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APPLE IPHONE4 32GB $389, BLACKBERRY Z10 White $399, Samsung Tab 3 7" $219, Refurb Laptops from $299


Apple iPhone 4 32GB:

Asus & Toshiba Manufacture Refurbished laptops starting from $299:

Smart Phones ( Blackberry Z10 White$399, Galaxy S4 Active $675, HTC 8X $238, Huawei Ideos $29 and more )

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7" @ $219:

Asus Fonepad and Memo Pad HD ( New Gen ):

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  • Do people still buy iPhone 4?

    • why not?

      • Plenty of them floating on ebay for cheaper price (yeah i know 2ndhand but still…)

        • +6 votes

          Hi smurfinaus,

          Our ones are brand new with Apple Australia Warranty

        • I wouldn't buy a secondhand one. My iphone5 battery lasted 4 months before having problems, unfortunately the battery is only covered for 3 months and NOT the full one year warranty.

          A total scam if you ask me, the reason it is only covered for 3 months?….because they know it is crap!!! Buy one secondhand and there is a good chance the battery is already on its way out!!

          With a new phone at least you know it hasn't been dropped down a toilet, exposed to salty air or used by someone with herpes!!

        • To counter that - genuine batteries are pretty cheap to get, and from what I've read pretty easy to replace on the 4/4S. The 5 not so much, but you could get a cheap 4S now and just put a new battery in it yourself.

        • http://www.apple.com/au/batteries/replacements.html

          Apple covers battery warranty for one year…!! You can replace anytime within that period. if it is more than 1 year, you would have to go through fair trading..

        • I went in to apple and they told me NO. $89 to replace it. They did an analysis on their little machine and indicated the battery was on its way out. What happens is that it would indicate 42% then drop to 10% or sometimes just switch off, indicating flat battery.

          Obviously they have ways around this warranty which I will investigate further.

          Thanks for that link and I will be following it up

        • Irrespective of apples warranty terms, consumer laws requires them to replace it free of charge. If you've already paid make a complaint.

        • apple provides 1 year warranty on battery for sure. My iphone 5 was replaced due to battery issue around 6 months.

        • I got my battery replaced on the 11th month free of charge from Doncaster.

        • Hey slipperypete,
          Stop talking crap.

        • this is bs. Statutory warranty would probably be about two years (debatably) regardless of what Apple says. You have to buy from an Australian retailer to be protected by Australian law, obviously.

        • Never buy a second hand phone. People take them into the toilets.

        • hahahahahahaahahhahahhahahahahahahahahaha… classic

          read while in the toilet…

        • Done this all the time! Dropped it heaps as well and not once damage :)

        • as a follow up I have spoken to apple and they told me it won't be replaced because the battery still indicated better than 50% capacity/life on their machine. This is despite it cutting off almost everyday even when indicating adequate charge. They said they have these guidelines and have to follow them.

          The 3 months they deny so seems a communication problem somewhere. I don't know where this came as I questioned it several times but I guess they have no reason to lie.

          Anyway I will wait another couple of months, by then it should be below 50% and will try for a new battery then.

          This is the great thing about this community, not only do you find some good bargains but also get some great information.


        • I still call rubbish on this.

          Walk into an Apple Store, tell them your phones been randomly rebooting and dropping calls. Tell them you've tried restoring in iTunes but it still happens.

          You will walk out with a factory refurbished phone within 10 minutes.

        • Rorymeister…"Never buy a second hand phone. People take them into the toilets."

          About 5 years ago I had an HTC phone with the pull out keyboard. Loved it! One day I dropped it in the trough on a night out whilst trying to text and pee. I washed it out and a few days later it started working again. The only problem was coincidentally the p button was sticky!! Still, probably my imagination but I thought it smelled of piss and gave it away. This was when I lived in Dubai, I gave it to an Indian guy who would never be able to afford a good phone. Never told him why I didn't want it tho!!

    • Not everyone can afford the latest and greatest smartphones…

      • uhh for that price you can get a Nexus 4 which pretty much is latest and greatest.

        • inb4 apple vs android storm

        • "uhh" some people prefer iOS and aren't concerned with specs. Some prefer Android and/or higher specs.

          The end.

        • If you care anything for specs, latest tech and value for money you can get a much better Android phone for the money. LG Optimus G for about $385 is best bang for buck phone on the market. Same as Nexus 4 but with LTE, 32Gb. But what's the point. If you're an iFag you're gonna get ripped off no matter what Apple product you buy. As far as Apple goes a new phone for under $400 is good value.

        • I agreed with all the comments. I am currently using Android but I did enjoy the iOS user experience. I missed my iphone 5 which was an upgrade from 4. Now I am considering to get an iphone. But still wasn't sure whether I should pay upfront or get a postpaid plan.

        • @Phoebus,
          "iFag"…are you 12? If not, seriously grow the hell up. Surely you have more important things in your life to concern yourself with than others phone choice? I hope so at least.

