This was posted 10 years 7 months 5 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Rubik's Cube $5 (Save $14) Delivered from Kogan


All time favourite puzzle. Free shipping from kogan. I hope that's ten words.

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    • +135

      They doesn't.

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    I respect those that can solve these. Best I could ever do was 2 sides ..

    • +12
      • This is awesome.

      • +1

        FAR OUT.

        I bet that guy must get all the girls.

      • +2

        LOL the dude behind him….

      • +1

        That is literally almost too awesome.

        But then again there's usually a level of practice and dedication behind such things that would probably seem superhuman to most people, hence the seemingly superhuman achievement.

        All fashioned out a healthy dose of raw ability of course.

        Great stuff in any case.

      • If that is too hard, start here and work your way up…

    • +4

      There got formula to solve the cube.

      • There do, do there?

    • +1

      My record was 74 secs, though now I have forgotten most the moves it would take me months too discover them again.

      But when solving you go by layers not sides.

      • I guess you probably did the easier way of doing it (as did I). The one where you get the +, then the corners, then the T, etc.

        The way these guys do it in <30 secs is a completely different formula. I would be willing to hedge a bet that a few of them are just really, really talented (freakishly) and could possibly calculate exactly what they need in as few moves as possible just by looking at the cube in advance.

        Either way, pretty impressive. The fastest I could ever manage was just over a minute. I even lubed my cube up and everything haha.

        • +1

          I hope you used the official Rubik's cube lube:-

        • +4

          Wow.. One tube of lube lasts 750,000 rubs!!

        • +4

          I think its the stickers that last 750 000 rubs, not the lube. God knows how they managed to come up with that figure though. Sounds like a job you give to the work experience kid.

        • Yer you might be right… oh well back to KY

        • careful you don't clog up your cube

        • Arent you meant to rip out a corner pull it apart then put it back together.

          Unfortunately people can tell when you pull the stickers off and put them back on :(

        • -1

          It's called a box, not a cube silly.

        • Yes, you turn one of the sides 45 degrees and take out the middle piece of the side.

          I'm sure there are instructional videos on youtube. You could probably solve it this way (by seeing which centre pieces line up and such) but it would be a bit easier to just put in your current cube setup to some software, which will tell you exactly how to solve it in as few moves as possible.

    • +3

      Should have turned it topwise. Topwise!

  • Yeah i bought one. hope it arrives in time for xmas though! cheaper on eBay, but this one looks like nice quality.

    • +2

      I would hope it's an authentic original

      • +1

        as opposed to a unauthentic original?

        • +4

          as opposed to an authentic counterfeit?
          as opposed to an unauthentic counterfeit?

        • +5

          Quality makes a huge difference in these things. I own quite a few of these and the cheaper china knock-offs are harder to turn and you have to get the sides perfectly straight before you can turn another side.
          The authentic ones are a lot smoother and quicker.

        • +8

          Depends what you consider a 'cheaper China knock-off'. There are many popular Chinese brands like Dayan, FangShi, ShengShou, etc, which are vastly superior to Rubik's brand cubes, in that they turn smoother and faster and have better build quality. What's more, they're often cheaper than the 'authentic' Rubik's brand.

      • +1

        The modern knock-offs are better than the 30yr old original design. Faster, smoother, cheaper…

        A great Christmas gift for any 10yrs+

  • +3

    This is most likely going to be a fake Rubik's cube by the appearance, only probably worth 5 bucks tops.

    • If they are saying the original price is $19 I'd say it's an original. If not it's going back.

      • +3

        I have my doubts as to whether they could supply the genuine article for this price with free delivery. It's 99.9999% going to be fake. About the same chance of solving it without a YouTube video hack LOL.

        • I haven't been all that impressed with the items I have purchased from Kogan. Hopefully they deliver the goods this time.

        • +3

          If they are calling it a "Rubik's Cube" (which to my knowledge is a trademark and the name of the official product), you have a reasonable expectation for it to be genuine. If not, you can send it back.

          Most of the counterfeits are called "puzzle cube" or something and try to hide the whole "rubik's" thing.

          Genuine ones do go for ~$20, so I think this one is probably real.

