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Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare $5 USD PC&MAC (Steam)


Probably the cheapest this game has ever been…

It's a steamplay game so it works on both PC & Macs..

Not much more to say other than stacksocial is a legit site that sells a lot of OSX offers..

I just got retrenched so clicking my referral link would really help out… https://stacksocial.com/?rid=361829

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    Never heard of StackSocial before, but can't pass up this deal. I just bought a copy and was given a key straight away. +1 deal + 1 legit

  • Thanks! I've been trying for ages to get a cheap copy of COD4 on Steam! Just in time for http://mpu.com.au/event/2013/11/capitallan-1/

  • Quality game.

  • +1

    Soap what kind of a name is Soap?

    • You know what they say… don't drop the ____… guess he dropped it =P

      Anyway, nice find OP! Will be getting it.

  • +5

    I'm amazed that there's still a number of ozbargainers up at this hour.. then again, most of my best work has been after midnight too..

  • Thanks OP. Been looking for a cheap copy of COD4 (the best of the recent ones) for a while. Activated. Downloads. Steamplay :)

  • I don't think this is steam activated is it? I thought it runs through punkbustr and the activision servers, and has no social element with steam. correct me if i'm wrong though

    • +2

      I bought it and it most definitely is steam activated.

      • +3

        Personally I have 400+ games on Steam, managing all of those individually would be a huge pain in the ass. Steam is pure convenience.

      • +2

        Ideally its brilliant and when I can gog.com or other drm free methods is fantastic, but given the constant sales on steam, amazon and other retailers; how could you not put up with steam to get games at such a good price?

  • +7

    I honestly think Cod4 was the best of series in terms of multiplayer.

    • Agreed..apart from the stacking killstreaks being a bit easy to chain

    • +5

      T'was the last COD i ever played…, but once a BF man always a BF man ! :P

      • The true BF men stopped after BC2 when they found out BF3 was actually BC2.5

        I'm still waiting for a real successor to BF2, but we will never see that happen with EA at the helm.

        • I still play BF2 for the flying, I'm a baws !:P

    • Still rocks online multiplayer on the 360

    • +12

      damn dude you got ripped off there

      • lol what's with the negs? just saying

        • mw3 is terrible, whereas COD4 is good

  • How legit is this site?

    • +1

      I was wondering this also

    • +3

      Very. Been using them for years. They are kind of like the humble bundle for mac software

  • +2

    cheers just bought it didnt need it though

    • +2

      You have made us proud.

  • awesome, thanks

  • Does this game still have active multiplayers?
    I've completed the single campaigns.

    • im interested in knowing this as well. the steam forums say theres still quite a lot of players, but how many are actually Australians to play with…

      • +1

        Join the Ozbargain group on steam, i'm sure theres some of us online lol

        • Didn't even know the group existed. Thanks for the note!

    • Does this game still have active multiplayers?

      Apparently still very active:


      On another note, for those who care, there is no controller support…you will have to use xpadder etc.

      • Why would you use a controller on a PC FPS?

        • I'm talking about single player mainly, although I personally used to hold my own on BF3 multiplayer on the PC with the 360 controller ;)

          I am a lounge PC gamer, so play all of my games with a controller…hopefully the Steam controller will make life a bit nicer when playing RTS games etc

    • There will be a whole heap of active OzB multiplayers as a result of this deal

  • I'm addicted to OzB.

    Bought another thing that I'll never use.

    Bought, and you get the KEY instantly at confirmation page.

    Now installing, see you all online………….

  • +1

    Thanks OP. I used your referral link :) Was waiting to buy this one for long time.

  • +1

    Basically Ghosts minus the dog and intelligent fish.. but a lot cheaper.

    Good deal!

  • welp, it only took almost 7 years but this is finally at a price I'm willing to pay.

    I was just whinging about just how expensive CoD was just yesterday… moral of the story is whinge more often.

  • would I be better off with MW2 for online play? or COD4 already lost a lot of players?
    Battlelfield 4 is new so I'm sure they have bigger online community.

  • Thanks OP, I too used your referral link and forwarded it to a couple of mates who will purchase as well.

    Great deal.

  • +1

    Thanks, this is great! However I am having trouble installing it in steam. i followed the instructions on stacksocial and activated the key, which steam accepted, but the game isn't showing in my library. help?

    edit: derp, it is there after i restarted steam

  • +2

    Servers may be alive and full of players in US and other countries but not so much in Aus :/

    • +2

      At $5, there will be now…

  • +3

    Nice one. Beats the ridiculous $50 price tag on Steam.

    Best CoD game for sure. A series that needs to be put to bed…

  • +1

    What are the 18 SteamAppXXXX crap that it's trying to install at the same time? Anyone having the same?

