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Lenovo Boxing Day Discounts eg ThinkPad Yoga i5 128GB Full HD with Stylus $1343


Some good discounts at lenovo for boxing day. I got a thinkpad yoga full hd with stylus for $1343 (with student discount).

This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2013

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    Put the best deal in the title with a price.


      Okay. Done.

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    yes they will take your money then cancel your order then make you wait a month or so to get back your money.


    what discount?


      About $200 off their normal discount

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    Everyone's having a Boxing Day sale, and 99.87% of them are shite.


      99.87%´╝čwhere did you get this statistical data? Looks like so academic.LOL


        That's just the Confidence Interval…jimbler can safely say within 99.87% CI that the sales will be shite.


    They've got similar deals all the time, so I would say the discounted price is more like the RRP.

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    Not in any way employed by Lenovo, just wondering if the mods are gonna step in and remove irrelevent negs. Seems to happen with certain posts but not all.


      sorry, but i neg all Lenovo posts, the customer service is atrocious.
      taking peoples money, not sending the items, price error,fair enough, but then holding onto peoples money for a month?

      sorry but as i say, Lenovo can suck it.


        It's not that I disagree with your right to express dissatisfaction, just that I had an occasion in the past where a company failed to deliver as promised; I negged their new offer based on previous experience, but the mods reversed my neg. When it's consistent, I have no problem.

        btw my attachment to Lenovo is limited to my utter and complete satisfaction with their product after purchasing an old, second-hand Lenovo at auction. Short of a hammer, I literally can't kill this thing.

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          When it's consistent, I have no problem.

          Does consistently inconsistent count? ;)

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          For this site it's gonna have to.

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    Are Lenovo really that bad? I was this close to buying a thinkpad until I saw all the negs.

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      In my fairly limited recent experience with Lenovo, I don't really rate them anymore. A few years ago they were pretty decent, but it looks to me like the build quality has been slipping in the last couple of years.

      We had a couple of consumer grade laptops & two AiO PCs on trial in our office in the last year or so, all four developed some sort of issue & needed to be returned. The keys on the laptops were popping off like Pogs after a month or two; and the AiOs developed this weird intermittent screen flash/flicker.

      Now, the business grade stuff may well be a different story; I'll defer to those with more experience in that area; but I'd personally steer well clear of the consumer grade stuff. Just my $0.02…


    LENOVO business, marketing & support has totally declined this year!!!! Somebody @ Lenovo really has gotten a loose screw in their head!… Whatever happened to their BUSINESS/ENTERPRISE products, suddenly downgrading it with WIN8 64 instead of the usual networkable PRO versions then chopping off the warranty from 3yrs to 1yr! All becomes so uncompetitive (vs DELL & HP) once you are force to addon the upgrades ie. win8pro + extra 2 yrs wty.

    It was such as massive turn off this progressive "more $ for less and less of a product & service" deals that we've ceased using them for many of our sme clients. Ball breaker was the decline in warranty support where it took almost 3 weeks for parts to become available, rendering a few of our clients machine inoperable over those periods. Till we think things improve we've steered away from LENOVO business products!