  • Bought one. $5 worth a try, hoping it's an authentic one.

  • +1

    U can buy it from K mart for $5 anyway.

  • +5

    At least with this Kogan one the build quality will be so great (sarcasm) that you can just peel the colour stickers off and re-position them to solve the cube if it all gets too hard.

    • +12

      Not sure what you mean, this uses a genuine LG panel.

      • LOL. Good call.

      • IPS?

  • +1

    If it's not genuine, i think Kogan will call it something like Magic cube etc, as the name Rubik will imply that it's genuine

    • +1

      That's my thinking too. If not, you can always open a PayPal claim for counterfeit items :)

  • Plastic puzzle cubes start at $1.69 delivered on Ebay:…

    • That one is quite small though:
      "Size:51 x 51 x 51 mm"

      • And it will be nowhere near the quality. It'd fall apart in your hands.

  • +4

    Can they use the name 'Rubik's Cube' if they're not selling an original "Rubik's Cube"?
    Anyway the so called 'real deal' is too heavy and extremely hard to do quickly.. Though for $5 it'll be better than any other copies out there.
    Dayan Zhanchi is possibly the best cube out there.

    • This is quite true - the Rubik's brand cubes are often quite hard to turn. I would also recommend the Dayan Zhanchi or maybe a Shengshou. They're pretty cheap, good quality, turn smoothly, and some are adjustable (i.e. looser/tighter spring tension).

      If you just want to kill some time trying to solve the cube, however, a $5 Rubik's brand cube is a decent choice.

  • Just thought I'd check for trademarks etc. and came up with this… image rights. So this should legally be a genuine Rubik's Cube.
    I hope so, I've already got a couple of knock offs!!!

  • NOOooooo! I just got one from amazon. But as least I know it isn't fake.

  • +5

    Some of the "knockoff" brands you get from Chinese stores are actually faster, cheaper and easier to turn than genuine Rubik's Cubes. And the build quality and stickers are usually better too. This probably isn't one of those good ones though, just keep in mind that the Genuine Article isn't necessarily better.

    Judging by the shipping time, Kogan are probably just ordering them in bulk from the usual Chinese wholesalers (Lightake, TMart etc)……

    • Not that I have seen.. I must of solved 100s of the cheaper chinese brands for everyone at school. I could always tell right away which was a genuine one and a knock off.. Some knockoffs are that hard to move I just gave them back and told my class mates to buy a proper cube..

      • +7

        In the past 5 years or so cubes made by Dayan, WitEden, ShengShou and FangShi are vastly superior to anything else out there. Some knockoffs are just exact copies of the original mechanism, but these brands are complete redesigns.

  • +5

    I feel dirty buying from Kogan. Should I go have a shower now?

    • +1

      It depends on what you do in the shower.

  • +2

    Just a FYI for anyone interested. For anyone beginning to learn to solve Rubik's cubes the official "Rubik's" brand is a great starter. However they tend to be very stiff and you may want to lubricate the inside with a silicone spray, it makes the cube much easier to turn the sides and there's less strain in your fingers. Rubik's brand however are not for "speed using" where ou see those kids solve them in about 10-15 seconds, the most common brand for those types are "Dayan", they a MUCH smoother in turning. They're available on eBay for about $10-15 I think. I could only ever get about 30 seconds tops on Rubik's brand cubes but about 10-15 on the Dayan cubes. Haven't cubed in a while though.

  • +9

    I use to be able to solve the rubiks cube in under 2 minutes depending on how hard it was to take off the stickers

    • +3

      Taking the cube apart and putting it back would be faster. I used to like taking out 1 piece and putting it back the other way that would make solving the cube impossible.

      • Only way to make it impossible is swapping stickers. What you said would not work

        • +1

          Not correct.. You take out one piece and put it back in a different orientation and the cube is impossible to solve. People who can solve these puzzles will confirm.

          Besides whats the difference between swapping 2 stickers of the same (middle piece) and swapping that piece orientation around)

    • I know a lot of people who would want to have a word with you in an alley…

      … and show you how to not slaughter a rubik's cube's life.

  • What Di you think the quality of this would be like?

