gets quite pricy than).

  • +3

    Man I wanted so bad for your protein to be good.

    I ordered on the 14th and received it this morning the 30th. Ordered the strawberry flavour and sorry to say guys but it tastes bad in comparison to Bulk Nutrients. Has, like others have mentioned an artificial/chemical taste and doesn't even smell good. When you open a bag from Bulk Nutrients you cant stop smelling the damn thing. Also like others have mentioned with the mango flavoured WPI little clumps are present even when after shaking vigorously. Don't know what to say but I'm bitterly disappointed with this product.

    • This is something we are working on. When we first developed the flavoured range we decided to aim for a mild taste, just enough to cover the protein taste and not much more. However it has become very clear that everyone wants it to be a very rich taste. On top of this sucralose flavouring is everywhere and its pretty easy to obtain something that everyone will be happy with. However because we are not willing to go down that path and we want to stick to natural sweeteners as this product is suppose to be beneficial to your body it will take us a bit of R&D to get something everyone is going to be happy with. Also we are working on alternative Stevia brands as we want our inclusion rates to be much lower. Natvia is great but it requires the same quantity as sugar and that is something that limits the amount of flavouring we can use without lowering the protein percentage too much. We have tried to see if Natvia will provide us with something more concentrated for ingredient use but we can tell they are just trying to cope with their current product range.

      We are happy to take on feedback and respond to what our customers want. So if you have any other suggestions please let us know.

  • +1

    Still no delivery. Who still haven't received their order?

    • Not me, I've waited 3 weeks.

      • +1

        still nothing. now their email doesn't seem to be working either :-/

        • I called fastway to ask about the tracking because according to their system, my protein was "picked up" on the 25th.

          She said the item is not with fastway yet, it's just the consignment has been generated but all the boxes weren't ready for pickup when the driver arrived.

          This could be the wrong info, but she said that it shouldn't take as long as it has if the goods were actually picked up on that date.

          Not overly confident.

        • I've lodged a paypal dispute for a refund (waited 3 weeks, no tracking number, no reply via email).

      • Yh still not arrived here either 3 week wait so far still no refund on post either..
        I just remembered why I like retail stores…

  • +1

    Thanks for all the feedback regarding the WPI taste and mixability. Both in this thread and the other "sample" thread.

    Aside from the issues with delivery time frames etc, if the feedback on the product was up there I was still very keen to give these guys a go and to start purchasing from them when they had their shit sorted.

    I got to admit at first, I believed the Store Rep handled the criticism fairly well and persisted with communication and reassurance. However, it would seem that his last words about fulfilling the deliveries within certain time frames are still up in the air.

    This plus the many poor feedback about the product, I'll be staying away!

    Wonder how many potential customers they have lost due to this debacle?

    • +2

      I had a bit of a look into and found some interesting things. It is registered under the company COURK PTY LTD with 3 existing trading names (Bulk Proteins, Mini Legs and The Pet Market Australia)

      As of 9/09/2013 COURK PTY LTD has been degreistered and there is a ASIC insolvency notice present on this company., also registered under COURK PTY LTD and under the owner's name is a fishing website with a trojan on it (DO NOT GO TO THIS WEBSITE).

      This seems like a massive scam to me. I requested a paypal refund a few days ago and the seller hasn't responded. It will take 30 days for paypal to go through the process. Be warned.

      • You know what made me suspicious?

        One of the first things I usually check with these kind of sellers/websites -> Contact
        No address, no phone number, no email. Only a contact form to fill out. Normally not a good sign in my books.
        Even most dodgy China sellers have at the very least an email address (if they answer, that is a whole different story….)

        • +1

          The address that's listed against the domain is currently a rental property available now on and the phone number rings out.

          The postcode matches all other listings.

          I wonder if fastway would disclose the pickup address? I would be happy to come grab it myself.

        • Bulk Proteins
          [Re: Privacy Compliance Officer]
          Level 1, 888 Brunswick St New Farm Queensland AU 4005

 - bottom of page

          Try this (07) 3162 4449 - was the phone number for their previous business at the same address.

