This was posted 8 years 19 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) Flavoured or Pure 500g - $17.10 Delivered

338 is having the largest sale in bulk supplement history. We are taking 20% off all products for the month of October. Our WPI is now 50% cheaper than most other stores.

No coupon code required, all pricing is already reduced.

Shipping Costs
0 - 500g - $2.70 Australia Wide via Australia Post Standard Mail
0.5 - 3KG - $11.70 Australia Wide via Australia Post Satchel
3 - 5KG - $14.60 Australia Wide via Australia Post Satchel

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  • Anyone tried these? Do they blend well?

    • Equally importantly, do they taste good?

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    OP, do you have any lab test results showing actual protein content ?

    Your prices are very low and in the supplement industry this usually means lots of fillers.

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      Our protein is Fonterra stock. So we don't need to do independent testing. The other stores do so as they import direct from china and you never know what you get. We are practically a wholesaler so we make our money from volume not large profit margins.

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        Just to clarify the reason we don't bother with independent testing is that Fonterra already provides very strict quality control measures and batch testing.

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          What's Fonterra?

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          From wikipedia "Fonterra Co-operative Group Limited is a New Zealand multinational dairy co-operative owned by 10,600 New Zealand farmers".

          In even simplier terms if your eating anything with a milk based product in it. Fonterra would have supplied the ingredients.

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          If you've read the Wikipedia article on Fonterra, have you also read the "Product Issues" section on the page?

          Fonterra was recently in a contamination scare with its whey protein concentrate. Some of its products were recalled, and a few countries banned imports altogether. Fonterra was also a major stakeholder in the dairies behind the 2008 Chinese melamine milk powder scandal. The Fonterra brand is hardly so clean as to warrant such a lackadaisical approach to the quality of its products.

          I mean, I'm not really concerned that this product is going to kill me or anything. But I'm concerned that you're not concerned.

        • I agree with what you have said and we do take our product seriously and especially our customers health and safety. Internally we do all the tests on every batch that our equipment allows. If something is below expectations or is out of the ordinary we will contact a supplier and request a new batch.

          What we don't do is send our protein off to an external third party to get analysed frequently. Our suppliers already run the same tests so unless we see something internally that tells us an external test is warranted we think passing on a cost saving is a better option.

          Our trust in Fonterra more comes from the other companies who also use their products. With many multinational companies using the same supplier all running their own testing there is a requirement for Fonterra to stay honest and have high standards.

  • Wow this is incredibly cheap, it really is about half price relative to other manufacturers.

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      almost whey too good to be true!

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        Now I know why OP's have upvoting abilities.

  • Looks good. Will give it a go.

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      The system doesn't allow posting more than once a day. We added new shipping methods and a new 250g and 500g product line in response to people wanting a cheaper shipping method and smaller trial pack.

  • Is there any reason not to order 2x 500g? to save on shipping vs 1kg?

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      Chris, go ahead and save some money. We have set it up for that very reason. We would offer it on the website but it gets too confusing for new customers.

  • Jarrow Formulas, Iso-Rich Soy, 32 oz (908 g) Powder from iHerb or Vitacost may be a better choice compared to this.

    • I don't see how. That, and what you listed cost a lot more.

      I think what we have here is good value. The only gripe Is the postage, but op said they are working on it.

      • Good to know you support local business.Just let others know a competitive product out there.

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    If you are using Fonterra stock, is there any reason for concern regarding their recall a couple months ago?

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    Never ordered from bulk proteins before but bit skeptical after the whole nobull scandal (which they his and forced ausbb website to take down). In saying that this product could be perfectly fine although would love a supplier that does testing on every bulk batch they receive as it is not that expensive to do and adds peace of mind as the reseller could be genuine but maybe the supplier could be dodgy.

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    I ordered from you because you sound legit but since you're a new website I also emailed and took them up on their offer of a free protein testing kit.

    If your protein is good then I'll order more from you in the future, if not then you'll have a PR nightmare on your hands.

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      keep us posted.
      I stayed with my regular (OptimumNutrition) for now as I know it's top shelf and easy to digest but always on the lookout for a cheaper option of reasonable quality.

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        For anyone that does one of these tests can you please email a picture to us. Please include yourself or something unique so that people know we didn't take the photos and we will start a page "Test Results" on our website.

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          Will do

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          Can you do it before the end of October pls? :D

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          Yes we will show results in time for people to still order before the sale is over. We have a few strong community members from fitness forums who are going to be sending in photos very shortly.

