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Samsung Aircon F-AR12FSSBWK1 3.5kw $745, F-AR24FSSSBWK1 7KW $1,095 at Good Guys after Cash Back


Been searching for a good deal on air conditioners. I purchased the following 2 air conditioners at the Good Guys.

Samsung is offering $100 - $200 cash back on samsung smart series II air conditioners purchased until 18/12/2013

The Good Guys is offering $125 - $300 cashback on air conditioners purchased until 4/11/2013

They also price beat the prices advertised at http://www.appliancecentral.com.au/

For F-AR12FSSSBWK1 3.5kw they beat the price to $970 from $974

You get $100 cash back from Samsung + $125 cash back from the good guys, bringing the price down to $745

For F-AR24FSSSBWK1 7.0kw they beat the price to $1,545 from $1,549
You get $200 cash back from Samsung + $250 cash back from the good guys, bringing the price down to $1,095


There are other models of samsung you can try to do similar deal.

This was done at The Good Guys in Chadstone, Vic

For installation you can try your luck in posting for quotes on http://www.serviceseeking.com.au/

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  • Thanks heaps! This is just what I need.

    Is there any chance you could scan your receipt & upload it?

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    Too much Maths in this deal

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    Buy Samsung a/Cs at your own peril. As a bitten owner of a few, I'd humbly advise to go for other alternatives. Paying a little bit more will pay off in the longer run trust me… Choice has done some excellent reviews…

    • Most aircon companies only recommend Daikin and Mitsubishi Heavy. Not sure if this is due to profits or quality.

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      Same here "spy". Regret getting my Samsung aircon.. gutless, rusted.
      I got a couple of LG split units in another property around the same time… perform much better.

    • Stay away from Samsung, there stuff has a huge range in quality. And it is not always easy to tell the good from the bad.

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        What? Please sign up for this deal

        Did you mean to say that Samsung has quality issues and to stay away?

        Ps. Their*

    • I had 2 Samsung and 2 Fujitsu, never had any problems with either - luck of draw? When I bought mine 4 years ago I got it on special for $399 each for Samsung after cashback, and $599 Fujitsu after cash back. The 2.7kwh though.

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    Note that for Queensland, these air conditioners are PeakSmart-capable. That means for the 3.5kw you can score an extra $150 cashback and for the 7kw another $250. Refer to https://www.energex.com.au/residential-and-business/rewards-...

    • Wow that would be epic! 3 cash backs for one purchase

    • $845 for the 7W model after all 3 cash backs!! amazing!

  • They also price beat the prices advertised at http://www.appliancecentral.com.au/
    Will they not add delivery to the price match ?

    • Can you confirm they'll beat the appliance central price? Some places are iffy about these online places having a 'retail' outlet (ie warehouse).

      My local Good Guys doesn't have it in stock, so I'd be interested if they'll do free delivery too.

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      Yes they price beat appliance central. Chadstone Good Guys didn't have stock but I still ordered, stock is coming in.

      • Legend, thanks for all the help and replies OP - can I ask if you asked if they would deliver to you when stock came in, or were you just happy to pick up?

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          I didn't ask for delivery, I was happy i could get both cash backs and I didn't want to push my luck.

          You can ask if they can include delivery in the price.

  • Hi OP can you please upload the recipt?

    The 7kw model (F-AR24FSSSBWK1) is $1799 on the Good guys website, not $1549


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      Get them to price match/beat appliance central http://appliancecentral.com.au/shop/index.php?route=product/...

      Retailers prefer to match other store prices then scanned receipts.

      • So did you get them to price beat?
        Because as per your description it seems like their advertise price was $1549 (not $1799)

        For F-AR24FSSSBWK1 7.0kw they beat the price to $1,545 from $1,549

        I don't think they will reduce the price to $1549 because they are also offering cash back… but I will try my luck (thats why I was requesting for a copy of your receipt)

        Thanks anyway.

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          You are correct, their advertised price is $1,799
          I got them to price beat the appliance central's price of $1,549

        • Thanks - managed to get my local good guys to price match

  • Is this for real? I can get a cash back from the good guys AND samsung? OR does claiming the Good Guys cashback exclude you from the Samsung promo?

    If both, that is awesome. Last week I was just about to buy the 2.5kw Samsung with a price match of Appliance Central's $849 for that system.
    Waited for an installer quotation this weekend and now they've dropped their price AND TGG has got this promo. WOOT!

    Thanks heaps OP. Not only has the 2.5kw system dropped in price, but now I can go to a local good guys, get them to price beat, AND get $125 back AND the $100 back with the samsung promo

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      You can use both cash backs.

      For the 2.5 KW you could probably get it for $549 after cash backs

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    Harvey Norman have better price $1098 (after cash back) for Samsung 3.5kw split system and $1098 includes installation.

    Edit: installation is normally $550-$600

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      includes installation? Link me, I see $1149 - $100 cash back = $1049, but no installation

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        I bought 1 last week. I paid $1098. Fully installed. And offer ends 30 oct

        For more info u can contact Noarlunga , SA store

        • Bit far :(
          Thanks for the info though, but it seems like that's a one off - when I went into HN they said they could refer us to some installers that would quote us for installation. Plus you'd assume 'fully installed' would be on the web promo if it was nationwide? Seeing as installation is so costly and all…

        • I was quoted $1298 before cashback, therefore $1198 after cashback installed.
          Do you have a copy of the receipt?
          Or who the salesperson is you dealt with?

