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Apple iPhone 5C 16GB $549 Free [email protected] Kogan


It seems the price of iphone 5c has dropped again to $549+$22.99shipping.

$10 less than this http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/119230.

Nice IOS phone at this price if you can just ignore all the bahahaha from android funs and golden 5s funs.

Edit:Credit to nortyjak, for those who havent pull the trigger, now it's FREE shipping!!

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  • this should of been the price at launch….

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      I just had a look on the apple site to see what the RRP was and at A$739 RRP for the 16gb. This makes the kogan price look decent.


      when compared to iphone 4S which is still being sold on the apple website at a 8GB A$529 RRP. this is practically a 'steal'. No wonder they've discontinued the original iPhone 5 just so they try to 'justify' the pricing of the 5C and to continue selling the 4S.

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        yeah this price is definitely good, what I meant was that the actual price from Apple is incredibly poor. no wonder this phone isnt selling at all.

        apple have their heads so far up their own arses they don't see the damage they are doing to their 'brand'

        not even an android fanboy, because arguing who has a better telephone is retarded

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          they don't see the damage they are doing to their 'brand'

          Doesn't seem to be doing any harm to their share price or sales…


          If anything, selling more 5s and less 5c probably increases their profits…

        • Frankly, i thought Apple did it on purpose to maintain their brand image as a Premium brand. They sell the 5c (this creates a need for the 5s because you would think that you ONLY need to spend extra $100 bucks to get a 5s. So why not get a BETTER Apple product?!) in order to sell more 5s. The reason why Apple is sucessful is the reason as other Premium brands sell their products. That is they make IT products more fashionable while still being very useable.

        • I think it did more harm than good selling this smartphone at the higher price…

          but I get your viewpoint but I think they could have done it in a better way. A good example is the macbook air or even the iPad mini, it was priced better and did something different. it wasn't just a repackaged device from the other year… You can sell something cheaper without cheapening the premium brand.

          Though some may think the iphones don't change much anyways ;)

          Kogan price puts it at a realistic position against the 5S and your not left explaining any cutback of production.

        • Perhaps, this article will answer your question but then maybe the parents of US teenagers aren't buying as many 5c after all.


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      Apple has reportedly reduced orders for its low-cost iPhone 5C

      and increased it's orders of the 5s…

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    waiting for nexus 5
    I'm done with apple

  • I would consider it, except iOS 7 is just plain awful. Thankfully I could downgrade back to iOS 6 before they stopped signing it. I tried to like it, but it was just horrendous. No more iPhones for me after this one dies.

    • except iOS 7 is just plain awful

      In what way? It has some awesome features…

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        Features aside, the UI is just too cartoon. That's said, it's hard to change the aesthetic appreciation after being classic for all this years.

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          Features aside

          Oh yes, lets ignore the features… :S

        • Out of curiosity, what 'features' would they be? I run an iPad with iOS7 and a Galaxy Note 3 and I can't think of any features the iPad has that the Note doesn't…

        • iOS 7 is a huge jump for Apple…it shows that they are beginning to realise they need more features and widgets. Anyway, I prefer Jony Ive's iOS than Scott Forstall's, as Forstall's was definately ageing after 7 years.

        • this^ and it also lags on older devices..

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          Yep. Just upgraded my IPAD 2 from 5.1 to the latest iOS7. Hated it.

          Had to google instructions how to turn off all the features that I don't want to keep it workable.

          Also some apps no longer work well with iOS7. Initially also noted that the WiFi doesn't seem to connect as well as previous.

          Only upgraded the IPAD2 due to some apps not able to be installed without needing at least iOS 6.

          I am keeping my other IPAD4 on iOS6. Can't be bothered however, to reinstall my IPAD2 64 GB back to iOS 6 at the moment though.


          PS No iPhone thank god. Running Nokia 820 and Mrs has an android.

      • It has some features, not enough to warrant my purchase. It also makes me want to rip my eyeballs out with all the colours.

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          It also makes me want to rip my eyeballs out with all the colours.

          Yes, some people have reported that it's causing dizziness…

          Apparently these people have a neurological disorder that they weren't aware of and too much stimulation causes these symptoms. Apple are working on a fix…


          In IOS7, they got a setting to reduce motion, but I don't think that helps alot tho
          The first few days when I just started using the new 5s (upgraded from iphone 4), I did feel dizziness…but now I am getting used to it

          I think once I get used to it…its alright for me

      • It has some awesome features lifted from android, i agree.

      • For the record, It has too many glitches. And who the f*** told apple to change its "Calender" app. "Plan mode" security risk and anyone can turn plan mode if u lost phone. Battery draining, 3 layer UI effect (what ever u call) and zoom in/out has causes problem (eye or whatever u call), and most of all "ANDRIOD COPY" os features and I love andriod

        *if u hv 4s, try open an app and immediately hold ur finger one place, then jingling apps with black background appears while the app is being opened…

    • The only salvation for Apple is all the feature borrow from Android. Most hate the colour layout and animation of new ios7. Should they not borrow android fair they would be dead in arrival. Anyway even midrange android phone is much better than this anyway

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    The spec of the phone is actually not bad
    only the colour makes the phone become "cheap"…

    • +10 votes

      you buy a "cheap" cover to hide the "cheap" colour…

    • The white one looks decent.


      No one seems to remember the cover that 3G and 3GS came out with…

      • The 3G and 3GS are seen as 'premium' because they were black with a metal rim. Even the white one looked sensible. But these 'banana' and pastel colours from Apple are just ridiculous.

        Apple can do plastic well and Apple can do plastic badly.

  • My friend got the 5C recently, and it screams cheap. I try to get the Gold iPhone 5S in Oz, no stock till next year.

    • There are stocks in Apple store in Perth… definitely in the Garden city store. We just got one.