    Hopefully not shit, like the electric toothbrush refills I got from Kogan.
    They lasted one use each at best.

  • +33

    For all those wondering, I've called up Kogan's Customer Service and have been advised that this is not original Rubik's branded but a Kogan branded generic.

    My good dead of the day done :)

    • +2

      Thanks vip. You shoulda also told them they should not use the work Rubik and instead call it a magic cube or puzzle cube as its misleading..

      • +1

        While you're at it, please advise all of the restaurants that advertise "home made x" as a crock of… you mean to tell me, the chef goes all the way back to his house, makes the thing, then comes back to serve it here?

        • your comment was silly…but made me go muuaaahahahaa!

        • must be a restaurant owner here not wanting us to be mislead by his "home made" food.

    • +1

      Pretty ordinary behaviour from Kogan. It doesnt take an IP lawyer to realise that they're gilding the lily here.

      • +1

        Not surprising though. This is the same company that often oversells its inventory before taking a week to refund its customers.

    • +2

      Is it the same rep that confirmed the Galaxy S4 was not a price error

      I will be annoyed if this is a fake.

  • +1

    Im very close to negging this deal. The price of a geniune Rubik Cube is $19-$20. Implying a saving of $14 means its of equal quality, which im sure it isnt. At Paddies Markets they sell Fake Cubes for $2. So this would need to be an exceptional quality fake to be a deal.

    • +2

      If not a Genuine Rubik's brand, I will be doing what someone suggested earlier… And that is to take up the case with Paypal!!!

  • +1

    Kogan still owes me a set-top box which I ordered - for the first time ever - minutes if not seconds following the appearance of the $19 sale, only to be notified days later that the item has no stock and that I'll be refunded within a week. All that excitement of a catch down the drain :(

    • +2

      You can have mine for free if you live close to 3976. Never really use it, bought it when price error for $9 delivered

      • I only just got to this. Thank you so much for such a kind offer, but I do not live anywhere near that postcode. You're too kind mate :)

  • People who did buy this, don't forget the BOGOF movie ticket deal posted here

  • This is sounding like a dud deal as it appears to be a generic cube for $5.
    The use of the Rubic's name and claim that it's worth $19 is misleading and deceptive.

  • Tie this into that 2 for 1 movie special when you purchase something from kogan using paypal it might not be too bad.

  • -6

    What's the diffence from the genuine and fake ones? Arnt they all made in china anyways?

    • +2

      The point isn't where they are made but to what quality standard are they made.

      And by your logic of isn't everything made in China?, doesn't it also means that it also produces all the good quality stuff that is in the market?

  • +1

    I prefer the rubiks square. I can solve that shit in under 1 second.

  • -2

    In Soviet Russia, cube solves you?

    I think this would make me more stressed than anything!

  • Since it is not an 'original' rubiks cube.

    The saving of 14$ is a lie?
    Should i neg?

  • +1

    It is always fun to make your own Rubiks cube solving videos to show off how good you are.
    You can do the seemly-impossibles.
    As long as you can scramble the Rubiks cubes (scramble it blindly, with your feet, with your tongue, with your mouth), you can make it look like solving it by reversing the video and saving the video.

    • I wondered why that dog has mastered the art of walking backwards… :P

  • Thanks OP, bought 2

    • -1


  • +1
  • I use to think people who worked these things out were geniuses.

    That is until I recently found out they gave you instructions on how to solve them in the box!

    This post (and comments suggesting other brands) may just inspire me to give it a go :)

  • +1

    I sent an email off to Cogans sales department enquiring about the authenticity of this item.

    Will post here when I get a reply from them in turn

    • The sad reality is that most ppl wont even know or care.

      If not genuine Rubiks, this deal should be negged!

      BTW I bought a new Rubiks cube recently, its stickerless (marketed as "smoother, faster, tiled") and completely diff internals and piece design to the original. It is infinately smoother, and it can cut more than a whole cubie out! (Still needed silicon spray)

    • Thank you for contacting Kogan.

      We can confirm that this is an authentic Rubiks cube.

      Thank you for your patience, please feel free to contact us should you require any further assistance.

      Kindest regards,

      Though someone below me says they called Kogan and it is not genuine? WTF

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