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NAS Storage Sale: HP N54L MicroServer $219, G8 $349 + Shipping + Up to $30 OFF EACH Hard Drive


Sometimes dreams DO come true - Today we are offering a NAS + Storage Combo deal that "a man can only dream of" - RECEIVE up to $30 OFF EACH Drive with the purchase of a selected NAS, including HP N54L at $219 + Shipping.

NAS on Promotion
  1. Netgear ReadyNAS 102 2 Bay - $169

  2. Synology DS213 2 Bay - $309

  3. Synology DS213+ 2 Bay - $385

  4. HP N54L MicroServer 4 Bay - $219

  5. HP Gen8 G8 MicroServer 4 Bay - $349

$10 OFF Each of these drives when you buy NAS on promotion:
  1. WD Red 2TB - $129 = $119 per drive when buy with NAS

  2. WD Red 3TB - $175 = $165 per drive when buy with NAS

  3. WD Red 4TB - $245 = $235 per drive when buy with NAS

  4. Seagate 2TB NAS Drive - $125 = $115 per drive when buy with NAS

  5. Seagate 3TB NAS Drive - $169 = $159 per drive when buy with NAS

  6. Seagate 4TB NAS Drive - $229 = $219 per drive when buy with NAS

$20 OFF Each of these drives when you buy NAS on promotion:
  1. WD RE4 1TB - $119 = $99 per drive when buy with NAS
$30 OFF Each of these drives when you buy NAS on promotion
  1. WD RE4 2TB - $225 = $195 per drive when buy with NAS

  2. WD RE4 3TB - $349 = $319 per drive when buy with NAS

  1. Gigabyte GT 610 2GB - $53 Fits on HP N54L & G8 MicroServer

  2. Gigabyte GT 210 1GB - $35 Fits on HP N54L & G8 MicroServer

  3. Kingston 4GB NON ECC Ram - $44 Suits HP N54L

  4. Kingston 4GB ECC Ram - $69 Suits HP N54L & G8 MicroServer

  5. Kingston 8GB ECC Ram - $119 Suits HP N54L & G8 MicroServer

  6. Kingston 8GB Non ECC Ram - $84 Suits HP N54L Microserver

Discount on hard drive is capped to a maximum of 4 drives per order
Shipping starts $8.95 and averages $10 Australia Wide
No changes can be made to existing order once it has been made - please choose carefully before confirming the order & thanks for understanding.

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  • I thought the last sale on the N54L was a great price (which I bought), but this is the normal price of the N40L! Might have to buy the video card and more RAM for my N54L as a consolation prize.

    Can you mix ECC and non-ECC RAM? I'm thinking of buying a 4GB stick and I'd like to also use one of the 1GB sticks that came with the N54L. Or am I being penny wise, pound foolish even considering not buying ECC?

    • the n54l should have come with a 2gb ECC? anyway, ubuntu 13.04 was fine with it when i mixed ECC and non-ECC ram. I've heard windows doesn't like it though (but haven't tried myself).

      • I does come with 2GB ECC but I'm already pushing up against the limits with FreeNAS + ZFS + sabnzbd + sick beard. My goal is to add the Plex plugin and use that for the media player on my TV, which is going to require more memory.

        • that was in reference to your comment about "one of the 1gb sticks". it should be a single 2gb stick. :)

          ZFS will also just suck up any spare ram you have, so unless you're having performance issues, I wouldn't be concerned if your ram looks like it's almost always maxed out.

        • Huh, I'll admit I just assumed it was 2x1GB. I'll have to look tonight when I get home. It would be even better to go to 6 GB instead of 5GB. :)

          It's just a home file server, but I was trying to stay with the 1 GB/TB ZFS rule of thumb. Good to know it's not a hard and fast rule.

