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Brand New Toyota Aurion AT-X at $29990 Drive Away. SAVE up to $10600! (Depending on State)


This is Toyota's Best Deal in a long time.

Brand new Toyota Aurion AT-X at $29990 Drive away.

Toyota End of Year ALL OUT Clarence.

Recommend Drive-away Price usually at $40314-$40620.
SAVE up to $10600! (depending on state)

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    I like the older model better.

    OP can you get me cheap accessories?

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      owning a 2007 aurion I believe that the new one looks just ok. but dont think it's upgrade worthy.

      • Is your dash starting to melt ?

      • LOVED my 2007 Touring… until I drowned it :( New Sportivo Aurions looks so bad its not funny.

        • Yea, that's because they come up with their own design.

      • +4

        i am not keen on the looks of the new Aurion. sometimes i wonder if toyota japan headoffice purposely made an ugly car so that they can close the local manufacturing plant..

    • I wouldn't mind a TRD Aurion, they're sick!

    • Newer model shows more evidence of cost cutting. i.e. return to ordinary tail-lights vs. LEDs of previous model.

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    A busy rep you are !
    Posting at midnight !

  • +22


    • Beat me to it.

    • Huh?

      • Long story short many lulz in the 370Z post from a week ago.

  • +5



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      You obviously haven't heard what happens when big ol' Clarence goes all out. That stuff has to be seen to be believed.

  • +16

    Great deal. Bought 2.

    • +5

      WTF! you saved $21,200!!!!!!

      • +6

        That's over 9000!!!!

        • I wonder if they'll do a further group discount if we get together and buy one each.

  • +2

    Delivered or pickup?

    • +8

      I used the click and collect option. They didn't even require a deposit.

      But when I got there and tried to pay for it, it said my credit card had exceeded its limit. So I couldn't buy the car.

  • This will looks good when it's carrying my $50 bicycle.

  • Just for curiosity, did anyone bought a car from ozbargain deals?

    • +3

      The Mercedes Benz $6500 off deal a few months back probably got Ozbargained…

      • and the previous RR deal as well

  • Stackable coupons?

    • +2

      for once, this is a bargain you most definately do not want to stack.

  • +18

    Something something ING Direct something something 5%.

    • +2

      Yeah, 300 easy payments of $100.

  • +1

    this is not as good a deal as the 0% one TBH.
    the ATX was at around 34k

    • +5

      We bought ours during that sale, that was a great deal @ 30k. But ours has been marked for death - 3 times in 12 months it's visited the body shop… In the first week my son scratched the paint to bare metal by smashing into the door with the wheelie bin! Six months ago a mate reversed into the other door with his hilux, last month a Roo decided to play chicken and won, or lost? A month later we still haven't got it back. This was our first and will be our last, new car.

      • +9

        You need to get a tank :)

      • +6

        Wont be your last insurance I believe

      • +4

        If you managed to buy it at 30k with 0% interest, it sounds like this deal is dodgy and you're not actually saving $10,600 after all. At most you're saving 4k. All they're doing is sparing you the bargaining phase. But even then it's not as good as the deal you got.

      • +4

        I don't think it's the car mate…..

        did you build your garage over a pet cemetary? :S

        • He hates these cans!! Stay away from the cans!

  • +4

    Been seeing a fair few adverts from car manufacturers creating awareness via ozbargain. Guess it's the new social media tool :)

      • +9

        True, but you need to wear the uniform of a blue singlet which the Toyota doesn't require

        • Alternatively, a small Euro with a rainbow sticker on the back??

          … not that there's anything wrong with it.

        • There is most definitely something wrong with owning a Euro car

        • Honda Accord Euro, or something actually from Europe ?

        • +1

          Or alternatively, your orange hi-viz jacket to show you are going to/from your blue collar job.

  • +2

    Wow bargain! Where is Broden?

  • +12

    help aussie manufacturing, buy 1

  • +1

    A reasonable deal.

    IMHO The aurion lacks any purpose now the 4cyl camry has the new 2.5l donk and a 6 speed auto, It now performs as good as is required for a sedan. The Toyota V6 in fwd would be a downgrade and resale values will reflect this in a few years.

    Realistically the Xr6 would be a much better buy if you really want a sporty sedan. Hell you can grab a turbo diesel territory for $39k driveaway, the engine and transmission in the that thing would run $22k…

    • camry hybrid comes to mind. I think some got the hl at 39k. 151kw vs 130+ of the camry? tbh if you are looking at the camries and cars of the same class. maybe you shouldn't think "performance" or "sporty" :)

  • +9

    Excellent deal, will save even more if you get a 5% price beat at your local dealer, 9% from the trs if you are travelling overseas, just make sure to use 28 degrees card for price drop protection.

  • +2

    Is there is a limit per person?

  • -1

    Dash dash officeworks pricematch dash dash no stock

  • why do car manufacturers always seem to discount the base spec model? they should realise that not everyone wants a base spec car…imagine offering the same discount on the other specs? I would assume they would sell a whole lot more cars…

    • +1

      This would be all back stock, that's why. Base models are generally made and shipped to dealers without pre-ordering. They're trying to clear existing 2013 stock.

