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digiDIRECT Boxing Day Sale 10% off Storewide for 4 Days, Panasonic GF5 w/ 14-42mm Lens for $269


This is probably my fave deal out of the mirrorless camera deals I've seen here lately though I'm partial to the Micro Four Thirds system because of the excellent lens selection. The GF5 is a very small camera which may not be for everyone (check out the recent Sony A3000 deal if you want something bigger) but I'm a fan myself since it's easier to bring around with me. Not as new as the GF6 but still a good camera at a great price.

But hey, if you don't like the GF5 then maybe you can get some other camera that's on sale. Would've gotten an E-M1 if they had stock of the 12-40mm lens. If a Digidirect rep sees this and wants to correct me on that, please feel free to do so :)

The Fujifilm XF-1 deal posted not too long ago is even cheaper now. Was $199 now $179.

Ends Dec 29.

EDIT: More stuff that might be of interest. Or at least stuff that I'm considering buying even though I really shouldn't.

Panasonic GM1 w 12-32mm lens for $782 (although it's preorder status)

Sony NEX 5R body for $359 (nice body but you gotta get your own lens)

Sony E 35mm f1.8 for $359 (this'd be my go to lens if I shot with an NEX since I love primes, might be cheaper elsewhere though)

Olympus OMD E-M1 w 12-40mm f2.8 lens for $2060 (sweet combo and pretty good price considering the body is $1258 & lens is $990, lens is not in stock but others may be happy to wait)

Sony A7 for $1754 (not many native lenses to choose from at the moment and the ones they have are pricey but I have a lot of older manual focus lenses so this is super tempting)

Might as well get it with the kit lens I suppose - $1799 (although no free adapter via redemption if you go for this over the body only, thanks for the info electronictomato)

Nikon D800 Body Only $2651

Sony Nex 3n & 16-50mm lens $395

Nikon D7100 & 18-105mm lens $1300

Sony NEX 6 & 16-50mm lens kit @$719 (thanks apat)

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    Don't forget about the Sony A7 and A7r! ;)

    • +1

      Ah yes! A7 body for $1754 drool It's insane that a full frame mirrorless is now sub $2k. Poor lens selection at the moment though :(

      • +3

        1799 with the 28-70mm. I mean for an extra 45 bucks…not bad at all

        • Yeah I just saw that. Definitely get it with the kit lens as opposed to just the body.

          Ugh so tempted.

        • Bare in mind that if you get the kit lens package, you won't be able to take advantage of Sony's current promotion of a free lens adapter with a body-only purchase of the A7 or A7R. The LA-EA4 adapter which is available for free with that promotion is worth $349 in it's own right.

          The adapters available are:
          Canon EF to E-Mount (Mark III) (Model: MB_EF-E-BM3) - Electronic Control
          Nikon G to E-Mount (Model: MB_NG-E-BM2) - Manual Control
          Leica M to E-Mount (Model: MB_LM-E-BM2) - Manual Control
          Sony A-Mount to E-Mount (Model: LAEA4) - Electronic Control

          More details on the promotion at Digidirect's pages for the A7: http://www.digidirect.com.au/slr_cameras/sony/sony_alpha_a7_...

          And A7R: http://www.digidirect.com.au/slr_cameras/sony/sony_alpha_a7r...

          Note that only the ILCE7B and ILCE7RB body-only models are eligible, not the ILCE7K kit lens package.

          Currently rocking an A7R and FE35/2.8 myself. :)

      • Judging by the impact, sales and reviews the A7 has been getting I would say it's a fair assumption to think that lens selection will grow steadily and quickly.

        Have a few friends with 5Ds that are considering switching camp.

        I myself went Sony from Nikon and seeing the Canon fellas getting tempted is a sign of the times.

      • but DC :(, need FF lens

        i dont like how do 10% after the canon cashback tho.

        ie http://www.digidirect.com.au/slr_cameras/canon/canon_eos_6d_...

        • Ahh I forgot that it's not FF. Been so long since I looked at non mirrorless gear.

          Not sure how the cashback on the 6D works. When you add it to cart, the price is $1574.

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          cash back is through canon. After buying from digidirect, apply through canon's site for the cashback.

        • +1

          Add it to the cart and it is $1749 - 10% = $1574

          Then you get the canon cashback yourself. i think they have screwed up the price on this item.

