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VistaPrint Free Shipping + $30 Code = More Free Stuff


Had a look at Snoop's post looking for another Vistaprint bargain. Then I noticed another code on Facebook offering free shipping.

I managed to redeem both offers (free shipping and $30 credit) by using this link to get to VistaPrint, going through and putting the free stockings from that offer in my cart, and then shopping around for another $30 bucks worth of stuff.

Once I had that all I did was put in the code 'christmasjoy' as from Snoop's post, and then deleted the stockings from the cart. When I clicked through to shipping it was still free. You could, of course, just keep the stockings and use both deals for some free Xmas cheer.

Have fun.

[edit] - to clarify, as a standalone deal the link I posted will get you Christmas stockings for $9.99. No idea if that's a bargain as I've never really been in the market for personalised Christmas stockings.

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      I'd consider this deal substantially different to that one as it cuts out shipping costs which I at least thought was pretty rare from VistaPrint. Still too close to a dupe for comfort?

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      Op claims it's different since there is a slightly different link which apparently gives free shipping.

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        If anyone's uncomfortable with it feel free to neg away, it worked fine for me though. No reason for me to lie to you about it.

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          +" for the effort and shearing with us :)

        • yeah, thanks for cutting us into the deal.

      • +3

        Cheers Op, much appreciated. It's funny how slow shipping is more expensive than standard which is free. :P

  • Got a free t-shirt and iPhone case. Last free order worked so I really hope this one works too! :-)

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    yes i can confirm it is free shipping + $30 voucher, thanks OP!

  • +1

    You Saved $44.53!
    Discounts: $16.53
    Promotional Savings: $28.00

  • Hmmm 50/50… But I've given it a +
    Edit: But just don't come crying to me if they cancel our stuff again!!! ;)

  • +1

    Thanks Op. Just purchased two stockings and one t-shirt for free.
    "You Saved $78.03!"

  • Thanks.
    Premium cap + Mug + USB Flash Drive
    $0.78 delivered

  • You know what they say - if at first you don't succeed (in getting free stuff from Vistaprint), try and try again.

  • Giving it a go. Thanks!

  • Hah!

    Well I decided to get the xmas stockings anyway ;)

    You Saved $88.21!
    Discounts: $60.97
    Promotional Savings: $27.24

    Original Price You Pay Product Total: $74.97 FREE Shipping & Processing (Standard 14 Days): $13.24 FREE Total: $88.21 FREE You Saved $88.21!


    Off to bed now! almost 1am! eekk

    • Dear Customer,

      Thank you for your recent order including Embroidered Stockings. Our Christmas Stockings have proven to be a highly popular product, with an overwhelming increase in demand over recent weeks.

      To keep up, we've added more staff and more shifts in our production facility near Melbourne.

      Whilst we have been working hard to fulfil your order on time, we regret to advise there has been a slight delay.

      Please be advised that your order has now been shipped and should be delivered within 3 business days from today.

      Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Support Department at 1-800-021-631 Mondays-Fridays from 8am – 10pm est. or respond to this e-mail and we will be happy to assist you.

      Once again, we apologize or any inconvenience caused.


      Vistaprint Customer Care

  • Thanks Works fine

  • +11

    The best is to just pay a little bit ($1-$2) then they usually don't cancel the order

  • Sweet, just went with the stockings haha. Got one for my nephew's first Christmas :-)

  • At this time, we are unable to process your request. Please return to Vistaprint and try another option.

    This is using PayPal. I wonder if they like existing PayPal accounts to Vistaprint accounts, to prevent multiple orders…

    • +1

      no. i just used PayPal for 3 orders

      • Me too. 3 orders paid by Paypal, no problem :)
        Hope they won't cancel my order. I paid couple dollars for each order.
        (I got my order cancelled (only made one order) in last deal while it was free.)

  • It seemed to work for me. Thanks OP.

  • Thanks
    2 stockings and a mug
    Paid 0.18

    Hopefully this goes

  • THanks. got a Polo shirt.

  • I'll believe it when it arrives, but its a Plus from me. I suppose PayPal don't send email confirmation/receipt if the price is free?

    • You don't have to add any payment details if total is free.

    • You're right. I prefer to pay a few cents if possible to get a receipt. It also means the seller is less likely to try and cancel the order.

      • I've found if you get a tax invoice your items have been sent. Although my friend's order was cancelled and she still got hers.

  • Thanks, got some Chrissy stockings for my daughter and kid brother and sister :)

  • Stocking for a cousin, USB and Pen. Thanks.

    • This order hasn't been cancelled yet, despite being free. A second order I made with a different account for business cards was cancelled though.

      If the first order does indeed ship, I'm planning on placing a paid order for business cards and return address labels.

      • The pen has shipped :)

        • All items shipped, and I placed another order (using APOLOGY20) for 280 return address labels and 250 business cards that came to $6.18 shipped.

  • Works great, added stockings, added custom iphone case, went to cart applied code and removed stockings.