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        Harvey norman special including installation is in SA only promo

    • Harvey Norman did $899 after cash back with no installation, that is with no negotiating the price. I am installing on second level and the pipe will be 4 meters away. It was hard to get a quote for installation as it is not a back to back installation.

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  • If you guys can source a Panasonic ExxNKR series you can save some bucks on a quality air con. I managed to find at GG an E9NKR for $690 (-$125 cashback) and a E24NKR for $1350 (-250 cashback) pricematching Masters clearance price. The installers on Whirlpool seem to only recommend MHI, Pana and Daikan with the latter two having extra sensor technology.

    • What's the difference between the NKR and PKR series? I'm not sure that I want to pay $150 more for the Brand when Samsung is still a reputable brand, maybe they are just relatively new into the game - 5 year warranty anyway is good enough (i.e. we are moving out within five years)

      • By all means but for something so time consuming/annoying as fixing air cons I wanted something proven. The difference seems to only be the airflow, which has made it slightly louder.

  • Thanks. Bought the air con two weeks ago, still manage to get the cash back from the good guys n Samsung. I paid $829 and get $225 back. Yay

  • My gf's brother installs split systems for a living (yes he works for a legit company).

    If anyone wants to know more about installation pricing in Perth I could find out for you.

  • For an extra $400 you can get a mitsubishi heavy industries 7.1kw split system
    Its $1749 less GG $250 cash back.

    Install prices are about $700-$1000 depending on what you need done, and whether you want brackets or on a slab.

    • Exactly. Anyone have any comments re Samsung V Mitsubishi?

      • A reputable installer friend advised the same - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries was the way to go. Didn't sell them but recommended them. This was around 2006.

  • Got the Artarmon Good Guys to price match appliance central, and have registered for both the $125 and $100 cash back offers on the F-AR09FSSSBWK1
    Just have to wait til it arrives in store, as delivery was $50

    Such a good price, thanks again peterk!

  • Bought from HN for $1198 ($1098 after cashback) installed. :)

    • You in SA?
      I got install, non back to back with 4m between units for $325 so it's not quite as expensive as I had been expecting.

      • Yeah in SA.
        Wow that is good! Was that in SA?

        edit Just saw Artarmon.

      • Hi Greenspoon. I m in SA. Would you minding sharing the contact info of the one who installed the air con for you?

        • Hey I'm in Sydney so probably not much good to you?

  • Thanks Peterk

    I bought myself the Samsung F-AR24FSSSBWK1 7.0kw Air Con today and your advice worked a treat!!

    Price match all goodd.

    This is a great bargain for anyone looking for a new air-conditioner.

    Best Wishes

    • Agreed, great bargain but a lot of people probably missed out on it because it didn't make the front page owing to two stupid negs, one because a better deal could be had in SA only. I was just lucky I saw it flick up on the 'new deals' section when I was looking for something else…

  • I have problem getting a price match in WA, Cannington The Good Guys i was told by the sales person "The system want allow me to sell at this price"?????????????????????????
    Please if someone can sand me scanned invoice or something that will help.
    I need this AC for my new place.

    • +1

      What model? I have the 2.5kw model I can send you the invoice copy for.
      Wonder if WA has higher cost due to freight

    • Their price matching policy is pretty straight forward:

      Find a better price online with free shipping and you're done.

    • Same thing happened with a friend of mine. I thinks you just got a sales person who was talking BS, or a Franchise shop that didnt' want to lose on profit!

      Try a different TGG.

  • i am after 3,5 kW one F-AR12FSSSBWK1

  • Hi Guy, I went to The Good Guys tonight, and asking for a price match of Samsung 3.5 kW F-AR12FSSSBWK1 ($905 from appliance central). The staff refused to do it. He said he can only do $900+$125, and then I can claim back $125 from the good guys and $100 from Samsung.
    Didn't this against their policy? I'm living in SA. Any suggestion?

  • Is showing 905 for 3,5 kW on
    I got one in Osborne Park WA for 905+104/they checked how much is shipping to Perth on Appliancecentral web site/ shipping to Perth WA.

    • It's free delivery for SA. Hi dbenz, would you mind sharing the receipt?

  • Hi Everyone, Just purchased the F-AR24FSSSBWK1 7.0kw model at the good guys in Geelong for price match for $1530 from http://appliancecentral.com.au/shop/index.php?route=product/...
    Rebate of $200 from Samsung and $250 from good guys, brings cost to $1080

  • Just got the 5kW Panasonic at TGG. Had been looking for a few weeks, this was perfectly timed. Wife is making plans for the rebate!

  • Got a price match ($1530) for the 7kw unit from TGG today, for 2 units.

    With the $200 Samsung + $250 TGG + $250 Energex rebates, it came to $830/unit, which is nearly half the original price!!!

    Thanks peterk for letting everyone know!