  • Legit bargain. I'm tempted to order 10kg worth of chocolate. How long does this deal last?

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      Sale runs for the whole month of October.

  • What is this for?

    • Whey Protein Isolate is mainly used by Athletes and anyone who does high levels of physical activity to provide the body with the needed protein/amino acids to aid in muscle recovery, mental stamina and muscle gain.

      • It's also good for people who can't be bothered eating a meal because it takes about 20 seconds to prepare and consume.

  • Is this a micro-filtered wpi (like alacen 894) or ion-exchange (alacen 895)?

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      This is Alacen 894

  • BTW paying by Paypal is broken :(

    "Return to merchant and try a different payment method"

    Great Deal by the way 10/10

    • We are still receiving other orders through PayPal. Might have just been a temporary issue that resolved itself.

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    awesome price but hesitant after the whole NB saga

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      If your hesitant, wait for the results of the tests as mentioned above. As they are being done by many people within the fitness industry you will be able to trust the results.

      • made an order lost more cash at the tab anyway if it doesn't come up with pure protein content

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    Hi REP, do you get a little measuring scoop in the bags?

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      I'm surprised nobody has ever asked this before. Yes, scoops for everyone.

      • Yay!

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    When's the expiry date of the protein powder?

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      All of our products have an expiry date that is more than 12 months from today.

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    Do you sell casein?

    • Sorry not at the moment but it is coming soon as soon as we find reliable and high quality supply

  • Can't comment on the quality but venom protein probably works out cheaper if you're buying smaller packs due to the free shipping. They also usually provide a $20 off voucher if you buy over $100 from them, and they make getting variety a bit easier by allowing you to get 4 * 1KG packs for the same cost as a single 4KG bag.

    Unfortunately shipping starts to get expensive with you guys once you go over 5KG

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      We are in discussions with Australia Post, this 20% off sale has increased our postage rates and in turn should mean we will be able to organise some better rates. We of course will always pass the direct shipping cost to our customers.

    • What's the $20 voucher that you mention? Is there anything about it that you can link me to?
      I'm on a hunt to find the cheapest protein I can find and was gonna give BullProteins a try since the sale gives us great prices.

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    Just ordered 2kg of Banana, will try and remember to post back about mixability and taste.

  • As per the other thread, can anyone comment on the taste of the vanilla WPI?

  • Ordered 500g of vanilla WPI and 500g of chocolate WPI to assess mixability and taste.

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    Just ordered 4 kilo + one kilo of creatine….better make sure that those tests mentioned above turn out fine.
    Otherwise might have to open a can of whoopass!!!

  • 2kg of wpc choc and 2kg wpi natural, I like to have a scoop of each in my shake. also the flavour is less intense which I like

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    OP, not only is this a great deal but your answers are sincere and responsible. Good on ya.

    10/10 would buy again.

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      Thanks for the positive feedback

  • Good price.. but do you have any soy protein isolate on special too please? I get my Soy Protein Isolate for $20 a kg.

    • No sorry not at this stage, however we have had a few requests and have started looking in to options.

  • Looking forward to the results

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      also where do you source your protein from?

  • I believe some people have already done tests on this brand, it was on ausbb or aussiegym..cant remember. Apparently the results werent as good as bulknutrients but werent as bad as Nobull… But i think there was only one person or 2 who had done tests, cant remember.

    Problem with repackaging / flavouring etc is even if the original is from Fonterra, you dont know what goes on during the repackaging and flavouring of the products as what happened with Nobull.

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      The test you are referring to was a mistake by the poster. He realised later that he actually tested the protein from It was an aussiegymjunkies topic.

      We hopefully will have a couple of pictures to upload tomorrow from customers and we will post links in this discussion.

      • Cool, happy to hear that. I will probably be placing an order over the next couple of days. Anyone tried the flavours yet? Am curious to hear what the flavours are like. Also if i order 20kg, can i get multiple flavours?

      • looking forward to it mate.

  • Ordered 2x 500g WPI + 1kg Malto using Express Post. Any estimation of the delivery time to 2065?

    • We are working overtime and will be packing over the weekend which should mean a Monday dispatch for a large range of orders.

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    Are we able to get a sample before purchase? would like to see how it tastes and how it mixes with milk or water

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      Sure, just pay $11.40 postage and handling. :D

  • I have this as I have CFS recommended by my Dr. He is fairly specific and said it is difficult to determine quality and correct balance. No he does not sell it but I think he is erring on something that is guaranteed to be consistent. Is this product the same or very close? Amino Acids are also very important apparently for it to work.