        • yeah it's just a rule of thumb. A good rule of thumb, but not an absolute requirement. It also depends on if you're running dedup, redundancy, etc. From my reading, dedup was the biggest memory user. I just run the most basic pooled storage zpool, no redundancy, no dedup. 7tb over 3 hdds, with 8gb non-ecc ram (I upgraded and gave my ecc to a mate who only has the original 2gb in his), and the system still pretty much always sits on 90-95% ram usage. It's just the nature of zfs.

    • Is this the lowest the N54L has ever been?

  • N54l!

  • Hey rep any idea when the Synology 214 will be in stock?

  • Can we have 4x4TB drives installed?

    Specs from the site:

    Internal Drive Support:
    4 Internal HDD Support
    Maximum internal SATA storage capacity of up to 8.0TB (4 x 2TB 3.5" SATA drives)

    • I've read plenty of reports that 4TB drives work just fine. There's a limitation with windows, but I haven't run windows in years so I can't comment on that.

    • if you're talking about the n54L, then it should handle 4x4tb drives just fine. As alluded to above though, windows will only boot from a 2tb or less drive. so you'll need to either run your OS off a usb stick, or off another smaller drive plugged into the ODD sata port or the esata port out the back.
      (or so I have read. I personally run ubuntu off a 4gb usb stick, and have a 4tb, 2tb and 1tb hdds in the hdd bays, with the fourth waiting for me to run out of space before i fill it, as hdd prices per tb keep falling so it's best to leave it until I need it).

    • Currently I'm booting off a 120Gb SSD and have 2x Seagate 4Tb drives and 2 bays spare. Great little box.

  • Love to ditch the desktop, get a Sufrace Pro 2 and one of these NAS systems and have a schmick set up. But I game. Oh well.

  • Pfff.. how about shipping your stuff from the last sale instead of starting a new one! Ordered last Wednesday, no shipment notification yet. Slow!

    • +1 vote

      Hi kabnammi,

      There was an issue with our "dispatch system notification" during last week & previous week starting around thursday. If you can PM me your order ID and i can check if it had been sent out yet, or just due to our shipment notification error issue. Do apologize to all those affected by this issue.

      Kind Regards

  • Can you use a 4TB HDD as OS Drive for the N54L?

    My N40L is only limited to 2TB HDD as OS Drive.

    • I've read that's a windows issue, not a microserver specific one. if true, it would affect the n54l just as much as the n40l.

    • It's a BIOS limitation.

    • I have an N40L with 4 x 4TB drives and 2 x 2TB drives mounted in the top. It certainly can support them, only the N36L didn't recognise the 4TB drives (well, it recognised they existed, but they wouldn't partition them properly).

      No firmware updates from memory required! The drives were a B&H special nearly a year ago - 4TB Hitachi Deskstar.

      Craig Mattson.

  • Hi Rep. I bought a G8 from you on 30/09/2013. Is there any way I could purchase 4 4TB WD Red's at $235 each?

    • +3 votes

      Hi daewoo,

      Can't do $235 each as it is only for this promotion, but please PM me your order ID & i'll see if there is anything i can do for you.


  • Can't decide between the N54L or the G8. N54l looks like such good bang/buck =/.

    And in complete ozbargain spirit, I actually have very, very little idea as to what these things actually do.

    • I bought the G8 recently. Looks great, however from what I read the fan is nosier (with non-standard fan plug) and it draws more power than the N54L, even when off (due to iLo).

      I successfully managed to install CentOS with a bit of a trick: I installed the /boot to a 2GB internal MicroSD, and the main filesystem to an old SATA2 SDD connected to the ODD SATA Port. This leaves the 4 HDD SATA ports free for a Software RAID-5. I hope this helps.

      • That does! G8 draws more power even when off?! Didn't even think about that. Will get the G8 anyway since I'll pull the physical plug out every night. This may be overkill for my purposes but to hell with logic, lol.

        I also have an old kingston SSD lying around to be put to use. So hang on, is it necessary to install /boot and the main file system to different places? If not necessary, what's the bonus of doing so? Does CentOS override iLo?