          I've got an Android phone (Star S7180) at home that cost like 1/3 the price and higher specs than my iPhone 4, yet the iPhone remains my daily driver.

          Why? Because I rather the iOS experience. Once jailbroken there's nothing my iPhone can't do that my rooted Android phone can.

          But if you rather Android, go for it, I couldn't care less and certainly won't call you childish names.

        • Woooo! chill everyone.. .man ppl get defensive with phone stuff…

          Just one thing painT cheap androids don't compare to iPhone's i know through experience … i've gone from win5 to win 6 to 6.5 to win 7 to 7.5 then cheap android to iOS and now upgraded to HTC One from my iPhone 4 and own a win 8 phone for work… in all that i can tell you a cheap Android OS device just cant be compared with an iphone they leave a very bitter taste when it comes to android…. there even worse than the windows phones to be honest, it has to be a flagship phone like the One or S4 to do android justice :)

          just my opinion and yes i agree with your disagreement of the childish replies hehe

        • I took the price of the phone into account when judging it. I only brought the thing for two reasons:
          * Testing Android apps I was making
          * To try Jellybean (unlike most fanboys, I like to actually try the competition every now and then, rather than blindly mouthing off).

          Hardware wise, the HTC ONE looks beautiful (compared to the plastic junk of S3/4), but if it's running Android, it's not for me.

        • yes its a great phone (HTC One) and i would not have moved back to android if the reviews weren't so great and if iPhone 6 was already out.. i was happy on my jail-broken iphone 4 before it met with an unfortunate accident n couldn't be fixed :)

          i'll be very honest with you doesn't matter what version of android OS you run.. if it runs on a cheaper phone it will disappoint u in many ways thats been my experience until HTC One changed my mind… but i can see your point of view coming from an iOS device :)

  • Blackberry Z10
    Don't Pay $799.00
    Promo Price $399.00
    Save $400.00

    Wow that is the best price for an AU retailer I have seen yet, great price!

    • I loves my Z10. I have iPhone and Android as well. But not sure why, I just never like Android.
      This is my personal preference:

      iPhone > Z10 > Android.

      Feel free to attack me :)

      • +4 votes

        I just bought a black Z10 from another sale. For what I use it for, it is superior to the iPhone and Android and possibly anything else on the market. Bear in mind I use it for email, the calendar and the web. I don't need the apps. I was tossing up between the Q10 (with the physical keyboard) and this Z10, but I liked the bigger screen (which is also brighter than any other mobile screen ever designed, so I've read). This is also one of very few -modern- mobiles to be Telstra Blue Tick approved. So expect superior reception. There are a few bugs in the software so I've found (like at one time, the lock screen would not unlock.. happened only and it cleared itself up after a few seconds anyway) but overall I've found it to be very stable. Browser has never crashed once on me, which has been a regular occurrence with my older Galaxy S2. The Blackberry Hub was a brilliant inclusion - makes my life so much easier having all messages, phone calls and other notifications placed in one location (but divisible if required).

        Now about the keyboard - it's pure genius. I can understand why the physical one is still glorified by many, but I don't care for keyboard shortcuts or easier text selection (which is the often cited strength of the older Bold 9900 series). I've found the Z10's screen keyboard allows me to type away faster than I could ever imagined, because it corrects my errors soooo well. I tested it out by getting my sister to say something silly, then I transcribed - made a tonne of errors - but the end result was perfect spelling. My jaw almost hit the floor.

        As for build quality, it could be better. Mine hit the floor today from around 1 metre, and made a slight impression in one of the corners. The volume buttons look like they're made of cheap plastic. But the rear is rubberised cleverly to prevent slips. I'm also under the impression (though yet to confirm) that the rear cover has either the whole antenna or part of it builtin (there are two terminals inside that connect to an attachment on the inside of the rear cover). Perhaps this concept is what boosts the reception to allow the blue tick approval. This phone is designed for function, not fashion, but still looks professional - and definitely not tacky.

        Anyway, don't buy this phone if you want a superior multimedia experience and apps (get an iPhone or Android instead). Buy this phone if emailing/typing, web browsing and antenna reception matter to you most.

        • he was asking you to attack him not agree with him… jeez .. here i was hoping for a bit of a troll war.. :)

          either way you two will need to buy a heck of a lot of Z10 n Q1000's or whatever to keep that company afloat .. hehehe they sold even less than Nokia and Nokia figures were BAD! ….

          feel free to attack me for stating unfortunate figures ..lol

        • Actually Nokia need to sell something like 4 920's to make the same profit as BlackBerry make on one Z10. So they made a lot less than BlackBerry despite selling more handsets.
          Will be interesting to see numbers next financial quarter :)

        • yep i get your point but when Market share is your main aim (which these two companies are jostling for)selling less handsets even if your making money can be devastating blow… :)

        • I actually just bought one of these white ones despite owning a black. I would add that this phone will stand the test of time regardless of the future of blackberry. Unless you drop it of course (it is quite fragile).

          Disappointed though to hear they have none in stock but never stated that on the website.