    • I'm getting this too, it activated the game but there are about 100 other items in my Steam list now called SteamAppXXXX (with various numbers), what the hell?

      EDIT: A little research suggests that this is a Steam problem, it's not just happening with this game but iwith others too. Restarting Steam did not fix it, my games list is forever polluted with these apps, oh well.

      • No fix or way to remove them? :(

        • Not that I can see, same way you can't remove normal games in your library..if it bothers me I'll contact support..is nobody else having this problem?

        • Yep I got this issue too; pretty annoying. For the moment I've created a 'Junk' category and shifted them into there, and minimised the category. Not exactly a fix, but it gets them out of my face.

        • Something that is bundled with CoD:MW. Can't say what because it has been deleted as of 6 hours ago.

          See here.

        • How can we see if it's been deleted? Your link is dead

        • Wow that is really odd. I guess then link system is internal to ozbargain only.

          Try http://steamdb.info/app/7941/

        • i didn't get these steam apps in my library.. only "Call of Duty 4" Modern Warfare"

  • Would you Ausbargainers play on a Search & Destroy server if I bought one? I used to live for that game mode and have turned away from all CoD games since.

    • Look for the Games.On.Net servers which host SnD. #3 and #13 are SnD with the latter being hardcore. Not sure if people still populate them much, but last year they were often full.

      • Awesome. I hope that because of this deal, we'll get some people back on these servers.

  • +1

    This is the price that I like to pay :)

  • +3

    If anyone is interested in buying this:

    -Great multiplayer. Servers are little bit lacking since it's 6 years old now. Internode still have 10 servers up which are popular. I regular Sabotage #09 with about 10 others.

    -Good singleplayer. Should keep you busy for a good 5+ hours depending on your speed. I still haven't completed the game on the hardest difficulty.

    -Good community. The only annoying thing about multiplayer is when people start tubing or spawn camping. But that happens in every game.

    For $5 this is a steal. Highly recommended from someone who has over 500 hours invested.

    • +1

      "For $5 this is a steal."

      For a 2007 digital download? No, no it's not.

      I would say that it's a fair everyday price.

      • +2

        I agree that for a 2007 digital download $5 should be a everyday price but as the publishers of this game have stubbornly refused to drop the price of this game and as it still retails at $50 on steam $5 is a pretty good price.

        • +2

          If you go into any retailer it is never below $20. I've seen this and Modern Warfare 2 for the same price numerous times.

          What ruined call of duty was the DLC.

          CoD4 actually had 3 maps put in for free. Killhouse, Chinatown and Creek.
          In MW2 they released DLC for $10-20 for 3-4 maps from CoD4 for a quick buck. Can't remember what maps, but I know Crash was one.

        • +1

          Don't forget Broadcast!

  • -3

    Unfortunately, while this was an excellent game when it came out, I'm dismayed that $5 can still be considered a bargain.

  • Funny, I was just talking to a friend yesterday about never having played a CoD since 2 -I have a fondness for WWII games, so I've never felt the need to get all these newer ones- but at 5 bucks, the price is right!

    Used your referral link and all, thanks for pointing this out. Downloading now.

  • Been on the edge about getting this game, but for $5 I didnt even think twice. Thanks OP!

  • Thanks OP. Bought three copies using your referral link for my friends.
    COD 4 LAN coming right up!

  • Cheers just bought it! anyone up for a game tonight?

    • now that NBN has stopped, you could be downloading for a while before you play

      • I'm not on the NBN and it only took 13 minutes to download.

  • Thank you OP! Paid with PayPal and the conversion worked out to AU$5.47. Pretty good considering Steam is still selling it for US$49.99. Had no problems activating it :)

  • Awesome! Nice website and cheap. Thanks OP

  • thx OP, used your referral link too

    PS I was in the same spot (retrenched) 12 and 48 months ago and it sucked, but hang in there! karma will catch with those scumbags sooner or later

    • I'm not too worried. I think it's more that I was there for a number of years and with long service leave approaching in about 2 years, i think they justed decided it was easier to get rid of me (and a few others) than to pay out..

      The referral link didn't work either, says that they're all 'invalid'.. ahh well.. lol

  • Thanks op, got one! Good deal, downloading via steam now.

  • Got 2 people to buy it with your link. Thanks!

  • Yep. Bought one with the referral link. $5 for a mac game… YaY!

  • Checked servers and people are actually playing now… Must be all the $5 players haha
    Used referral link. Thanks!

  • So the other day my GF mentioned that she really liked sniper portions of games. I asked whether she had played "All Ghillied Up" from MW1. That was enough for me to buy this. Thanks!

  • Gday mate how do I get rid of the communication failure error every time I join a game?

  • Purchased yesterday, codes and installation all went well.
    And it looks like this offer is still available on this link if someone wants to update the thread:

    Note: First time poster, please go easy on me :)