      • Okay, i will have a look around Melbourne. Or just pay the extra 150 dollars, some people are asking on gumtree for one.

        • Or just pay the extra 150 dollars, some people are asking on gumtree for one.

          This desperate and nonsensical attitude is a good example of what causes hatred towards Apple fanbois.

        • People also paid hundreds of dollars extra for a PS3 when they came out because they were in short supply and no one "hated" them for it. Sure it's not in the ozbargain spirit, but for some people it beats not having that product.

        • Just visit any Apple store… there should be plenty in stock now.
          They're just not giving any stocks to phone company for selling on plans.

          I want to get one on a plan, but sick of waiting so just buy one out right and sign on another cheaper plan (and without extra phone payments) and sell whatever phone I get with it, work out to be similar cost or cheaper over 24 months. I am not a heavy user and don't need $50+ plans.

  • iPhones would have to be the most over priced phones in the world right now. I don't know how people can justify spending so much money in exchange for such little hardware, when the alternatives are immense at significantly less $

    • The hardware is as good if not better then any other phone out there. You are paying for the support, the OS, the name. They aren't popular for the sake of being popular. THey are pretty decent phone and people chose to pay for it. IF you don't like it, you don't need to buy one

      • Well, Apple product has become more of a fashion now and girly stuff (no ofence). Most buy it because people thing it is a premium product and a fashion to have one.
        Apple is actually a little slow in annovation

  • iPhone 5 and 5c are exactly the same other then few things. Obviously the casing on the c is plastic. but still has a metal plate behind the plastic to protect it

    And the actual battery in the 5C is bigger.

    Both these things also make the phone weigh slightly more (which is better imo) and the dimensions of the phone is a few mm larger (again better)

    So iPhone 5c > iPhone 5

  • the A$ is heading north, its 97c and rising so i expect price to drop futher (and) if you can wait i think this time $1.10US is possible so i think some patient people will get this for about $500 & that may inc delivery on either a kogan free postage day or just get lucky with an either higher AU$ than ive predicted.

    its the reason its dropped this far already.

    1 more thing, this is 32bit the 5S is 64bit, im sure apple will drop support, pr=erhaps with the next iOS generation for the 'old' 32bit. It will suck but force from apples point of view a NEW buying wave of upgrades. They did this with OSX & i expect the same now with IOS… It will suck for thoes that like to get over the 2 years of use out of the phone (about contract length) but im sure someone will post a AAPL ticker that means StveJ isnt just in heaven but has just purchased it outright!

    iOS sucks, the new features are few and far between as well as a horrible new icon set. Typical apple made the change when they could have left the old one in place as an option. Any andriod user will tell you you can make a driod do & work any way you want too and at a fraction of the price of any iOS device. Its almost theft!

    • i wouldn't get my hopes up on parity and beyond. long term trend is still down down down like future iphone sales

      • For the 5C maybe. The 5S is selling better then ever

      • You may think otherwise till you read this article.


        • That article to me sounds pro iphone.
          Regardless of what online websites say. I see personally more people having an iPhone. And the new iPhones always being sold out on launch

        • that addresses samsung vs apple only, ignoring the rest of the android set-up. and it is used in very ambiguous wording which can be open to many interpretations instead of publishing the raw numbers from the survey (which, i'm sure, is restricted to a very small sample size - i.e. first-world, US data, from people who has time for surveys). i wouldn't put too much faith in that report

        • Regardless how many Android phones have been sold, iPhone's profit still comes up on top and that certainly explains something. The apps quality for iOS devices are superior than Android as developers constantly polish and updates for iOS apps due to its once every year model release as well as larger iOS audience for just one device and in return get most of their profit from iOS not android.

        • Regardless how many PCs have been sold, Mac's profit still comes up on top and that certainly explains something.

          that's what they said decades ago before apple was almost wiped off the map

        • "iPhone's profit still comes up on top"

          Yes, iPhones are more profitable because they are priced higher per unit than a flagship Android device. Apple does not necessarily sell more iPhone units than Android manufacturers do, their prices are just higher.

    • I doubt apple would drop support in ios 8, probably will happen in ios 9 though. So you buy this phone you should get around 2 years of support. By then the iphone 5c will be running on 3 year old tech, so anyone still using it will more than likely be looking at upgrading anyways.

      Personally its hard for me to justify buying an iphone 5c even at this price, when the nexus 5 should be better in just about all respects and significantly cheaper. That being said I doubt I'll buy a nexus 5 either, because phones have reached a point where each iteration has diminishing returns or in other words you spend more to upgrade for something that is hardly an improvement over previous generations. I think while my current phone supports the latest updates and does what I want it to do, then why replace it?

  • my first thought on this tile is iphone 5 Cents…

  • Gonna get this for my 11 year old niece!

  • I think we are looking at the 5c wrong.
    Analysts are concluding that more and more parents are buying smartphones for their children. Many of these children have already invested heavily in the iTunes ecosystem with their iPods. So upgrading them to an iPhone 5c looks like a sensible decision for many, in a market set to explode.

    • +11 votes

      did you just put 'children', 'iphone 5c' and 'sensible decision' all in the same post?

    • This was pointed out by fchis in an above comment somewhere with a link to the actual article.
      If you're going to para-phrase or copy the informatio,n at least give the site or the author some credit.

      • Sorry I didn't see that link was posted above. I've heard this story before and can see this happening already with my friends' kids.
        Follow the money.

  • Overseas stock they couldnt sell and offloading to the Aussie market?

    • Yep, Australia is viewed as the world's dumping ground for unwanted and failed products, manufacturers love it becsuse they can offload their crap and still charge a premium price.

  • Summarises it all so beautifully for me :-P http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GpH4hrV38J0

  • IMO $450 would be a reasonable price point for this phone.