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4x Olin OVR 101 Voice Recorder / MP3 / FM Radio's Sent Tomorrow Via eParcel $25 Delivered


HI Guys,

Last promo before Christmas - yes we still have loads of these to get rid of.

Deal is for 4x Olin OVR-101 1GB Voice Recorder / Mp3 / FM Radios. Larger volume discounts also available - check product options.

These are the 1GB units - sent to you via Aust Post eParcel Consignment - all orders dispatched next day.

Basic Features
1GB Voice Recorder with Voice activated recording
FM Radio with recording feature
Mp3 Player

More details available on the website.

Hope you like


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    How much did I pay for the 512MB one?

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      I haven't touch one yet from the last sale back in May!!!



      Now, a Q for Vendor: Why does "$43.00" appear at 2 places on your web page?

      Also, how to buy more than 16 (for an even lower unit-price), eg, 32 units? Price?

      Do you accept PayPal?

      Can I track my parcel(s)?


        Sorry about the screw around folks - accidentally defaulted one of the product options. All fixed :$25 delivered. Yes we accept Paypal. Tracking : yes - give us a call once you receive your shipment notification, we'll give you the tracking number over the phone.



      "How much did I pay for the 512MB one?"

      Ok, I give in. How much did you pay?

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    These are bloody good units. I grabbed one previously (I think it's a 1GB). It is the best Voice Recorder that I own (have Sony, Olypus, Sharp, Casio)… it truly is great.

    Also, it doesn't drain the batteries overly quickly when sitting there in the box switched off (actually on standby, as there is no power switch).

    The only annoyance is remembering how to turn it on and off - it's not intuitive (hold one of the buttons for 5 seconds).


    Good units, when you get a complete one. I got a few from a previous sale, only down side is they were all thrown in a paper bag in a big mess with extra bits thrown in and other pieces missing but they were cheap. Quite a jumbled mess but worth the money back then.


      THanks. These units are shipped via eParcel so no skimping on freight. All units will be in retail packaging, ready for resale or gifts.


    i'm pretty sure my mobile has voice recorder , mp3 and fm


    Price showing as 43, how to get $25 price?


    Have a few of these. Works fine and big bang for buck.


    Not bad. The only thing I dislike about is they attract fingerprints! I can't help myself but constantly trying to wipe it clean…


    i bought a 512mb unit for $7 six months ago. its still in the box sitting on the coffee table.


    I can attest to these. I use mine on a daily basis. When I have a thought, I pick it up, and hold down the record button on the side. It boots up in 5 seconds, I say my piece, press stop, and shut it down again by holding the play button. It records every word, even at night when I whisper.

    Months of battery life if used sparingly, or about 6 hours from standard AAA cells if you use it in one go. I would get this myself if I didn't already have 12 of them.

    Company is great too. I had a problem with my last order where there was a problem with another item I ordered at the same time, and didn't receive. I called them up months after paying, and the guy was quick to refund the money. Now this was well after the paypal dispute deadline, and he had to send it as a regular payment rather than as a refund so they would have lost a few dollars to paypal fees. It would have been reasonably to deduct a few bucks for the fees considering my lateness in contacting them. The fact that he didn't, or get grouchy about it (considering the price it would be understandable), shows me that the company has some pretty top notch blokes working there.


    I purchased a few of these months back, and I use mine almost daily.

    The quality and sensitivity of recording is great.

    VAS (voice activated) with the lapel microphone out the window and hit record, and it records sounds close or far and extremely clear… voices, cars, planes, birds, etc.

    Very useful for recording phone conversations if the need arise too.

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