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Groupon Caltex $20 Card for $15 (Groupon Login Needed), 2 Weeks for Delivery, Use by 31 Jan 2014

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Groupon Caltex $20 Card for $15 is back again!!

Similar to previous deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/123825

Expiry - 31/01/2014, so make sure to use it as soon as you receive it!

Groupies get a card loaded with $20 StarCash, valid for fuel, convenience and more at over 2,000 Caltex locations Australia-wide. Buy petrol, load up on groceries or get the car washed – StarCash can be used any time at any Caltex station.

Limit of 1 voucher per person
No refunds for change of mind
Not valid for tobacco products and telco cards
Please see the Caltex terms & conditions: http://goo.gl/94IefG
Card valid for use until:
31 Jan 2014

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  • +8

    "Your StarCash card will be shipped to you in approximately 2 weeks"

    • +1

      lol, and i was about to purchase them

    • +3

      Deceptive, so 6 days to use it..

      • No, all the information is there.

        • +2

          Yeah and when they artificially inflate their prices for those 6 days, why yo ask, oh wait near Australia day long weekend! Guess that means no mail till the 28th

    • +5

      Yep enough to stop me buying this. Any delays in shipping and its not worth it when the cards expire 31 Jan 2014.

    • +2

      Yep. think i'll pass too. Still got a couple to use from the last deals.

  • I cant even view the deal because of the screen spam

  • Sorry, you cannot buy this deal. Have a look at some other deals here!

  • +1

    Pass! 6 days to use it.

  • -3

    6 days minus 1 or 2 possible days in postal delivery, sigh, this leaves me with few days to use it. sigh

    • +8

      Enough sighs already.

    • +1

      Damn straight Charlie Brown.

  • I bought one. I'm driving for over 2 hours on the 29th to my new home, so no doubt I will use it.

    • +1

      That's not very much… Even on the highway that would only equal a third of a tank for most cars….

      • +1

        Some cars take more than $20 for a third of a tank ;-)

      • The point is that the window to use the voucher is small, but I know I'll be filling up during that time so there's little risk for me.

  • +3

    Omg people, it's a petrol card, you will receive it in a week. Do you think they will deliberately send it after 31 Jan! If they do, cause for a complaint / refund. I will take the $5 saving any day, always need petrol.

    • +9

      Oh… You have no idea, I've never received anything from these groupony sites sooner than 2 weeks (Scoopon is quicker), unless I buy digital goods.
      Living Social is always the slowest, Groupon quite slow too, Scoopon is a little quicker (~a week).

    • +1

      If you're after $5 saving, caltex would be the last place to fill up.

    • A $5 'saving' during the peak of a price cycle would cause a loss…

  • Guys…when I go to My Groupons….there is an option to download and print the voucher in PDF.

    Looks legit right…we don't have to wait 2 weeks for the card?

    • Sounds like your trying to explain it the petrol station employee who give a …. :)

    • +3

      they need to sent your a card, like your atm card, you can't exchange your printed voucher with the card in the star shop

    • +3

      i bought some the last time. you have to wait for the card

  • +9

    And it will take 2 weeks, discription says it all " approximatly 2WEEKS"
    Also still does not justify why they enforce such early expiry dates when guft cards have 12month expiry when they are preloaded. why don't they load credit with normal dates? Answer : caltex deliberately restricts dates when fuel
    Is most expensive forcing you to buy their petrol, such a scammy tactic.

    • +4

      Or they hope you don't end up using it, and free money for them.

  • +1

    it is good deal if expiry at the end of feb, for 1 week only, i don't want take any risk

  • +2

    I bought some expiring 31st Jan 2014 and bought new vouchers with it. Good deal if you can receive in it time…

  • +1

    I never received mine from the last deal

  • -5

    groupon charged me for an extra card the last time round, luckily managed to get back via paypal.

    This deal does sound a little too "tight"

  • Know it is a bit risky but decided to go ahead. Thanks,OP.

    • please do let us know how it goes :D

  • Thanks OP got one :)

  • Oh crap, the last card I got I didn't use yet. It says Expiry 01/14.

