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Cree Q5 220LM 5-Mode LED Flashlight $2.18 USD Delivered (Usually $7.48 + Postage) @


This item price is $7.48 , but you can get it on $1 now .
Use (ozbargain1410) this coupon apply to original price $7.48 cree Q5 into $1 only !!
Time is limited for 2 days only for ozbargain users only !

_______________Specs _____________________

Type: LED Flashlights
Power Source: Battery
Battery Type: 114500(Not Include)
Emitter: Cree Q5
Voltage(V): DC3.7
Total Emitters: 1
Range(m): 80
Brightness(Lumen): 220
Lamp Life-span(hrs): 100000
Runtime(Hr.): 2-5
Waterproof: IP67
Switch Mode: 5(High > Mid > Low > Strobe > SOS)
Body Color: Black
Body Material: Aluminum alloy
Dimension(cm): 9.5
Certification: CE
Package Contents:

This $1 deal is just for ozbargain users only ,myled make this deal for guys to enjoy
Thanks for your support

Note : Thx for your guys support .
We did have hard time for fixing the server problems . Now the deal is on again .
All the best for ozbargainers


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  • I need a few I guess it is ok to order a few in one order?

    • Hi aacheney ,

      Each coupon for per user , pls enjoy this deal !

      Thx for you asking


      • +1

        you'll need to reword that as that didn't translate right.
        Also your cart seems to have an issue with me putting more then one in an order. You should probably limit to one per person or fix this.

        Normal 1 for 7.26
        Discounted 1 for 99c
        Discounted 2 for 1.56c
        discounted 3 for 2.34c see it's not discounting right or saying not valid for more than one item.

      • +1

        Hi rep,

        Could you please clarify, are you're saying that the coupon is limited to one per user?


  • +3

    What's a 14500 battery? It's useless without one.

    • +1

      I use AA.

      • dang! you beat me!

      • Thanks! I just got one of these and had no idea it worked on 1.2V . Not as bright, but OK.
        Still, worth getting a pair of li-ions for it. Dirt cheap, and charge in a standard 18650 charger.

    • you can use a AA more than likely.

    • +35

      14500 here refers to rechargeable lithium batteries ('li-ion': usually lithium-manganese oxide) that are manufactured to be AA sized. They are nominally rated at 3.7V, as compared to most standard off-the-shelf batteries ('alkaline': usually zinc-manganese dioxide) that are rated at 1.5V. When using 1.5V batteries in a torch like this, output is usually greatly decreased.

      (FYI 14500 means 14mm across, 50mm long, the last 0 means cylindrical)

      • Well done! +2

  • +4

    Hey there rep, can you do a deal on the same LED that only has 1 mode (on and off)?

    • +1

      would you show me the link ““then next time i can do for you !
      Thank you

      • +1

        You don't seem to have any on your site that are this model but only do On and off. Heres a link to one thats exactly this shape/model but has only On and off mode.

        • +8

          Thanks forScaregdearimasu help ,

          We will find this On and off mode one later and make a deal for your guys


        • Awesome thanks!

        • awesome, i have one from a previous deal but dont remember who/where and would love another

        • Actually, the one you linked is 3-mode: high, low, fast strobe…

        • Well crap do it is. Wonder why it's so hard to find the standard ones.
          This one should be the correct one.

    • +1 on an off is so much nicer IMO also I heard theres a flashlight that lets you maintain on and off using a full click but if you press the clicky button halfway it'd switch to low medium high sos strobe. This would be nice too but don't know how much cost it'd add.

      • ? this one does that "Switch Mode: 5(High > Mid > Low > Strobe > SOS)"

        • +1

          mm probably not. This flashlight will probably be Full click to High> Off > On-mid > Off > On-Low > OFF > on-Strobe > off > on-SOS.

          Were as I'm looking for is
          Full click to on HIGH Full click off Full click High.
          While on high mode you press the button only halfway (no audible clicky noise) which will make it go (High > Mid > Low > Strobe > SOS). The points in time where you will be using Mid low strobe and sos are going to be rare and it's lame when your wanting to just turn it on and off such as to look at items at a extremely early morning market you don't really want it to be strobing and blinding people haha.

    • Just received this one which is very bright and a simple on/off switch

  • I just bought 11 for $19.37 delivered

    • +3

      party are your place…

      • +2

        Getting ready for easter egg. Hunt :)

    • Christmas is over….broden?

    • How did you do it? It's only applying discount on 1 torch for me :(

    • How did you do this?

      The discount seems to only discount one torch for me. Every additional item is charged at full price.

      • I add 10 and forgot coupon so went bak
        Then i add 1 more and apply coupon
        Then shipping cost combined was $19.37 for 11torches

        Maybe its now allowed no more

        • hi kspec ,

          i have to say you are lucky one !


  • +1

    Question: Do I need a 5th LED torch?
    Answer: Hell Yes!

    • +4

      U will never have too many torches!
      I just got 2 stolen from the glovebox!!! Grrrr
      Thievessss they had no light so they took my torch :(

      • HKS avatar? car what do you drive?

        • +9

          Toyota camry LOL

        • but with HKS stickers? :)
          I think i've see you around

    • lol so funny !!enjoy it !

  • website is down cant check out

    • website still works for me.

    • you may clear the cache ,then it will works .

