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WD Elements 2TB Desktop Hard Disk Drive USB 2.0 - $95 @ Harvey Norman


Saw this at the Nunawading HN near the entrance to the computer section
2TB WD Elements USB 2.0
There were probably 50 or so available when i saw them.
I've used these before in a media player. Just broke open the casing (which probably voids the warranty) and took out the HD.

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • Better put Desktop External HDD on title.

    • Good point, updated

  • USB 2.0 in title pls

  • why are external HDD's cheaper than internal ones?! I'm trying to buy a 2TB 3.5" HDD but they're also $95. Anyone know any deals on internal hard drives?

    • Just buy one of these and open the case and bingo, you have yourself a useable hard drive.

      • +1

        and possibly void the warranty?

        if you just need internal hard drive, get internal hard drive
        if you need external hard drive but possibly use it externally, and don't mind the warranty, get external

        it's not that hard to understand? :-)

  • What drive is inside these?

    • Not sure but i'd assume it is a green. Black would be much more expensive and i believe blue only goes to 1TB? Maybe?

  • It's External HDD,no deal price.I bought this one for $87 from OW 4 mths ago.

    • +4

      Can you still get it at that price?
      I bought a Galaxy S3 at $515 due to a pricing error when it first came out. They changed it pretty quickly but honored the price. Does that mean any subsequent deals can't be posted because they were nowhere near as good?

  • +2

    MSY $85 everyday price (I think!)

    • Good call but i don't know if they are in stock. As jfkingdom1 says, these are pretty old so price matching or finding elsewhere might be a challenge. Having said that, you are probably better off going for a 3.0 and paying a few more $$s

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    These drives should cost around $80 by now, USB 2 and 2TB is getting really old

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    Not a good deal. I has bought a 2TB WD Hard disk from Officeworks for $99 which was in 2011.

  • Have to agree with fellow OzBargainers.

    You could find these sorts of prices for an external 2TB, 2 years ago. This is just ridiculous for the price to be frozen for so long.

    • +2

      Was sorting old receipts on the weekend and noticed a WD Green 2TB internal was $88 at MSY more than two years ago. Today, the same drive is $94.

      Also interesting to note an 8GB Kingston RAM kit was $88 - more than two years later it's $86. RAM's always fluctuated, but the hard disk stagnation is new and depressing :-/

      • RAM prices have gone up recently due to a factory fire, which has slowed production (see hard drive spikes in early 2012)

        • lol @ "factory fire" slowed production, all kind of excuses from supplier to bring the price up!

  • What is and what you think it should be are 2 different things.
    I don't think you can legitimately say it's not a deal if you can't find it cheaper.

    My guess is that when the factories in Thailand got flooded out and the prices went through the roof, the HD manufacturers took advantage and didn't bring their prices all the way back down. Hence the situation we are in now.

    • +1

      You can not only find it cheaper, but 2TB external HDD's with USB 3.0 at this price point or slightly lower:

      And more to the point; this has been the going rate on a USB 2.0 external 2TB HDD for years now (we're talking in the post-flood market too). If this is a revelation to some, they're just ignorant.

      • -1

        So even though i agree that a 3.0 is preferable to a 2.0 you are not comparing apples with apples. All the ones cheaper than $95 on your list were Seagate and Toshiba. Not a WD in sight.
        So in my book that is like saying i can get a flight on Tiger for cheaper than on Qantas for the same route. True but which one is going to have better service, reliability, quality, etc…
        At the end of the day, i agree and personally wouldn't buy a 2.0 because i'm too impatient but for a WD fanboy/girl it might be a bargain…

        • Lol, so those other offerings don't count as a deal because of your fanboy-ism?
          Do you also neg a deal on a graphics card if it happens to be the competitor of the brand your using? Plenty of people out there will have no aversion to Seagate or Toshiba and will gain years of usage out of them without any drama. You're a minority.

          Please don't try to peddle me any Seagate horror stories (insert "Click of Death" link from 5 years ago); I own about 26 hard drives at the moment of all stripes, and I work for a company that provides hardware support to countless enterprises who interchangeably use WD's and Seagates for storage; in many cases for highly critical or confidential data.

          The rate of RMA's and defects amongst the world's major HDD manufacturers is as near as makes no difference in the real world.

          You would have had a point about 5 years ago, when Seagate's most popular internal drives were going through some firmware and manufacturing issues, but you're flogging a horse's ashes now.

        • What comment were you reading to generate a response like that??
          Of course those other deals count. But what I'm saying is you have to compare like for like. Quite often brand makes a big difference. If I post a deal saying there is a BMW X6 for $50k do you say 'no deal because you can get a Hyundai i45 for $45k'? By the way, both might be good deals in their own right.
          As for the rest of your comment… where did that come from? I couldn't care less what brand HDD it is. I wasn't saying one was better than the other. I was just saying you weren't comparing the same products! You need to chill out and properly read the comment before replying.

  • Sorry, not a bargain. It is a regular price. Cheapest 2TB external HDD USB 3.0 was sold at DS for $79 few months ago, and 2TB WD USB 2.0 is $85 at MSY which has been for the past few weeks.

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