This was posted 10 years 6 months 24 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[Uplay] FREE - Silent Hunter 5 & Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands


Just click on the games image to receive a free uPlay key. In uPlay simply click on the gear icon in the top right hand corner, then select activate product.

Silent Hunter 5 Gold Edition

Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands…

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  • Nice free ubisoft games. Been ages since the last one.

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    Thanks OP. Confirmed that it works.

  • +2

    First key didn't work… Second one did! Thanks :)

    • Same here. I needed to open them in an incognito windows before they would work. Weird.

  • UPlay? this another option to origin and steam?

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      It is Ubisoft DRM client, it as released alongside Assassins Creed II. If you buy a ubisoft game in Steam, it generally will boot Uplay, so if you have interest in either of these games on the PC, you would always have to boot uPlay in some way or another.

  • Site down ?

    • worked for me

      both keys, no idea how good the the games though.

      • Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands is the best POP since Sands of Time, I think anyway. It is quite short, but that almost works in its favor as you don't get bored with the play mechanics.

      • Tried on the pc & worked ok. Thx.

  • Thanks OP got my free keys. Have looked at buying silent hunter a few times when it has been discounted but never did

    • Same here. Thx.

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    Ha ha, I bought Forgotten Sands in a steam sale years ago for $5 but haven't got around to playing it yet…

    • Lol same here

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    Thank OP.

    Got the Keys but where to download the game software?

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      You can find the client here

      • Thank Mark,

        Do I download the Uplay software?

        Just confuse on uplay site and how to download the Game software.

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          Yes download the uplay software then activate and download the games through the client. same as steam and origin

  • Didn't work first time… reloaded page and BAM free games for ME!

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    No steam, no buy :/

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      All uPlay games on steam, require the uPlay client to be launched when you run the game anyway, so all you are doing by activating on uPlay is removing a shortcut in Steam.

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      I've never understood the mentality of robbing yourself of incredible gaming experiences just so you can have your games / links within a single DRM client…

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        People do the same with consoles as well though. Whatever, doesn't hurt us if they want to give up a free game.

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          People do the same with consoles as well though

          True, but this is just installing some software…if I could install PS3 OS onto my 360 and play Uncharted / Last of Us etc, I would do it in an instant ;)

  • Nice, took me over 10 tries though to get a working key though.

  • There's a number of other uPlay keys here:

    • They are not uPlay keys. They are ubisoft CD Keys, they will not activate in the uPlay client.

      Ubisoft temp ban accounts that try more than 5 times to activate a code incorrectly, I would advise against wasting your time with the others.

      • This ^…just happened to me. Although luckily, just logging back in seemed to work.

      • In that case though you could just use an image file of the original games to install them and enter a valid CD-key during installation?

  • Thanks OP nice find.

  • Thanks!

  • Already have Prince of Persia from some previous offer but thanks for the other game!

  • Thank you

  • +3

    Thanks OP!!!

    It's hard to keep track of all these games I have now with Steam, Uplay, Capsule, Origin, GameFly and then all the individually installed games hahaha…

    First world problems!!!

    Does anyone know of any program/ website that can combine everything into one page so I don't need to open every program to find the game I want?? I am sure I've seen something like this before?

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    too many games not enough time!

  • Both worked for me. Sweet. A bit of a moment of joy for me after the disappointment of the current humblebundle.

    Don't get me wrong, the humblebundle is incredible!!! I just couldn't take advantage of it because I've already bought the games that I wanted at a price that was a steal when I bought them but just not as amazing as it is now. LOL

    • +3

      You can still give the games away if you still wanted to support Humble/charity/the devs & publishers.

  • +1

    PoP is one of the best games ever in my opinion

  • Thanks OP.
    Is it possible to launch these games directly from Steam
    after activating and downloading them from UPlay?

  • Both worked fine for me. Thanks, OP

  • grabbed both. Thanks OP

  • What's the download size of Silent Hunter 5 ?

    • Silent Hunter 5 is 4Gb and Prince of Persia is 5.7Gb.

  • I love silent hunter but never good at it. Usually got hunt down by destroyer. Any tips to fire and escape? The link is a keygen. I am pretty sure someone will try to take advantage of this and sale it via ebay or gumtree.

  • Thank you OP. Both games activated.

  • Can you redeem the codes without installing UPlay? Steam can do this now.

    Obviously it means I can't play it, but that's what happens to 95% of the digital games I buy/get-for-free.

    • Just tried to work around this. There's no option to add a game in the web Uplay account interface so it seems you need to install the client to add them.

  • I redeemed in UPlay. It worked for me first time.

    I don't know if I'll ever play them though. Steam is enough for me. I don't like every manufacturer having their own client, and running it all the time (or even installing it considering who knows what weird DRM they add on in the back-end that might conflict with stuff even when it's not running).

  • Installed Uplay client 57mb

    Prince Of Persia and Silent Hunter 5 Gold key both activated fine through Uplay. Just need to download and install. Not sure when I will get around to playing. Like most people here have may other games still to complete

    • +2

      I have a backlog of games dating back to the 80's…
      …I've yet to play 'PONG'. Heard it was all the rage… ^_^

      • meh overated! But space invaders well……. :)

  • +3

    Can't seem to get a code for Silent Hunter 5. PoP worked fine. Anyone else having issues?

    • +2

      Damn, I really wanted to play this :(
      When I click on the image I just get a bank popup box.

      • +1

        Have you got the key for POP? If not do you want one? Your PM box is not activated so I cannot PM you.

        • Thanks for the offer! I just wanted Silent Hunter 5 but thanks anyway!!

        • I have one for you if you could open up the PM.

    • I have another SH code and this will be my last one if you want it.

  • Tried it the first time and it worked. Went to install uplay and now the link doesnt work anymore… if anyone can get me a key for prince of persia I would be very grateful :D

  • +1

    DRM was the case when Silent Hunter 5 was first released according to this IGN review

    "Silent Hunter 5 also has the distinction of being part of Ubisoft's new DRM plan. This new scheme requires that you maintain a constant connection to the internet in order to play the game." Also "There are other bugs to be found throughout the game."

    Since then the UBI Uplay Game Launcher has been patched for Silent Hunter 5 so that you can now play through the single player mode off-line. Since a permanent internet connection is no longer required.

  • Thanks OP.

    Got POP, no problem and activated.
    SH5 link doesn't seem to work.

  • +6

    I get a blank screen on both

  • One or both are actually old promo's. May or may not worked. Both serials for me activated early this morning

  • How did I miss this??
    If anyone has a spare code for Silent Hunter they don't want can you please PM it to me?

    • +5

      Oh man, you are a game addict. Most of your post are game related. I have a key for you so check you PM.

      • +1

        Thank you!!
        Yup, addicted, games are like crack cocaine to me. I'm glad you didn't ask what I would do for it… because I would have. Anything for my next fix.

        THANK YOU!

  • Did anyone get this to run?
    Mine just constantly looks for an internet connection (which it has!), anddnever lets me play.

    • Are you talking about the links on the webpages, the games or UPlay?

      I've had no trouble running either PoP or Silent Hunter. Make sure they're up-to-date.

      • Got the games to install and update, but they both keep saying theyre waiting for a connection

        • +1

          Sounds like your firewall or AV is blocking them. Or UPnP is disabled in your modem settings.

        • Thanks for the suggestions.
          I turned off the AV all together, and Windows 7 x64 firewall, AND added to the DMZ of my DIR-865L and confirmed it has upnp turned on. Still no luck :(

        • Reinstalled UPlay and it worked… go figure!

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