    Does that mean the last card I have until the end of Jan, or 1st of Jan?

    • should be January if just 01/14

      • Really? No way..

        • +1

          lostn it would be the end of January.

        • Thanks. I have 18 days to use it I guess.

    • +1

      end of jan

  • sold out

  • Sold out.

  • The deal was posted at 11:30 pm and sold out by 6:30 am AEST.. Lol 600+ OPs purchased this overnight ???

    • +1

      Some states are up to 3 hours behind AEDT.

  • -4

    Once you've purchased the gift card there's a link under 'My Groupon' to print the voucher. So they can be used pretty much straight away can't they assuming you have access to a printer? At least that was how it worked last time.

    • No, you have to get the physical Starcash card to present at the servo.

  • +1

    save $5 by walking one day of the week.

    • +3
    • +1

      Try walking 35km at 41 degrees in MEL. You'll love that $5 saving.

      • +1

        Its never 41 deg in melb ;-)

        • +1

          lol, it's coming in 2 days.

    • +1

      But if I do that on a hot day I will be cranky too and you've already taken that OzBargain handle. Well maybe I'll be anexpiredoldman.

  • Sorry Guys, I have fun reading this, I just bought a Nissan Leaf. It costs me 60c/day to get to work (30kms return). That is about the price of 1L of petrol/ 100kms. All I can say is stuff the oil companies…

    • +1

      How much did you get it for? Parts and services are more expensive than a normal car runs on ULP or about the same?

      • +2

        Well, it is not cheap, but give it a few years… I got it for $38k with a few extras. Service is very cheap, as there is very little to do on a full electric motor. Basically every alternate service they just rotate the tyres and fill up the windscreen washer. On a major service they also, change the brake fluid :-) Supposedly they also check the battery sometimes (ie plug in their computer terminal). Servicing is the reason I got a full electric and not a hybrid. And it is such fun to drive!!!!

        • +2

          Time will come when you have to replace the batteries. Not cheap.

        • +3

          Actually it is not what most people think. The battery is not one big unit that has to be replaced at once for $10k. It is made of 48 units and they are supposed to be changed gradually. The batteries then will come in handy for my house solar unit with still having 80% capacity (ie I will get free batteries, really). Also in 10 years, I will be able to buy the new batteries at a fraction of the price and with probably double the capacity. But, I agree time will tell … it will be interesting!

    • Tesla motors will be the future.

    • -1

      Yeah but it's a tiny car. You can't carry much in it, its range is short, and an accident will kill you.

      Quite some trade off.

      Will also take years to break even on running costs.

      • -1

        can't carry much in it, its range is short

        if he's just commuting to work and back, how much does he really need to carry in it?

        an accident will kill you.

        lol. the nature of some accidents will kill you no matter how large your car/suv is

        remember, what may not meet your needs, meets the needs of others

        • -1

          if he's just commuting to work and back, how much does he really need to carry in it?

          That's a lot of drawbacks for a 38k car. If all you wanted is to go to work and back, that's a high price to pay. I mean yeah you'll save petrol money, but how many years of low distance work commuting will it take to save you the money you would have saved if you went for a 15k Micra or Yaris?

          lol. the nature of some accidents will kill you no matter how large your car/suv is

          If you have a tiny car, the range of that 'nature of accidents' grows. Of course being hit by a train will kill you even if you have a big SUV, but more things will kill you in a small electric car than will in a less tiny car.

          remember, what may not meet your needs, meets the needs of others

          I never said anything about it not meeting his needs. He was boasting about not having to pay petrol. I'm merely pointing out the high price he paid for that perk. Expensive car, and a lot of things you can't do with it. If it were one or the other and not both, it might be worth it for me as well.

          A small 16k car will get you to work and back with pretty good fuel economy, but isn't limited by range, and it will take years (decades?) to save in petrol costs the extra you have to pay up front for an electric, especially if it's just a 30k commute to work and back. The difference in costs per KM gets smaller when you also factor in electricity costs, and the interest you'd generate by keeping the money you saved (buying a 16k car) in the bank, plus the costs of any alternative transport needed when you need to go longer distances.

