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Xbox 360 4GB Console + Minecraft Bundle $138 (Save $78) @ BigW Starts 28th Nov


Xbox 360 4GB Console Plus Minecraft Bundle $138 (Save $78) @ BigW Starts 28th Nov.

$138 for click and collect . $143 delivered.
10OFF120 offer ends 1st December.

Experience the Minecraft gaming phenomenon, rebuilt with new features designed for Xbox 360. Create worlds limited only by your imagination. Explore, build, and conquer alone or with your friends via split-screen mode or over Xbox LIVE.
Minecraft for Xbox 360 lets you create worlds from the comfort of your sofa. Play alone or play with your friends. At night monsters come out, so make sure to build a shelter before that happens. After that, your world is your imagination.
• The infinite possibilities in Minecraft just got bigger: The gaming phenomenon comes to the console with new features designed specifically for Xbox 360. 
• Crafting has never been faster and easier: The new crafting interface in Minecraft for Xbox 360 delivers a completely new way to build Minecraft worlds where your imagination is the only limit. 
• Learn the basics and master essential skills faster with the all-new Tutorial mode. 
• Play Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition with Friends over Xbox LIVE. Combine local split screen (available on HD TVs) and Xbox LIVE play in any combination up to 8 players. 
• Experience the all-new end-game battle with the Ender Dragon, including 8-player multiplayer, revised for the console edition.

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  • I must save for next gen. I must save for next gen. I must save for next gen…. phewww that was close, I nearly succumbed ;)

    • Yeah, you don't want to run Minecraft on any old POS. The graphics in that game are just insane.

  • I always wait for next gen consoles to come out. So I can buy previous ones at low price.

    • I always buy latest console when it comes out. So I can enjoy the best experience for the next 6,7 year for just around $400 more. That is the bargain I choose :)

    • You're both special. Can we stop this debate now?

  • Comes up as 148 on the link? Am I missing something?

  • Damn why cant the PS3 be this price.

  • it seems cheap, but no kinect… but comes with a game… how old is this console!?

  • Whats different with this new XBOX 360 and the recent slim (or any others for that matter) ?

    • Taken from justtoreply's comment, realistically the only downside of the new console is the loss of optical audio out connector and one less USB port (4 instead of 5). An upside is that it's marginally quieter. Other than that its just a new box with the same guts.

      • +1 vote

        New box with same guts… Hmmm gonna have to do some research and see if this sucker can play "BACKED UP GAMES" like its predecessor :)

      • what's the use of audio out? I could just plug it into my AMP via HDMI right?

        Also what are USB ports for? Controllers?

        And can the controller also be used on PC?

        • I could just plug it into my AMP via HDMI right?

          Unless you have an old TV/AMP that doesn't have HDMI

          Also what are USB ports for? Controllers?

          Pretty much, maybe USB drives too etc. I'm not a Xbox owner/user so this is based on my limited knowledge.

          And can the controller also be used on PC?

          Yes, wired xbox controllers will work fine on PC. The wireless controllers need a USB receiver to plug into the PC which I think are about $15. Alternatively you can get a Xbox 360 Wireless Controller For Windows which can be used as both a second controller for you xbox or on your PC with the included wireless adapter (I use one of these on a PC and it's great). They occasionally appear for cheaper.

  • This should be sub 100 now.

  • Quick question about the included Minecraft game.
    2 out of my 3 kids have a Minecraft PC account, will my third child be able to play with them online or will this one only work with xbox live paid account?

    • He will only be able to play with other Xbox 360 gamers on xbox live.

    • you can play minecraft without a xbox live paid but if you wish to play online with other then you need a paid account. At this point in time you CANNOT play online with people who use PC. However, it was announced that sometime in the future that xbox and pc could interact with eachother. Im still sceptical about this though as it was announced a long time ago.

      • Thanks, so basically he needs a paid account (which I won't buy..) to play any type of game online?
        I think that is where the PS3 and the Xbox 360 differ to me, I will not see any point of paying to play people online.
        I guess i'm just too old school..:)

        • that is correct. ps3 is free to play online. if buying a paid account is completely out of the question then you should either think about a PS3 (note: minecraft isnt available atm but should be in the future) or a cheap PC as minecraft is a game that doesnt require an expensive PC to play.

    • The main reason why you can't play with PC users is that the console versions of Minecraft are severely cut down versions.

  • It's cheaper to buy an Xbox 360 these days, then a Nintendo 64.

  • Anyone have any idea how much the game is alone from Big W? Or has anyone seen the game for cheap somewhere?

    • CryssieJade, I think it was only $29ish brand new for an xbox 360 version of minecraft at jb the other day. xmas sale.

      I traded games for it so didn't actually pay cash.

  • A lot better priced than JB is selling the xbox one edition of minecraft for ($118)

    • I might be wrong, but I think that's just a placeholder price much like the release date is a placeholder date. Almost all of their pre-orders are listed at that price, but no XB1 games that are out now come anywhere near it. I'd be very surprised if it actually released for $118.

  • Good luck! BigW can't manage to ship preordered (in Oct) Xbox Ones. Their customer service redefines a hellish experience.

  • Is it worth to buy a XBOX 360 for a 9 year old ?

    • yes, at this price. For school holidays sake. There are many games between $10-$30 now too.

  • yes cameldownunder. My 9yr old (and 6yr old) love the xbox 360 with minecraft.

    They also love the wii u and the PS3.

    Dissapointed that I just the last bigW special (xbox360 @ $138) and traded 5 games to buy minecraft….

    Don't forget you need a HDMI cable and 2nd remote to play multiplayer minecraft.

  • I was just wondering if there is a potential of scratching the disc having the Xbox 360 E placed vertically? or just to be safe I should place it horizontally?

  • Which is better
    This or the promo ps3 on bigw too for 168$???

  • What turns me off is the 4GB (you'll need external drive to install games i.e GTA) would hope a 250GB be this price one day ;)

    • Where do you get the HDD from? Can you use any? How much?

    • I installed GTA5 onto a 16GB USB drive plugged into the rear of a 4GB Xbox 360 yesterday. Installs/runs with no issues (the flash drive must be support 15MB/s+ read speeds)

  • Ordered one this morning online. Price was showing as $138, applied the 10off120 coupon and got it for $128 on click n collect. Seems a good price.

  • I ordered two but with different transactions.. one is a gift other is for me..
    Love Gears of War series.. I have a PS3.

  • What a pity no kinect, where can I get a cheap kinect?