        Cheers, reply is greatly appreciated. Love you ozbargain community :)

        • The G8 could not boot from a drive connected the the ODD (this SATA port is intended for a DVD burner drive 9.5mm). You will need a floppy disk power to SATA power converter from eBay, or some soldering skills.

          The G8 happily boots from the internal MicroSD because it is treated as a USB bootable port (only the USB2.0 ports are bootable on the G8). Once GRUB boots from the MicroSD, you can happily point the Linux partition on the SSD connected to the ODD SATA2 port. Because the ODD is only SATA2, an old 2.5inch laptop drive or old SSD is sufficient.

          By using the ODD SATA2 port and MicroSD slot like an OzBargainer, you have 4x SATA ports free for NAS drives (rather than having to buy a RAID5 hardware controller costing more than the G8 itself). Keep in mind, out of the 4x 3.5inch hard drive bays, 2 are SATA3 and 2 are SATA2.

        • Sweet. Ok I'll grab a microSD out of the camera and find an old laptop drive somewhere. Don't want to spend a fairly new SSD if it's overkill. Didn't realize it wants 2 different types of HDDs. Think I'll grab one of the SATA2s out of my computer, buy another, and wait for price drops on the red WDs. Sweet info, thanks tonnes!

        • The G8 could not boot from a drive connected the the ODD (this SATA port is intended for a DVD burner drive 9.5mm).

          That's when you use the controller on AHCI mode, If you use it in Raid it is able to boot from the ODD without using the USB/SDHC.

        • True, you can use AHCI mode or Legacy mode, there was reasons I went against both. I think AHCI mode was a bad idea for my RAID, perhaps it would stop the HDD's auto-powering-down. As for legacy mode (i'm a bit more certain with this once), it was a bad idea for the SSD as it would reduce the lifespan of it.

          Please give corrections/thoughts :)

    • I got the N54L and run FreeNAS on it as a home file server. The main reason I didn't choose the G8 besides price was the running costs. The N series will use less power, but still has plenty of performance for what I need.

      • I'm pretty shit with the costs/benefits analysis. Lol. May I ask in layman terms how much of a power saving? Say a light bulb or a heater? Trying to go over the specs but pretty illiterate on it. Am planning to just take the G8 cause not planning to run it 24/7 but still interested in not racking up mum & dad's power bills.

        • +2 votes

          I'm pretty shit with the costs/benefits analysis. Lol. May I ask in layman terms how much of a power saving? Say a light bulb or a heater?

          The old one is about 30W which is 1/66th of a heater.

          The new one is about 45W which is 1/45th of a heater.

          In terms of savings, if you ran it 24x7 for 365 days, new one costs $26 more per year in electricity.

        • Thanks tonnes. $26 ain't bad at all (in first world terms). Thought it'd be way more. Although I'm pretty motivated to keep the heater off a lot more now.

      • Any idea of sustained data rate out of the nasty box for larger files (1gb or so)

        • +2 votes

          On my N40L I sustain 280MB/s (that's megabytes per second, or 2.24Gbps) copying from RAID-5 to an internal SSD. The gigabit network port slows everything down to 1Gbps, but it's a consistent sustained 1Gbps. Copying to my Windows 8 PC the gigabit port stays at 100% for the entire copy.

  • A side question,

    What are you doing with this unit that you can't already do with a PC running DLNA?


    • +1 vote

      Save on power, reduce noise, fit in a small space, etc. Apples and oranges.

    • I just use it as a media server which is on 24/7 because I don't want the gaming rig with TriFire going all the time.

  • Ah woah… This is so tempting… But i need to save money for the nexus 5 :S

    • Woah it is. Thanks much for this.

      Rep I was after the G8 but would you be willing to price match?

    • any chance of SE beat/match their price?

      • +1 vote

        Today's promotion is all about NAS + Storage combos - All the hard drives we offered are already at the lowest price against competitors without even applying the further savings. The savings is there, but WHERE it really shines is when you buy a NAS/MicroServer with hard drives.

        Also, adding additional drive should not attribute further increase in postage cost, nor do we surcharges on paypal transactions.

