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10 Metre CAT6 Network Cable for $1 & Others @ MSY

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  • trust msy to put 'adbanner' in their newsletter urls. adblock does a good job of making a blank page appear.

    i wonder how good the cat6 cables are

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    10 Meter Cat6 Network Cable


  • shitty msy payment method needing extra authorisation… wtf!!??

  • I would probably buy stuff off them but their website just makes it too hard :P

    • You cant even be logged in and do a search, for the money they make they should hire someone to do a real online store

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        make they should hire someone to do a real online store

        Why? What's wrong with using MS-Word to build a website ?

  • Is the cat6 cable any good?

    Is thee such thing as good brand Ethernet cables apart from the ones that go inside your walls like clipsal.

        • I see you haven't used any gear past at least 2008…

          I say that because I see proper 90+MiB/s (~900Mbit/s after factoring overheads and control data) all the time on my shitty GS108E switch as well as across several routers ranging from the Netgear WNDR3700 all the way upto the first generation R6300 and a managed 48-port gigabit Linksys SRW2048 switch (that I got for ~$150 second-hand).

          EDIT: at least you make your name proud, slowmo…

        • "at least you make your name proud, slowmo…" - OUCH!

      • Thats a bit rough.

        I had the whole house recently wired with CAT6, multiple ports in each room.

        Once you start streaming TV (netflix, ABC etc.), playing Ps3, downloading, streaming movies from home servers (not business grade ones), then CAT5 becomes a bottleneck. I have everything, including the 24 port switch in my garage and 5 port switch in one of the bedrooms as gigabit. I also have a 100/40 NBN connection, so when 3 or 4 people are hammering the network, CAT6 becomes the new standard.

        And we don't move many files around, with the server doing back ups of the various PC's Monday and Tuesday nights.

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      I've had hit & miss results with MSY "CAT6" (sometimes they're not even technically CAT6 spec) cables, regardless of which brand it is (Apower, Ritmo, Geekyware etc.).

      Most common defect is that the cables wont sync at 1GB and will only manage 100MB. Another problem is that sometimes you get dodgy clips that take a lot of effort to pull out or the clip itself isn't manufactured cleanly on the bottom and can cut your finger if you're not looking carefully.

      Apart from that, they work :P

      • Most common defect is that the cables wont sync at 1GB and will only manage 100MB.

        Yep, I'm getting that a lot! Have like 90m of crappy cable :|
        Strange thing is too - I've got 2 x 5m cables from the supplier, one was DoA (didn't even connect)
        One connected at 100/10
        I recrimped both, they're both good now, however with the 2nd one, it will sync at gigabit using ports 1 3 4 but not 2, on my Billion 7800NXL. Very very strange.

        • could be just crappy crimping.

        • Some idiots in whirlpool said that as well.
          If I'm bad at crimping, then the cables I crimped should have never shown up to work at all, or connect at Gigabit since it needs all 8 wires in the cable to work where as 100/10 uses only 4.
          All of them will work at Gigabit for use when it's direct connection to laptop -> router. A 30m single run of crappy cable is unable to sync at Gigabit, where as shorter lengths of it are able to do it. Cat5e is supposed to be able to do that, at 100m. This was labelled Cat 6 and at 30m.
          When you start shoving crappy cables in series joined with a coupler, problems will come up. Length of them crappy cables also screws it up.
          To illustrate my point, I'm trying to replace a section where the current setup is laptop - 9m good cable - coupler - 11m crappy cable - coupler - Premade Cable 1.5m - Coupler - Premade Cable 1.5m - Router - running at gigabit
          The premade cables came with the Billion 7800NL and 7800NXL.
          I've discovered if the cable is of crappy quality, I can't replace this
          Premade Cable 1.5m - Coupler - Premade Cable 1.5m
          with just one single run 5m cable.
          So no, it's not crappy crimping. There's been a few reports of MSY cable being of dodgy quality and unable to sync at Gigabit.


        I've had hit & miss results with MSY "CAT6"

        The "Cablelist" flat network cables are good. My home server is currently using a 10m cable of theirs.

        • 10m cable of anything should be fine. Try to connect 3 of them in series with a coupler - if it falls to 100/10, then it's not the best quality


          Try to connect 3 of them in series with a coupler

          Why would any one do that? Buy a longer cable..

        • Why would any one do that? Buy a longer cable..

          The middle one will be in a wall cavity, 1st cable will be from wall to comp, 3rd cable will be from wall to router
          Or buy a 30m version of it to simulate it :)

  • placed pickup order for the network cable as well as the blue ray disks just now and received the confirmation. good deals.

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    Worst website ever in computer and IT

  • $10.44 postage for $1 cable - LOL

  • That's gotta be the best price for a set of BD-R disk media worldwide at the moment.

  • Was tempted to buy the bd-r disk but then I would have to go out and buy a bluray burner. Lol.

  • These cables are probably cheap because they have an embedded bank password stealing Trojan.

    Testing mine now. I'll report if they don't pass data well.

  • Well these cables test fine, I'm getting a constant 110 mb/sec testing with a 25Gb bluray file copy to another PC via a WD router (another awesome MSY special).

    I guess all the critics missed out on a decent $1 10m cat6 cable after all.

    No wonder competitors HATE MSY (cough CPL cough)….they rock!

  • Thanx giggles, I feel better about the $3 I spent not going to waste. I just have to pick them up. Anyone know how long MSY will hold onto them for you for?

    • I think its 48 hours…or 2 business days…or maybe 2 calendar days.

      Do I sound convincing? :)