          Ditto the Canon 5D Mark III - Its $3259 - 10% = $2933
          Then you get $200 back from canon so it's actually $2733.

      • +1

        Try it at your own risk.

        Severe focusing issues (on Canon) and you might need to invest in a Sigma dock to get it to work at an acceptable level.

        • I don't have a DSLR anyway so I can't get it. Didn't know about the issues. Too bad :(

  • X100s is a really good deal

  • Pity the mirrorless lenses are quite expensive. Otherwise I'd have jump on the lense and this XF1 to get the GST back.

  • Hi peeps any guess on how long digidirect ships (given the holiday period)? Needed for a birthday present by mid-Jan!

    • Hey Havle,

      The shipping period depends on stock availability in store and from suppliers (if not in stock.) Your best bet would be to call the Melbourne store on P: 03 9670 6901 tomorrow if purchasing online to check stock availability.

      • Bought one from Melb thanks! Thanks heaps OP

  • I've been looking at an upgrade for my trusty GF1 and been looking into the GM1 and the Olympus M5, they both seem to be around the same price range. Any thoughts/advice guys?

    • gm1 - no veiwfinder, nice size though supposidley same sensor of the gx7, i remain unconvinced its of the same image quality
      em5- no inbuilt flash, no HDR, no focus peaking , 5 point stabilization though
      gx7 - large viewfinder, HDR, in built flash :P

      (i got a gx7)

      • interesting, cheers! Will look into the GX7

  • +3

    The Store Rep pointed out these deals also in the other thread, OP please update the deal description if you think they are worthy, I won't add them as I am not sure if they are worthy mentions or not.

    Nikon D800 Body Only $2651

    Sony Nex 3n & 16-50mm lens $395

    Nikon D7100 & 18-105mm lens $1300

    • +1

      I think I might grab the 3n as I'm looking for a cheap entry level mirrorless. Seems like a pretty damn good camera!

    • +1

      Didn't see this until now but thanks to mods for adding these to the description :)

      NEX 3N is cheaper at Kogan ($339 free shipping) but it's Kogan.

  • The Sony Nex 6 & 16-50mm lens kit @$719 is also quite a good deal.

    I bought this a month or so ago from JB @ ~$760. Great camera.

  • I'll be ringing them tomorrow to check stock but I want the 1 Nikkor 18.5mm CX mount lens, and the Panasonic LF1. Or Fuji XQ1. Or Panny FZ200. Or Fuji X-S1. Can you tell I'm indecisive?

  • Would it be better to get this camera with the power lens instead to make it more compact? I noticed the power lens is $387 though…

  • +1

    It would be a good price if it had included the retractable 14-42mm power zoom lens instead.

    • Agreed. I got excited when I saw the G X PZ lens attached to the "Related Products" image in the top right.

  • Does it come with the standard 14mm lens also so if you want to use it as a quick point and shoot and have it stored away compact oyu can do so? Or is it only the 14-42mm lens that comes with this?

    • clearly states 14-42mm only.

  • I'm finding it really hard to choose between this GF5 and the Sony Nex 3NL. I like the 3NL because of the compact power lens it comes with but I like the Panasonic for its functionality…

    • +1

      think about the entire system, not just the camera mate.

      You're buying into a system..

      ie .. if u get nex3, your next upgrade will prolly be a nex :P since u spoent that much on lenses accessories etc right :P

      or gf5, and bring over the lens to a gx7 or something later on etc. why not go gf5 and get the powerzoom? (its more exp yes, but its nanocoated :P ) a really good lens

      thats the way i would look at it. [ie buying a system - not necessarily buying the gf5/pana]

  • Bought Nikon D800 + Sigma 50mm 1.4.

    Placed the order online last night, when I went to their King st. store to pick up today, I was told that the online order would probably take 2 days to process. So I emailed their service center to cancel my online order and take one from the store.

  • The new Pentax K-3 body only for $1210 is also a good price!

  • bought the 18-35 f1.8 sigma which is on boxingday special

  • +1

    got the sigma 35 1.4 pricematched at camerahouse broadway today.

    digidirect has a 5week waiting time, eff that.

  • Did anyone actually get a Panasonic GF5?

    Two weeks after payment I had a sheepish call from DigiDirect to say that not only did they not have any but that they couldn't get any more :-(

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