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Quickflix: Existing Returning Users Only: 6 Weeks Free


Please note that this is not for everyone. If you have an existing account with Quickflix and used their trial period or deactivated your account, you can use this deal.

I have used Quickflix for few months and their service is quite nice.


Restart your Quickflix membership and receive 6 FREE weeks of unlimited streaming and unlimited DVDs & Blu-rays 1 out at a time PLUS a free new release to stream! After your 6 free weeks, you can continue to enjoy Quickflix for only $14.99 a month. ( 1 blue ray /DVD at a time or week)

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  • Haha, I just cancelled yesterday! I wonder if I have to let my current period expire on the 26th or can sign back up right now?
    It's a pretty good service, I just wasn't getting the use out of it (partly because of buying Blu Ray deals posted on OzB)

    • It mentions in the terms you must have been away from the service for at least 6 months. I think you're out of luck.

      • I'll be in luck then; signed on in 2009 to see what was all the fuss about a movie called "Battle Royale" I'd heard of. Later on, I heard of this "The Pirate Bay"; now- if I can't find something on this "The Pirate Bay"- then I can rest assured knowing that if I sign on to Telstra and agree to get money taken from my account at various times each day, then I might find similar movies on their website! How about that.

  • "You are not eligible for this offer as you have previously had a free trial. Click here to reactivate your account."


  • This may have something to do with the TiVo CASPA service ending and trying to encourage users who previously used quickflix back.

    I have used quickflix before and never found the disc feature any use, one or two free streamed movies per week would have been better. I also found the range of free streaming content quite limited.

    • Streaming service had very limited movies.
      I was ordering the 3d Blue rays for kids and other blue rays.
      Found it quite useful.

  • I would do this but they were such a pain in the ass to get rid of I just don't think I can. Plus, from memory you never get any of the popular titles in your list anyway. And the streaming movie selection was awful.

    • I was signed up for quite a while before I quit.

      The #1 problem is the quality of the discs. You get a couple each week and they are all scratched. You send them back but then you're out of movies for another week which you're paying for - and the next set you get will be scratched as well. Meanwhile if you hit a bad disc in a TV series, you're stuffed, and of course they rent out the TV series as individual discs - some of which are never available - and so that's not worth it either.

      Sadly the whole thing just doesn't work and probably a small portion of the user base who scratches discs for fun or whatever ruins it for everyone else.

      I haven't seen their streaming content but after having used Netflix and a proxy I couldn't go back. Sadly I canned the Netflix subscription too because Vividwireless isn't fast enough to stream it properly and the quality fluctuates too much instead of buffering properly.

    • You will have to add the popular ones in your favourites and whenever they are available they will be sent to you. I used it earlier for few months and never had scratched blue rays.
      I might have been ordering the new releases or Blue rays.

      Streaming service at that time had only few movies.

    • It's just too much hassle, sticking with getting new releases on $1 Tuesdays at my local VideoEzy kiosk. I have plenty of stuff to watch here for any other day.

  • Deal link takes me to deal details, I agree to t&c, click "sign in".

    BUT am taken to create new account offering a completely different 2 DVD at a time offer.

    Entering my old details produces message "You are not eligible for this offer as you have previously had a free trial. Click here to reactivate your account.". Reactivating account & trying again was futile.

    What a waste of time.

    I assume the OP was sent this, so would take to their account.


    Has anyone got this deal?
    If not, why the + votes?

    • I also had the trial earlier, but paid for few months before deactivating my account.
      So no idea, if they have added that condition for activation.

      • Point is deal link will not take others to actual deal, only deal details. As such, there is no deal available to us! If unavailable, should be removed.

        How did you you receive this deal?

  • Made me log into the mytivo and sign up for 2 months free.. TiVo offer
    Already downloaded the complete series of original invasion of the dalek.
    And soon to hit walking dead and game of thrones again for fun..
    Much better than watching on your samsung tv or iPad as it downloads the whole thing and you can stop and go back..
    Now this is viewing at its best in my books

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