        Kind Regards

        • Appreciate the reply Rep. The $10 difference kind of negates the saving on a HDD combo for me. I have a MSY round the corner so can grab a 4TB WD for $4 more, giving a net saving of $6 if I purchased a 'combo' this way. Would you be willing to cut a discount to tempt myself/anyone else in the same situation over?

          Had to ask. Appreciated reply, cheers :).

        • lol… can't offer another discount to get around that particular "combo" :).

          The only way for you is to buy a minimum of 2 x drives from our promo.

          Kind Regards

        • No problems. Greatly appreciated and kind regards back :)

  • Hm..tempting to buy but I prefer not to buy from Shopping Express because they never reply or fix my issue.
    I raised issue and sent email but never get any reply.
    If the item working fine probably is ok but if something wrong??? good luck sending email to them.
    Bad experience for me.

  • What are the chances of extending the HDD discounts to Synology's 4-bay systems too? I've been considering either DS413 or DS412+ with the above WD Red drives.

  • I'm after a fast high storage HDD for my machine, something along the lines of a 3/4TB caviar black. Any offers on anything like that, SE?

  • No love for the G8 - G2020T version?

  • Shopping express,

    I purchased the samsung 840 120gb ssd from your epic hour sale three weeks ago
    found here > http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/118558

    I paid for it via paypal, got debited the next day. I emailed you, got a response from James and even called and spoke to the same guy.

    He told me that it would be sorted, and that he would email me about whether he has fixed my order or not.

    Haven't heard from him or your site since last week.

    I'm fed up, you guys have ruined a birthday gift and I have sat here waiting for a ridiculously long time for this to be rectified.

    TICKET ID N00139068
    Purchased 6th of October

  • Rep got Synology DS213J on Special?

    How is the DS213+ compare to the others on sale? Thanks…

  • Can the Netgear ReadyNAS 102 have a USB printer connected to it and act as the print server?

  • If anybody interested in my 2gb ecc ram that came with my n40l pm me

  • I'm new to micro servers and I'm looking at purchasing one. Just a few questions:
    1. Do I need to install windows on it? Or can I just map the server as a drive?
    2. Can I also use this as a print server?


    • yes you need to install something on them, be it windows or linux or otherwise.
      and yes you can use them as a print server if set up correctly, the microservers are a bit hands on compared to just a NAS.

      1. Do I need to install windows on it? Or can I just map the server as a drive?

      You need to install something on them. Linux, Windows, FreeBSD, or whatever you like. It's just a small PC.

      A good option is FreeNAS. It's small, boots off a USB key (freeing all your bays for storage), and very user-friendly.

      1. Can I also use this as a print server?


  • Hi Guys,

    any chance of the DS1513+ for under $820 or the DS1813+ for anything under $1k ?
    Would be ordering with a few red drives :)

  • Just ordered the N54L. Now to work out what to do with it!

  • Hi Rep,
    PCCG has KVR1333D3N9/8G 8GB (1x8GB) DDR3 (Non-ECC) for $85 - http://www.pccasegear.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&c...

    Could you beat this price and bundle with the N54L?


  • Hi Rep,

    Is pickup possible from your warehouse?
    I just don't want to wait for the shipping

  • Registering interest in a HP G8; Anyone know what the transfer speeds are like, in RAID 10?

  • Hi rep, any deals expected on the Toshiba DT01ACA range of hard drives? Heard they are quite good.

  • Ordered the N54L and a couple of drives on Monday, got shipping email last night. Pretty impressed so far. Good job ShoppingExpress!

  • Arhhh!!!! Bought N54L 3 weeks ago on shoppingexperss for the price of 259! After purchasing I realized the discount deal on NAS HDDs, emailed SE asking if I could bundle a few HDDs into my purchase, but they did not reply my email and item was shipping… Oh well, just bad luck I guess :(

    • Could be worse- could have bought it for $299 3 weeks ago.

      There you go, I've made your day.