          You can make an argument for paying more up front on a car to save fuel costs if you drive it a LOT each day. But if it's just to go to work and back and be within the car's range, I can't see it saving you money in the long run. A hybrid or diesel for a high KM driver is the only way I see this strategy finishing up on top.

          remember, what meets his needs, may not meet the needs of others.

        • +1

          Thanks, for the comments. I wasn't really boasting but merely offering an alternative option to make people think. I agree that costwise it is a hard call today, but prices will only come down in a few years and the range will only go up.

          We bought it as a second run around/communing city car. We can use our 4WD for large trips. This is definitely not a weekend getaway car.

          The Leaf is actually quite large!! It is a really wide car and feels very spacious inside. Also with the latest stability/dynamic control, instant torque, 7 airbags, seatbelt pretentioners etc etc, it is probably more safe then most other cars on the road!

        • well how much space would he need? i don't hear him griping about it. and i'm sure he's done the sums, cost/benefit analysis etc and chosen a Leaf over another subcompact not JUST to stick it to the oil companies. yes, it was rather smug of him though….typical electric car owner :p

          i drive a small car too (smaller than a Leaf?) and it always amuses me when it's others complaining about the lack of cargo space even though they can see just how much space is there as my car is pretty much empty. furthermore, i can open up the roof to accommodate larger items if need be. that, along with other played-out criticisms of small cars. engineering has come a long way; small cars just aren't the pitiful little weaklings of the past.

          do also note that smaller cars are more agile than a large car, and even more so than an suv…and we all know it's better to avoid the accident if possible. just ask a motorcyclist ;) (even less protection there, yet i'm seeing more of them on my commute)

    • You still use oil, those tyres and plastics in your car… Just a lot less.

      • True, but at least that can be recycled unlike the oil you burn… in fact some plastics are made from recycled materials in the leaf.

  • Lucky I saw this last night and jump in on it otherwise I'd miss out

    Now hopefully it arrives this week but I don't like my chances

    • how can it arrive this week? Clearly it states "Your StarCash card will be shipped to you in approximately 2 weeks"… so then add a few days for postage and you may get it 28 January.

  • can it be used at wollies station?

    • +2


      It can be used at any Caltex station accepting Starcash cards.

    • Not last time, but the time before they offered this I used it at a woolies station. Last time I ordered 12 of these and got them, Im upset I missed out this time. And both previous times Ive ordered these, theyve been delivered within a week

    • I used all 4 prev ones at Woolies Caltex

    • -2

      Some Woolworths petrol stations are Woolworths owned and won't accept starcash (the ones with the smaller inside shops). Some are Caltex owned and will accept it (the ones with the larger inside shops). If you do a search on the Caltex website it will show the Caltex owned ones that will accept it.

      • You're confusing starcash with starcards. My local is owned by Woolies but still accepts Starcash. It doesn't however accept Starcards.

        • -2

          Because it's Caltex not woolies owned :) Not all Caltex accept star cards, franchise owned ones often elect not to.

        • +2

          I apologise I was wrong. I just did a search on the starcash website and the woolies location that told me they don't accept it as they are Woolies owned and not Caltex owned is on there so they told me the wrong information. Should have researched myself sorry again!

  • I just received confirmation mine have been despatched. Should have plenty of time to spend them :-D

    • +1

      Me too. The negative people can stick it :)

  • I got a dispatch confirmation sms as well :) Heaps of time

  • Same here. Got the sms confirmation but today is also the first day of the fuel price cycle so I'll still need to wait for the price to drop back down. 2 weeks is sufficient time to allow for this. So I'm still happy.

    • Just buy a new gift card with it and you'll get another year to use it :)

      • Have you tried if it works?

  • dam I need a reminder to use mine!

  • +1

    Thanks OP. My card has arrived.

    • +1

      Maybe you could give the deal a +.

  • Good deal, got it today, cheers!

    • Redeemed yesterday, all good!

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