      Thx very much

      • it worked with safari,
        thanks rep

        • Thanks msmhw ,

          Enjoy the deal , now we are losing money but we are happy to make such good deal for your guys.

          Also if you have any other request item you can post here , next time we will make a best price for you here .


        • website is down cant check out

          yea i had the same issue in firefox. cleared the cookes for the site and it came back again.

  • Is anybody certain this will work with normal alkaline batteries instead of 14500 please?

    • Should work but won't be very bright - 14500's are 3.7v, Alkalines are 1.5v.

      • Thank you, but might it take 3xAAA like similar ones I bought from T-Mart?

        • The T-Mart torch ( I have 3!) takes an 18650 battery which is alot larger than a 14500. Therefore your AAA adapter will not fit.

        • HI Ferkin Tight ,

          Thx for your explain!


      • +2

        actually i use mine with rechargeables which are only 1.2v and they are still extremely bright. sure might not be "as" bright but they are still awesome.

      • that's very true , not so bright if don't use 14500's .

        thumbs-up for you Ferkin Tight .


  • Thanks, got 1 for the tackle box. About $2.55 in the end.

    • Thx lukeloop ,enjoy the deal !

  • +2

    Ahhh i couldn't be bothered filling in my name and address it should just use the paypal details.

    • -1

      yes , we can feel that it was botherd to fill the info , however ,deal will gone fast ,lol :)

      good day paulaus

  • $1.17 AUD, total with shipping $2.50 AUD

    • mine comes to $2.55 Aud. Think I only paid $3 for the same torch last time. Might give it a miss.

      • don't think I've seen this one lower then ~3.50 AUD before.

        • +1

          Sorry you are right, I went & checked and I actually paid just over $4 delivered. Either way, don't 'need' another Cree.

        • +5

          I Think if you look deep inside yourself you'll find your comment to be wrong and against everything ozB stands for. XD
          Though seriously I do think there will be a flashlight saturation point for me I'm just not sure when it will be.

        • When you reach it you can start again on torches

        • +3

          Hmm I gotta draw the line at 500 lumens. I've got more torches than knives and forks… and where the hell are they all anyway?

        • +2

          I've got more torches than knives and forks

          sounds like someone is in desperate need of some more deals on cheap knives and forks?

          moar knives + forks = moar torches….. its a win/win

  • showing $39 delivered for me for 5 torches with code… seems it's now limited to 1 per person

    Edit: it only lets me buy 1 per transaction at the special price. so now i have to make 5 separate paypal purchases in order to buy 5. pretty crappy

    • Hi Mister ,

      Buy one at $1 , but the other 4 pcs don't need to place on separate orders .

      Will you pls try again .

      Sorry for the trouble .


      • Still doesn't work. With that discount code, it only applies that discount once, even if I have multiple torches in the basket. To buy 2, had to put through 2 separate orders…. This shouldn't work like this, you'd assume that you would want us to combine multiple items in the same order, to save on shipping….

  • Thanks OP/Rep, I just ordered one…

    • Thanks netizen support ,welcome to myled .

      All the best

  • +1

    kspec, how did you get the 11 torches for $19.37? I tried it with the code and it still came out at about $70.

  • Do you need a special holder/adaptor to hold the 3x AA batteries?
    Does it come with it or buit-in?

    • +1

      I believe it takes 1x 14500 or 1x AA

  • +1

    Getting an 'unable to place the order' error

    any ideas??


    EDIT: Nevermind, after clicking submit several times it finally went through!

    • EDIT: Nevermind, after clicking submit several times it finally went through!

      ahh chears for that, worked for me as well after spamming the "place order" button a heap of times as well.

      • Sorry for this experience , we hope we can make it better !

        Thx nosdan


  • the website exchange rate better than the xe.
    ended paying $2.38 rather than $2,45

  • looks like a great deal, but I need one with IP68 so I can take it diving.

  • I keep getting 502 Bad Gateway.

    • use the privet function and should work without problem

      • I keep getting 502 Bad Gateway.

        clear your cookies. i had to do it several times before my order finally went through, its a pretty dodgy site

  • +7

    I'd recommend you change the title to something like:
    "$2.18 Delievered - Cree Q5 220LM 5-Mode LED Flashlight @"

    • +3

      Thanks Jakiejake advice ,btw ,good English !

  • Needed another one, cheers :)

  • "Unable to place the order" maybe all gone?

    • which step is reminding such "Unable to place the order" —cause our people are testing and it works

      Thanks zacsg1 for referring the issue

      • Never mind, works now :)

      • +1

        you might want to add one per person to your ozbargain post as it seems most people want more than one.
        Edit. Assuming thats your intentions.

  • unable to place order…:(

  • There was an error processing your order. Please contact us or try again later.??

  • Bought one, thanks for the post.

    • Hope Povertytrap you enjoy


  • Also had the "Unable to place order" issue but finally went through after a few goes.

  • +1

    how long will the shipping take? i guess at least 2 weeks?

  • Site is down for me. Getting a magento error:

    There has been an error processing your request

    SQLSTATE[40001]: Serialization failure: 1213 Deadlock found when trying to get lock; try restarting transaction

    • yes misa ,

      Now we are working on fixing this , thx for reminding us .

      Thx very much


  • site error, crash?

    • They should change to opencart or something lighter but equally powerfull. Magento is a poor choise if you do not have a powerfull dedicated server.

      • hi zapy ,

        we are trying to reboot .


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