  • +1

    WRX sti better

    • +2

      If you are a Senior IT Analyst. ;)

  • +1

    So how much would this car sells for after say 5 yrs? ie. depreciation

  • +2

    Chatswood store has a dozen left on the pallet. Saw a guy put 10 in his trolley. So quickly grabbed 5 for xmas gift to my 5 mistress. Paid via ING paywave to save another 5%. And i am going overseas with my mistress during xmas break so can claim GST back to save another 9.19%.
    Asked the guy at the front gate and confirmed they are not going to restock.
    Complained to their manager and finally they put a sign outside which said " Limit 2 per customer per household".

    • No problem, just get some friends to go with you and pay separately.

    • +1

      Wow, those five mistresses are costing you a lot!

  • +3

    The best I saw in Sydney is $28990.

  • +2

    Thanks OP..will combine with family discount (21% or 25% with camry) and hopefully they still offer 0% finance as well.

    • +1

      Pretty sure that does not work. Family discount only applicable on list price. Would be keen to know if otherwise.

  • +2

    Hi Rep,
    Does is come with 0% finance deal?

  • +3

    If you are looking for a family sedan it would pay to shop around. I have seen brand new Falcon G6 (mid range) ecoboost going for $25-27K on carsales.

    • +2

      I'm not supporting a company that's going to lay off hundreds of workers and shut up shop in a few years. Not after all the handouts they've been given and keep requesting. At least Toyota's staying in the game.

      • +1

        This year.

    • That would be ex-ford Exec cars with low K's <20,000 Not brand new. If you can post it I might change my view - but I was at a dealer today.

      This is a good deal.

  • +3

    Rep, are you taking request, please do special on other model…. Toyota 86 GT please…. xmas gift for myself. Thx Rep.

  • How come the car deals are always for bogan/revhead cars? Why can't we get a deal on a Suzuki Alto, this is ozbargain FFS.

    • +4

      Buy a mirage $1000 cashback on now. A revhead or bogan would not be caught dead driving Aurion

    • I can get an alto for $10285 driveaway, brand new

      Not sure why you'd want to when $11k buys a brand new Mirage driveaway. Have seen Alto's a smidgen below $10k, so $9900 or so.

  • +5

    I can see 27890 iin NSW for 2013 Aurion ATX

    Aurion is a good reliable solid car, but i would buy if the brand new price is between 25-26k driveaway, since it depreciate like there is no tomorrow..

    • +2

      In auto, that's basically Corolla prices and cheaper than Camry. I don't think it will happen, though do let us know if you can get that price.

    • +1

      Agree, far from a deal.

  • +3


    I'm driving one at the moment and it's a fuel guzzler and its interior looks&feels cheap in every way. Don't be fooled by "Toyota reliability", I had to change the timing chain after the car started making weird noise and that happened twice! If you want Aurion, at least avoid buying AT-X.

    • A noisy car does not mean not reliable.

    • +1

      At how many Ks did the timing chain start being a problem

    • Two timing chains? Hope you're pushing 250k+ km's.

  • Toyota is an average family car and the interior plastic looks cheap for sure. I am surprised with the timing chain noise, generally i heard timing chain driven engines are bit noisier than belt driven one..

    As i mentioned above, i would not ever pay the RRP driveaway price or 30k for the aurion, which worth only 25-26k driveaway deal

    • Surprised the mod who administers this page hasn't removed your neg yet. They removed mine. No good reason.

      • Because you haven't reported his comment yet.

        • What comment? I just noticed someone removed my Neg, no explanation. Was just after this was posted when everyone had hard-ons for this (non) deal.

          Now of course that the sensible folk here have realised it's certainly no bargain, negs are accepted? Mods = fail.

      • Your vote was not revoked by a mod. It was revoked by the community.

        You received more than 6 negative votes on this comment.

        Take a look at the Voting Guidelines for more detail.

        When negative votes are revoked:

        The community casts a number of negative comment votes to any comment by the user casting the deal votes.

        Marto fail..

      • It's always interesting when the mods decide that, on your behalf, they are going to revoke your neg. Much as I like ozbargain (and as far as I can tell it has only happened once) it comes across as more than a bit dodgy/creepy.

        • -1

          The geeks gotta have their way at some point in their lives. Let them mod their site and get fat eating dominos in peace I guess.

        • It's always interesting when the mods decide that, on your behalf, they are going to revoke your neg.

          There are two ways negative votes are revoked:

          1. When there are 6 or more negative votes on the comment with the negative vote, as a a a has explained above - the system does so automatically.
          2. When moderators respond to reported negative votes - and find that the vote fails to meet the voting guidelines.

          Moderators don't go around reading every comment and randomly revoking negative votes - it's in response to reports.

  • +5

    SAVE up to $10600!

    Seriously, stop talking shit. No-one has ever paid 40K for a povo pack Aurion, not even a wood duck.

    • +3


      I'm still in disbelief that people think this is a great deal, it simply isn't.

      Why was my neg revoked??!!

      This is no bargain, just an inflated rrp and price where it should be!

      This site is going down the tubes… Nothing but computer peripherals, android phones and Dominos pizza deals. Have an opinion against the grain and your neg is revoked without explanation. Poor!

    • Someone I know bought a Aurion Presara for 50k+ in 2007.

  • They have got RAV 4 and Kluger on specials as well…

    Kluger KX-R 7 seat 4x2
    Automatic. Includes Metallic Paint.
    Kluger KX-R 2WD 7 Seater in Crystal Pearl
    Drive away
    from $39,990

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