          Evulse Level 1, 888 Brunswick St, New Farm Queensland, Australia 4005. Phone : (07) 3162 4449. Email : [email protected]. Website :

        • We are releasing our customer service line this week on to our website. However we didn't have the resources to be able to cope with the number of calls we would have received because of the sale. Now that nearly all orders are dispatched we will bring it back so that anyone with outstanding orders can talk with one of our customer service team directly.

  • +1

    shipping delays werent good, but im more disappointed on mixability - strawberry WPI with cold water and mixer ball and couldnt get it mixed up. maybe if you leave it in the water overnight it might somehow dissolve. not easily drinkable because of lack of mixing. cant comment on taste really as its hard to taste when its in clumps.

    this is compared to protein direct which i normally get ($100 delivered 2.5kg choc flavoured) which dissolves fine (and with hardly any effort - less shakes than i do after going to the toilet).

    not sure what the ingredients differences are between the two, but whatever makes it unable to mix at all probably needs to be looked at with higher priority than the rest.

    ive had this similar hard to mix stuff in the past but not sure which brand/if theyre still around. presumably all coming from same supplier.

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    I'm terribly dissatisfied with the entire process. The delivery timeframe was far too long, and the product itself is terrible. I even have a photo of a big chunk of the cocoa powder clumped up.

    It tastes like pure water — the worst protein powder I've tried.

    Not only that but the label mentions 30 serves of 33 grams … thats 990 grams in a 500g bag. How does this [email protected]%t get through your quality control?

    What's the process for a refund?

    • So best scenario after waiting a month (or more), I receive my protein that tastes terrible and won't mix properly? I also have major concerns about contamination and health/safety of the product. It is being mixed/packaged in their same shop/office that they used to operate as a web design company.

      Warning to people who purchased via paypal. You only have up to 45 days from the order being placed to raise a dispute with paypal for a refund. As many of us are coming up to 30 days, time is running out!

      I have also posed the following question several times which they have not replied to or addressed once.
      How are you dealing with refund requests? (Well you aren't)
      1. People who have waited weeks and want to cancel their order?
      2. People who have received (the 3 people) their order and are not satisfied?

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        I do come from an e-commerce background and my specialty is in that, however the rest of the team are not.

        We are an Australian company and as such we are governed by Australian Laws covering food preparation, food labeling and other well developed standards. Anyone involved in our manufacturing process are required to wear gloves, hair nets and follow other hygiene standards. I'm not involved in the manufacturing and even I have a Certificate in Food Preparation so that I also understand the requirements.

        As for the refunds, anyone who wants to cancel their order is welcome to as long as it is not currently in transit. We have processed all refund requests we have currently received. As for people who are not satisfied with the product they are more than welcome to contact us and we will resolve on a case to case basis and have already been doing so.

        • Thank you for addressing my questions.

  • Same story here - apparently shipped on Oct 18th and still waiting. Not happy JAN!!

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    I bought the chocolate flavoured 500G protein and it tasted pretty bad to be honest. Didn't taste like chocolate at all.

    It was a trial run for possibly changing suppliers. I wont be ordering any more.

    Its a pitty - this deal could have made or broke them. I think unfortunately it will break them.

  • double post.

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    For everyone that has not yet received their order we just want to update you with our current progress. We have sent out thousands of orders, hundreds are still in transit and we do have less than 100 orders that have either had issues with being outside of our couriers delivery zone or have had errors processing through our systems. We are working as fast as we can to make sure these are all corrected in the coming days. I know a lot of you have emailed us and are still waiting a response. We are working to answer everybody however with the delays we have received a lot of emails from people inquiring about their order status and it is taking us a long time to respond to each one even in most cases where they have now already received their products. We are very sorry for the delays, but we can guarantee you will receive your product very shortly if you haven't already.

  • Finally received my WPC, make a vid and will put up soon.