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[Syd] Canon 700D 18-55 $708 + Canon 600D 18-55 $549 Sony A58 18-55 $499 + Nikon J1 10-30mm $249


Hi all,

We've listened to all your previous feedback especially about the Nikon J1's and have gotten the 10-30mm lens in.

We are offering (ONLY) the: (**these are the only cameras on special)
[SOLD OUT]- Panasonic Lumix GX1 with twin Lens Kit 14-42mm (non-PZ)& 45-150mm for $549
- Sony A58 18-55mm lens $499
- Canon 700D with 18-55 STM Lens -$708 [twin lens -$908]
- Canon 600D with 18-55 STD lens (non stm) - $549
- Nikon j1 [with 10-30mm lens -$249] [with 10mm lens - $229] [with 10-30mm lens & 10mm lens - $299]

This is all Australian Stock with Australian Warranty.

Only available in-store at these three locations, Broadway Camera House (9212-7373), Top Ryde City Camera House(8068-6988), Hornsby Camera House (9476-1086) Sydney.
We do not offer delivery or shipping at this time.

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    if anyone picks up the j1 and only wants the 10-30, could i pay the difference and grab the 10mm from you (in the combined kit?) could pay a bit extra to make it worth it. Thanks!

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    Your website says http://www.camerahouse.com.au/products/DSLR/Canon-EOS-700D-w... $999
    What about other stores? Can I ONLY get it in those three stores?

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      It would appear so, and no they don't ship either.

      • Hi. You are correct, we don't ship. As per my comment below camera house stores have different owners. You could always ask if your local one can match the price. This deal is specifically for our three stores listed

  • Hi Rep,

    What is the best you can do for brand new Canon EOS 7D body only and 7D with 18-200 lense kit..


    • I'm actually not at work at the moment. Typing this while on the bus home. I'll post back in the morning for you when I have access to information. Cheers

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      I think some clarification is in order. Camerahouse is a buying group. Our group of shops (Hornsby, top Ryde and Broadway are under the same owner). So essentially service and offerings differ from store to store depending on their owner. Hope that clears things up a little.

  • I'm in Melb and after a canon 700d with a18 - 135 stm lens.

    Any chance you can deliver to melb ?

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      Hey Billy,

      I'm sorry buy we currently do not post or do telephone sales at this moment in time. If it helps we are currently selling the 700d with 18-135 STM lens for $999. perhaps you could get a price matched at your local camerahouse?

      • Ok will try tomorrow.

      • If your not doing telephone sales how are they going to price check for me?

        • +1

          We don't sell over the telephone, but we do answer phone calls and enquiries;)

        • What is your opinion on the 18-55 STM and the 18-135 STM.
          Is it better to just get the 18-135 first up or will the 18-55 do, and later on get the 18-135?
          Obviously then you would have a second lens.
          Hope that makes sense.

        • +1

          I replied to your PM :) hope it helps

        • +2

          I found myself wanting the longer range so when I upgraded to the 18-135 STM I had to sell my 18-55 kit lens. The 18-135 covers the entire range of the kit lens so in my opinion it's a worthwhile upgrade. The 18-135 STM can be bought grey from Kogan for $340 + shipping (wait for a free shipping deal for even more savings). If I could do it again I'd skip the kit lens and negotiate a good price to get the camera bundled with the 18-135 saving you time and (hopefully) money in the process.

        • +2

          Yes going to go straight for the 18-135 lens.
          Thanks for reply.

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    is it while stocks last? or is there a promotional period?
    busy until this friday :(

    • +1

      Hey mate, I'm actually not quite sure as I'm not the general manager. However it should be running till the end of the month, or a little later (depending on how well its received :D).
      We've got a lot of them in stock, so I reckon you'll be fine :D

  • +1

    +1 for the STM lenses. I recently got a Canon 18-135 STM lens for my 60D and the focusing is fast and super silent. Very highly recommended if you're into shooting video on your DSLR.

  • Any chance you can do shipping ?!!

    • No unfortunately, we do not offer shipping at this moment in time.

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    Can someone please upload the receipt for 700D? I will try to match it in Bing Lee near my place.

  • +1

    Impressive prices for local stock - the 700D is very tempting.

    Any prices for the D7000 or D7100 body only?

    • Hey tempco,

      We have the:

      D7000 body only is $899
      D7100 body only $1279


  • Hi,
    What is the deal for 700D body only?

    • hey mate its $650. Why not get the lens for $50 more :P After all the lens is worth about $150?


      • I was interested in 18-135mm lens kit, or with the 18-270 Tamron lens. However the prices did not seem competitive when seen relative to the 18-55 kit for $708. If you can give me a good deal with either of the two lens I'm happy to pick it up tomorrow. Thanks!

        • The reason how we can achieve the price for the single lens kit is because we have brought this kit in bulk quantity, as this is the most common kit. If you are interested in the 18-135mm or the 18-270mm Tamron, please come into the store for us to work you out a good price.
          You can ask for my manager, Chris.


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    Hi mate - do you have any of the Nikon j1 with 10-30mm lens & 10mm lens - $299 available at your Hornsby store?

    • Hey mate, We should have it available. Last week we had at least 2 10mm lens left. Best to ring up before you drop in.

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