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Buffalo 4TB USB3.0 External HDD - $169, 3TB - SOLD OUT !


Hey Guys

it comes to my attention there are not many deals on larger external hdd on the market atm so we manage to secure some 4tb USB3.0 for a good price. qty are limited to 50 only so first come first serve, deals for online only,

Buffalo 4TB DriveStation Axis External Desktop Hard Drive (HD-LB4) - SATA, USB 3.0 Port with USB 2.0 Backwards Compatibility, Plug & Play for PC, Mac & Wii U, TurboPC, eco Manager & More - BlackMore Buffalo
You'll never run out of storage space on your computer again with the DriveStation Axis external hard drive from Buffalo. Boasting a staggeringly generous 4-terabytes of capacity, this sleek desktop hard drive is the perfect storage solution for any device with a USB port.

The DriveStation features a USB 3.0 interface, which can transfer data up to 10 times faster than a standard USB 2.0 connection. Effortlessly store all your favourite files as well as those incredibly important documents you can't afford to lose, and schedule automatic backups for multiple computers using the included software or Apple's Time Machine. This SATA HDD comes packed with convenient features including the energy-saving eco Manager, SecureLock Manager data encryption and performance-boosting Turbo PC. Setup is also incredibly easy - simply plug into your PC or Mac and start using!

The DriveStation's ultra-modern, compact chassis can be easily adapted into your desktop, home entertainment area or other space, as it can be efficiently positioned both horizontally and vertically. It's also performance-tested as a reliable storage solution for the Wii U gaming system, meaning you'll no longer have to choose between saving current game data or new downloads!

So if you're looking for a simple and secure storage space for your most precious photos, music, movies and more, the Buffalo DriveStation Axis external hard drive is a must-have!


Buffalo DriveStation Axis external hard drive
Quickly and easily expand the storage capacity of your computer
Massive 4TB capacity - can store up to 1,800,000 photos, 4,000 movies and 1,000,000 songs!
Plug and play setup - works with both PC and Mac
High-speed USB 3.0 port with backwards compatibility to USB 2.0
Super-fast data speeds of up to 5GB per second
Compatible with Wii U - reliably save game data and downloadable software
Automatic data backups with Buffalo Backup Utility for PC and Time Machine for Mac
Includes useful range of Buffalo software including Turbo PC, TurboCopy and RAMDISK Utility
Secure Lock Mobile for Windows/PC encrypts your data, preventing unauthorised access
eco Manager - reduces power consumption for Windows by 80%
Sleek and versatile form factor - lay flat or stand upright for efficient desktop placement

Capacity: 4.0TB
Interface: 1 x USB 3.0 port (backwards compatible with USB 2.0)
Data Transfer Rate (max): 5Gbps (USB 3.0), 480Mbps (USB 2.0)
USB Connector: Type A
Compatible With: Windows 7/8/Vista (32/64-bit), Windows XP, Mac OS X 10.4-10.6
Max Power: 18W
Power Supply: AC 100-240V, 50-60Hz
Size: (W) 3.9cm x (D) 19cm x (H) 12.3cm
Colour: Black
Weight: 2.1lbs (Approx 950g)
Model: HD-LB4.0TU3
Brand: Buffalo
This product comes with a 1 year Buffalo warranty
Package Contents

1 x 4TB Buffalo DriveStation Axis external hard drive
1 x USB 3.0 cable
1 x AC adapter
1 x Setup CD-ROM
Quick Setup Guide and warranty information

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  • +3

    correct me if im wrong but isn't a 1 year warranty for hard drives pretty piss poor these days?

    • Maybe refurbished?

      • +1

        dear boozler,

        no there are not refurbised. they are brand new.

        with the warranty most of the internal HDD offers more warranty than the budget external HDD. I have seen some seagate or WD unit only offers 12 month warranty as well. some of the higher end seagate model comes with more warranty.

        lets face it for $169 I dont think we can even get a internal HDD for that price let alone the External.

        we do offer 1 year repplacement warranty providing the product is not physically damage.

        thank you guys


        • +1

          It would cost heaps more if you loose 4GB of storage.

        • +16

          Or even worse, 4TB!

        • lol, yeah I agreed.

          I lost 2TB of storage in one of my Seagate Internal HDD. and I learned my lessons now. anything important I will have 2 copies of backup. external and internal !

        • 2 is still now enough, if it's really important. Cloud backup should be more secure, but for family videos, not an affordable option.

        • +2

          If you are Paris Hilton, people will back your "family" videos for you.

  • +2

    I have seen http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/124807 last week and we went crazy on it. this is a internal drive for $157.35 base on the current exchange rate it is $174.716 and there are no local warranty for it.

    even if we pull the HDD out I think its still worth the dollar. just my thought

  • +1

    Good buy

  • +2

    Anyone know what drives are inside this?