  • Product Total: $64.97 $0.18
    Shipping & Processing (Standard 14 Days): $14.06 FREE
    GST: $0.01
    Total: $79.03 $0.18

  • Mug, Pen and Stocking for $1.46

    Missus will be happy :P

  • Thanks OP. Also TAKE30 is another coupon that seems to work. For some reason gives a bigger discount?

    • did not work for me

    • +2

      Take30 is only for new customers

    • thanks i used your coupon instead since im a new member!

  • Strange how they show postage cost after entering paypal account already and just before confirm button. Quite of a lure technique used by them.

    • Postage options are before payment method for me.

    • I had this happen! I went back and tried again and postage costs were gone. Certainly strange.

  • Can any one pls post the direct link.
    It's not working for me

  • Must try later

  • None of my Polo-Tshirts orders were proceed in last promotion, all cancelled :(

    • +2

      Shirts? Obviously if you make multiple accounts your risk of cancellation increases

      • It seems if your order is marked as FREE it gets auto cancelled. Spend any amount and it should be fine.

  • +3

    Awesome. I ordered the Large Lawn Sign that says Santa Stop Here. The kids will love it!

  • Thanks! Got a few Xmas stockings and stress balls for friends.

  • awesome. 3 christmas stockings for the kids.

  • +5

    My order gets cancelled each and every time. This time I make sure I pay a little extra!

  • thanks an engraved pen and an engraved business card holder for a couple of dollars!

  • You Saved $88.21!
    Discounts: $60.97
    Promotional Savings: $27.24


  • Just wonder how can you tell if your items were cancelled?? Does it say so in your account or you just dont get an email confirming the order??

    • +2

      You won't know unless you login to check - no emails or anything from my experience
      When you check the status of the order it'll say "Partially shipped" . When you drill down (click on the item) and check the actual status, it'll say "Cancelled"

      • Poor form not to make contact. Especially when people are ordering christmas stockings for kids.

        • +2

          I was actually ordering for my baby goats.

        • Still your 'kids' right :P

  • +1

    still working? any code seems to remove the free shipping?

    • -1


      • whenever I enter the code the free shipping gets removed, if I remove the code I get free shipping again.

        anyone else experienced that?

        • yes, happening to me too! even with the stocking in my cart :(

    • Yes I think free shipping is no longer working. I even tried with a single stocking, nothing else, and still did not get free shipping.

    • +3

      still worth the time..
      and a big plus for OP's effort to share

      • +2

        Good on the OP for sharing, this is however more of a loophole than a deal. Most orders will be cancelled as a result of this.

      • +2

        Congrats, bet that more of these orders were cancelled than fulfilled though.

  • doesn't seem to be working anymore


    Everytime I add the code Christmasjoy, shipping is not free anymore :(

    • +4

      They're watching us now! Haha.

      • +4

        We should be getting paid for helping them identify loopholes in their system!

        • +2

          Yea, like that guy overseas jailed for identifying national security loopholes… :)

        • LMAO

  • I think they fixed it. My sister is trying and it doesnt work anymore

  • Too bad they took back the free shipping, I spent too long to design the mug not to buy it for $7.28 (shipping).

    • better to do all the image and text in photoshop, and have the single image ready for uploading

  • +1

    So soon my order is cancelled. :(

    • Same :(

      • What did you order? Placed multiple orders?

        • Ordered a photo book and a key ring..

    • To be in the save side you should pay something for goods worth more than what you paid. This time I paid ~$7

      • +1

        ~$7 for my mug+business cards. $3.67 for business card holder+mug all now shipped :) you and snoop-dog are probably right about the paying alittle goes a long way.

    • how do you tell if its cancelled?

      • Go to My Account -> View Order, then under Order Details look at Order Status…

  • -1

    If you would have listened and spent simply a dollar or so your order would be one the way to you soon. Cause I spent $0.71 and it is not cancelled and one item has already been shipped!!

  • CHRISTMASJOY (30aud) code still works not but no free shipping now :

    Rush+: 3 Business Days - $24.41
    Priority: 7 Days - $18.16
    Standard: 14 Days - $13.76
    Slow: 21 Days - $7.57

  • wat can u ordfer from this website? can u order anything other than christmas stuff

    • I order usually mugs, pens and usb flshs. I am going to give them as gifts in Christmas. got their names on them with sample words

  • my order status changed to Partial Shipment

    • You need to drill into the order to see the status if each individual items. Partial shipment usually means the items have been cancelled :(

      • You are right, I just checked each of my items cancelled. It's seem no Christmas gifts :(

  • so far, my item is marked "Shipped" (didnt pay anything).
    I've got a tracking number, but "no event" from aus post tracking yet.. hopefully thats just a timing thing.
    fingers crossed.

    • +3

      If it says shipped, it's probably already sitting on your doorstep!!! ;)

      • postie is quietly sneaking a 'no one's home' card in your post box….

  • -1

    Ok, so now that we've established once again that there's a more than fair chance our orders are going to be cancelled when we try combine free stuff with free shipping, (esp when they get OzBd), let's get back to the deal at at hand.
    Like I posted in mine, let's just get onto some good links now and post what they are and what you paid so that others can at least get some good cheap product!!!

    • looks like no more FREE SHIPPING on clothings (tshirts)?

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