    • Sorry, I have fat fingers, pressed red by mistake..

    • Prism gives me every reason to get the Blackberry :)

  • Hi Rep,

    Is the Z10 AU stock? ie, can I claim gst in airport?

    • +1 vote

      Hi Fandibing,

      Yes, it's 100% Aus Stock.

      • how quick is delivery if I order tomorrow? I'm flying overseas next week :)

        • +1 vote

          Hi Fandibong,

          Usually after payment is verified, we will ship out the next day ( depending on what postcode you are in for ETA )

          Please email your order # to: [email protected] and your address, we will respond to you as soon as we can.

  • Hmmm. Feel like negging this deal, just for the RRP listed for the HTC TynTyn 2. When was the RRP for that $1199? 2007?

  • How about iPhone 4 32GB for $299?? I might get one.

  • rep do you have any 3g capable tablets?

  • +5 votes


    HTC TyTN II PDA (HTC Kaiser)
    Don't Pay $1199.00
    Promo Price $99.00
    Save $1100.00

    I don't think this 2007 technology is even worth $99, let alone $1199.


      Hi bob_wangkar,

      We apologise that was a mistake, we will have it fix soon.


    • -1 vote

      More powerful than any mobile communications device you've seen before, the HTC TyTN II takes global connectivity to the next level.
      Processor: Qualcomm® MSM 7200, 400MHz
      Operating System: Windows Mobile® 6 Professional
      Memory: ROM: 256MB, RAM: 128MB SDRAM
      Display: 2.8 inch, 240 X 320

      Should I get one ???


        Hi jv,

        It's an older phone we are trying to clear, sorry about the errors on RRP pricing.

        • -1 vote

          sorry about the errors on RRP pricing.

          what about the false advertising ???

          "More powerful than any mobile communications device you've seen before"

        • in 2007 it was!

        • +4 votes

          Hi jv,

          We wil fix that as well, it was a direct copy from the manufacture's old link.

          Apologise for the inconvenience.


        • -1 vote

          Hi Balls,

          Yeap, we will try to fix it.

          Sorry guys.

    • man everyone beat me to bashing this product i've been slacking on my ozbargain checking.. hehehe

  • i just find it ridiculous that iPhone 4's are floating about which are similarly priced to the S3… (keeping in mind that the iPhone 4 was meant to compete against the original Galaxy S in 2010).

    • +1 vote

      Hi Astro551,

      I think the following post is a fair comment from OZbargainer:

      Not everyone can afford the latest and greatest smartphones…

      And for people who wants to use IOS at a lower price, consider apple is still selling the iPhone 4 8G @ $449 on their website:

      $389 for 32GB should be good price.

      Please support small local business. =)


    • Have to agree with you there but i owned a iphone4 before i upgraded to a HTC One … it was a very good solidly built phone and for most users its more than enough… however you are right and the price is a bit to high in comparison to the likes of the S3 :)

  • PS vista should be on the title. 200 with 3g


      Hi imket,

      Good comment and feedback.

      We will update the post to reflect it after one of the posted items are sold out, can't edit more due to spacing issue.


  • What do people think of this laptop deal?


    Looking for something for the wife, i5 or i7, windows 8, dedicated graphics card, 4gb or more of ram.

    Or is there something better around?

    Sent from my BlackBerry Z10 :p

    • hmmm i've seen cheaper deals recently for brand new laptops, doesn't look like a bargain to me specially since its refurb. They might get even cheaper as fathers day gets closer… so i'd hold on tight for a week or so .. also the 3rd gen intel powered machines will be slashed in price to make way for the new 4th gen intels so i really think there are much better options out there .. look at Joysky's link below :)

      from the items listed they seem to have thrown a few good deals in to a mix of really old and horrid items that i cant believe they even have stock of.. ehem htc tytn II … i kinda feel they are questioning my intelligence (however small it may be!).. loll

      Sent from PC via Nokia 820 sitting beside my HTC One .. LOLL

      • Thanks, appreciate it! After some research I didn't think the deals were that great either for the laptops.

  • http://factoryoutlet.acer.com.au/acer/afo/index.php/aspire-m...
    better than any laptop deal on that dodgy website

  • good price for an iPhone 4 32Gb
    will check it out.

    Rep, is it brand new with 1 year Australian warranty?

  • is the 32gb Iphone new,

    Also it looks locked? How do I unlock it

  • Some pretty nice deals here, I have a relative who can only use iphones, when she needed a back up phone, I got her a samsung and she came back with so many complaints and gave up (not that the phone was bad)…she'd be pretty happy with this though. Thanks Rep!

  • the motorola razr xt910 seems reasonably priced at $239. what is everyone's thoughts on this phone in the sub-$300 range?

  • Hi Rep,
    Are these Optus iPhones 4 quad-band? i.e. capable of 850Mhz?


      According to the Wireless1 specs page it is UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA & 850/900/1900/2100mhz compatible.

      I guess that makes it Telstra /NextG compatible?

  • Hi Rep, free shipping?