    • -1

      Another post states Hitachi 7200rpm
      Hitachi HDS724040ALE640

      • The drives inside this are 5400rpm. Bufallo Axis velocity has 7200 rpm drive inside, don't know what brand though…

  • +1

    Grabbed one just now because I only got less than 50GB in my N40L, probably won't strip it and use it as a real backup disk to store important family videos and photos. It may last longer in the case for occasional backup than running 24/7 in the server.

    • thank you mily,

      just for your note if you really want something for run 24/7 in the server really u need to look for a drive design to run 24/7, enterprise grade I guess, as the normal desktop HDD are not design to run 24/7

      • Yes I know, so this disk will stay in its case and run for a few hours to backup the latest contents every week.

  • +1

    Standard warranty these days is 3 years (from OfficeWorks - on Toshiba, Seagate and Western Digital - that I know because I bought them), not 1 year. The last HDD I got https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/123516 has 2 yrs warranty - same Buffalo, just 3 TB.

    1 Yr Warranty is just not enough for me, especially since I have returned two HDD's in the last year that had crashed after 18 months.

    Decent enough price though at $170.

    • Hi MarkB4,

      thanks for the feedback. this is a local stock so the local stock warranty will be applied. if buffalo offers 2 year warranty with this product it will be 2 years. 1 Year replacement warranty is offer by us only the remaining warranty will be carry out by the manufacture. I will find out exactly the warranty period,

      thank you

    • +1

      According to http://au.buffalo-asia.com/forhome/storage/3.5/hd-lbu3-ap/ its a 3 year warranty for the HD-LB4.0TU3.

  • any discount on 3tb hdd?

    • +3

      here you go guys

      only 20 Unit available, first come first served !

      $109 for 3TB

      please use code 3tbdeal



      • Oh I really should wait for this, $/TB wise. Any chance I can change my order, rep?

      • just picked up a 3TB, thank you.

      • +1

        I get this: "Sorry, this coupon has exceeded its maximum number of total uses."

    • +1
  • +2

    Can you please have another 2TB special?

    • Could we please get a deal on a portable 2TB? Pretty please?

      • +2

        hi austin,

        let me have a look see if we can do anything ! thank you . keep the suggestion coming guys not only on the HDD anything everything, I will do anything with in my power !


        • Would also like a deal on portable 2tb or preferable 3tb

    • Hi PeeDee,

      3TB now at $109 delivered, 2TB not worth it as the cost difference is very minimal.


      • How about a deal on a 3TB portable then? I just need a portable HDD.

      • What is the code for the 3TB @ 109 delivered?

      • Dammit! Missed out in the deal!!!

  • Thanks Mate, just picked one up as my 1.5 was getting very low.

    • thanks lucifersfury82. the 4TB should last u a while .

  • +1

    Thanks OP, just picked up a 3tb version.

    • your welcome dude.

  • Anybody have problems with their drives running hot? My Buffalo 3TB drive keeps running towards 55 degrees. I use mine for backup storage. Once it gets that hot, I disconnect and wait for it to cool down before I continue transferring. Haven't seen how hot it can get for fear of damaging the drive and hence the data already on there.

    • Yes, my 3TB hits 50 and idles at around 38-40. Currently, I am blowing the air from the PC's top exhaust into the "base" of the Buffalo drive. That seems to cool it by a few degrees. Might be worth trying to find a small fan to attach to the fan port on the top corner of the drive (have to unscrew it to access the fan power lead). Or take it out of the enclosure once the warranty expires.

      Also, maybe use the power savings utility to put the drive to sleep when it isn't being used.

  • -7

    Tried about 40 minutes ago but the 3tbdeal is no longer available.

    "Sorry, this coupon has exceeded its maximum number of total uses"

    Ended up creating an account with JW for nothing.
    The website should have allowed me to check whether the coupon is valid prior to creating an account

    Don't bother creating an account if you're after the 3tb

    • +3

      Store rep explicitly stated above: "only 20 Unit available"

    • Hi googoplex,

      as I mention on the original post there is a limited amount available (50 in total) I manage to get another 30 unit so it should be good to re try again. sorry about the hassle.

      3TB are sold out now !


      • Just tried "3tbdeal" and got: The coupon code you have entered is not valid.

        Oh wait. They're sold out?

  • I got a couple of 3TB Buffalos same price from a recent earlier offer:


    If anyone is interested, they have 3 year warranty (I think standard for buffalo externals?). Inside are Seagate

    The case is fairly easy to break open without damaging. There is a warranty sticker (self destructs when you peel apart) connecting circuit board to drive, but on mine they weren't stuck to the drive at all, so no issue. Now in my microserver.

    Nice prices JW!

    • Hi Robs12,

      thanks for confirming the information. :)

    • Where did you see 3 year warranty on https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/123516 ? Would like that for future reference.

      On that deal it states the warranty is for 2 years. I also asked gadgetcity.com and they confirmed 2 yrs.

  • So 4tbdeal only takes $40 off the order?
    I wanted to get 4x for a nice RAID…

    • Hi Soandso

      sorry buddy its out crappy back end system (we are in the stage of upgrading as we speak) please do individual orders if you can and we will combined the orders at the back end.

      and the HDD limited to 2 per customer on the 4TB.

      thank you


  • +6

    Good comms from th rep :) +1

    • thanks giu :) thats very nice of you.

