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$180 off Selected 16GB iPhone 5c Models - Ends Midnight November 5th!


Tonight you can save on the 16GB iPhone 5c with DWI. Till Midnight tonight (November 6th 2013) you can get a 16GB iPhone 5c for just $559 – Thats $180 off!

It does appear this sale only includes the blue or white models.

They’re offering free shipping to metro areas otherwise a small delivery fee!

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  • Why not list the actual Link REP LOL

    Crazy price, not too sure if it's legit?

  • good deal

  • On a side note, I've seen a bunch of iPhone 5S since the recent launch, but have yet to see anyone with a 5C. The plastic looks very cheap and the high price belies the cheap build.

    It is a good deal, if you trust DWI. I've only bought from them once and didn't have anything to complain about. But I'm not in the market for a 5C.

    • +1 vote

      if you trust DWI

      I bought a camera off them a year ago without any drama…

      Items are grey imports though, so for most things, you wont get a manufacturer's warranty…

      Although the title says it comes with Apple warranty, if you look lower down the page, it appears to be a DWI warranty…

    • because 4 store only sold 16 of the plastic phone in two weeks, thats why we can not see it on steet.

    • From reviews the general consensus seems to be that the the quality of the plastic is surprisingly good. That's not to say that I approve of the 5C, I think they are still at least $60 over what their price should be and then you are still paying premium prices for old tech.

    • +1 vote

      Guy from work has the blue one, they actually look cool in the wild, I'm starting to like them. I'm buying the white one from Apple store. I can use corporate discount of 5% then get 10% back through TRS next month when I fly. That brings it down to $638 outright, not bad since Australian stock and two year warranty.

      • -4 votes

        Most overpriced unit on the market mate, even at that price. Apple suck, hard.

  • If you are worried about the plastic cover not being able to protect the phones internal components. It actually has a metal cover behind the plastic. Thus the higher weight of this phone compared to the iphone 5.

  • I had a bad experience with DWI last time … when i were purchasing my phone :(

  • So did anyone end up buying a 5C from DWI?

  • Kogan had them for $550 free shipping for a while

  • still seems to be at $559 + with coupon code "RMN2013" it brings it down to $549

    so tempted to pull the trigger but the feedback on dwi is such a grey area :\

    • I just received my blue iphone 5c from Kogan with free shipping for $549- I absolutely love it. A big upgrade from iphone 4.
      Very responsive, and now I like ios7, despite me trying not to like it at first. Very happy.

      • yea i'd prefer to go with kogan, showing up as $599 so i guess i'll just have to wait until its back down again :(

  • Just thought I'd let you guys know I bought one from DWI on 14/11/13 (thurs) and it arrived this morning 18/11/13 (mon).
    Very happy with their service.