    • I know we sent you an email earlier but just for anyone else who reads this. The above product is a Hydrolysed Whey Protein Isolate (HWPI). It goes through more treatment than WPI. So if you have been directed to take a HWPI, I would recommend sticking to that.

  • Can you please post the full list of ingredients in your WPI? Why is this complete list not advertised on your website?

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    Looking to order a big batch of protein.
    I also just found about the NBS debacle on this thread, i last ordered about $300 worth of protein and other supplements from them (~10kgs) back in May, and i just find out now that i may have been sold an inferior product. Is there anything we can do about this? I feel cheated, and i still have 3/4 bag of vanilla and half a bag of banana left over.
    What's everyone's experience with this brand? Has anyone completed any independent protein content tests, and if so, could someone please steer me towards them?
    I hate having to now find a new protein supplier, NBS not only lost me as a customer, but now i'm wary of all smaller manufacturers, i don't want to go back to buying expensive (but delicious and quality) protein from Optimum Nutrition, my bank account will hate me for it.

  • Any luck with the results yet ?

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      Not yet will post as soon as we get them. Tomorrow will hopefully be the lucky day.

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        any Luck ?

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          No we are waiting patiently as we want to upload them to our site. Really thought we would have some by now.

        • Results???

          "Really thought we would have some by now."

          Really thought I would have some Protein by now, as well………..

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    Any ETA for the orders? Understand you guys are probably flat out but you need to communicate this to your customers.

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      Agree… It's been a week since I ordered and not a peep from them. I would have expected a dispatch email or something. I can only assume it hasn't been sent yet which really isn't acceptable to take 7 days to post something.

      • We are incredibly sorry for anyone that has ordered and suffered a 7 day waiting period, It's not how we want to do business and the main cause is we underestimated all the ozbargainers out there. We have a much better understanding of the amount of pre-packaged products we need now and will no longer need to run our manufacturing line to fill demand. The good news is every last order is being dispatched tomorrow so if you don't get a confirmation by close of business tomorrow make sure you contact us so we can see why you didn't receive one.

        • Thanks for the reply.

        • What a load of rubbish this is. I ordered on the 14th and my order has still not been sent. Haven't received any communication and my email I sent has been ignored.

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    Ordered over a week ago, and not even an email update or anything. A bit concerned at the moment. I selected express post as well.

    Not quite sure why it is taking so long … even with a 20% off sale and large order volumes, it should not take a over a week to dispatch. I can order from the USA for cheaper and get it in a quicker timeframe.

    Am trying to support Australian businesses but if this is the way they treat customers then I'll go back to ordering from overseas.

    • We really value the support from you and everyone else who has purchased from us. We are committed to trying to make our customers as happy as possible, if you haven't already received a shipping confirmation and you ordered last week send us an email to [email protected] with your order number and we will add some free products to your order to try and make up for the long delays.

  • Just received my order confirmation. 8 Days after order/Payment.
    No email, no update in between. Not good enough. I must admit that I actually thought that everything had been shipped and was waiting for it to arrive any minute!!!!

    Will stick with the likes of AminoZ in the future. I would have had my protein by now.
    Yes, it does make a difference as I was running low when placing the order and am out of Protein since yesterday. As I wont have it here till Monday or Tuesday I now have the choice of either going without five days or buying some (totally overpriced) locally from ASN.

    Not happy, sure wont be back again!!!

    • We are really sorry to hear that your experience was so bad. This is our first time wholesaling direct to the public and as such we didn't know what to expect from our sale. We have now produced as much pre-packed stock as we can possibly hold and are now offering same day dispatch before 2pm or we will send your order and offer a full refund.

      We did not send out any updates as we had the notice of shipping delays on the website however our expectations of shipping delays and that of our customers must not be equal. In future we will not sell anything we don't have pre-packed.

      • Thanks for you reply. And yes: Not selling what you do not have (either in stock or prepacked) sounds like a pretty good (basic) way to do business…..

  • Out of stock, will it be back before end of the month in time for the 20% off?

  • Has anyone received their protein yet?

    If anyone has, how does it taste and mix. I wanted to hear some reviews before I ordered now it seems they're out of stock.

    Also wondering if they'll restock before the sale ends probably looking to buy 2kg

    • We are expecting a big shipment this week. We have some new products coming online with the restock as well.