      • Yeah great work rep. If you had more stock I was going to buy a few more 3TB for a mate. But hey can't win them all.

        • @bluechan

          Thanks mate. Not to worry, you will see us appear more often with more great deals to come.


  • Thanks so much, rep.
    Just picked up a 4TB drive.

  • You can actually mark the deal as expired or out of stock etc ;)


  • Rep,
    Just tried making an order (5810). PayPal failed before logging in, tried going back, and the coupon is now at maximum use.. Can this be fixed up somehow?

    • @Morien

      I can see that you have made 2 orders, one which has the failed paypal log-in. Don't be too alarmed, we will get in touch with you sometime today via the contact number you have provided. Thank you.

  • I just placed an order through paypal and it went through ok…

  • God damnit how could I miss both deals? No chance of anymore 3TB rep?

    • @dqtl74

      You may have missed out this time, but in the near future we should have more similar deals, so make sure to subscribe!


      • I'll keep an eye out for that. I will need two more 4TB HDD's early next year … Upright standing ones take up less room on the desk/shelf, and Western Digital My Book would be good. :)

        I see you have no stores in Bris. Any planned?

  • Thanks Rep. Just picked up a 4TB.

  • The 4TB code is now returning "Sorry, this coupon has exceeded its maximum number of total uses.".

    Stupid day job, taking up valuable Ozbargain browsing time. Good deal though Rep, even though I missed one.

  • All gone. JW any chance or other similar deals? Haven't seen you on OzBargain in a while.

  • This HDD looks EXACTLY like my amp.


    Minus the volume nob of course.

  • I bought one of these drives some time ago, but returned it due to vibration: Buffalo have used the smallest rubber feet imaginable and it just doesn't absorb the vibration when flat on a hard surface.

    Seagate at least have decent feet that raise the drive high enough for air circulation and stop vibration being conducted to the supporting surface.

  • Surprised this can even come with a 1 year warranty. In America I'm pretty sure the minimum is 2 years. When it gets up to 4TB, you may wish you forked out the extra $10 for the 3 year warranty with one of the bigger brands. I'm waiting on a WD my book deal soon since OW is clearing out their current stock of 4TB, the new model must be coming in soon :)

    • I think what the rep means is that; they, as the retailer cover warranty for 12months. It appears to be confirmed above but the manufacturer themselves offer a 3 year warranty, so after the first 12 months you need to deal with the manufacturer for warranty issues rather then the retailer. I understand this completely as often the retailer have a margin of only a few dollars, you have to count on them not failing, but a retailer cannot survive having to cover the entire manufacturers warranty, especially when the manufacturer is the one making the biggest margin of all. They should support the product they sell rather than dumping it on the retailer. That's semi my own rant from being in retail, but yeah the warranties there, just covered by the manufacturer rather than retailer and I think it's good they don't mislead you by saying 3 year warranty only to turn around and direct you to the manufacturer

  • "Sorry, this coupon has exceeded its maximum number of total uses."

    Missed again. :(

  • Yeah i missed the 3TB deal and that was the better deal per GB.

  • 3tb pls

  • Anyone know if there are any 'Cloud" software you can use to turn these drives into something similar to the WD my personal Cloud Drives

  • My order for a 3TB that was confirmed & paid for yesterday, got cancelled today!

    • @christ0

      Can you please give me your Order number so that we can investigate this further for you.


      • Dont worry, got the below email, will NEVER spend $1 at JW ever after this pathetic treatment.

        "A standard procedure at JW Computers is the confirmation of details on any order via a telephone conversation. We require that you answer a series of questions which will allow us to confirm your identity matches that provided on the order. This procedure allows us to minimise the number of fraudulent transactions we receive. Failure to answer these questions leaves us unable to proceed with your order and as per our telephone conversation, the order has been cancelled. The full amount will be refunded to you. I apologise for any inconvenience caused by our procedure.

        Yours Sincerely,
        Chris Cozanitis
        JW Computers Online Team."

        • +1


          As the email states, you did not want to answer our series of security questions which will help us to identify whether or not the person over the phone is actually the person who had conducted the order.

          Also, to follow up on your telephone conversation with my colleague, you requested that the order be cancelled and in fact was not cancelled for no reason other then what is listed in the email above due to your failure to comply.

          As you can see, we have had a very good response from the other 100 or more happy customers who were successfully able to complete the transaction.


        • Hey DR,
          gave them name & address? what else did they want? credit card number? pin number?

          i explained i paid with Paypal which has details, & confirms details that were in original order. moreover i joined your mailing list when i bought, & created an account… something elese that could'v ebeen checked.

          anyhoo… as i said, no-ones ever got me to confirm personal details over phone when ive joined their mailing list & paid with paypal.


  • Hasn't been shipped yet?

    • @mily

      Because we have had a large volume of orders for these External Hard Drives, you should receive your tracking number very shortly via email. Thanks for your patience guys.


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