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TVPAD3 M358 Sydney Stock $245 Delivered with Free Gifts


Hi guys,
Sorry we were having some price error on our website and our website was down for a while, now it is back online now, we reduced the price to $245 to apology for the trouble, all those orders purchased with $250 will have the difference refuned.
Thanks for your patient and understanding.
Best Regards

TVpad3 (M358) – Smart TV Box Only $250 with free gifts:
One HP USB Mouse (M-U0031-D)
One 10 Meters Cat6 Gold Plated Network Cable
Free AU POST EXPRESS Shipping or pickup

Also we have Seagate Goflex 750GB USB3.0 7200RPM Portable Hard Drive for $65 Delivered.

Key Features

Support Wifi
Join Hands with WASU to provide massive genuine videos
Custom made, better suits Overseas Chinese
Home KTV, just sing as you like
Infinite legitimate Apps, easy operation on Smart OS
Two-Step installation, infinite enjoyment
You can watch hundreds of Chinese, Japanese, Korean Channels, also some english channels)
Package Inc:
TVpad M358 Receiver
HDMI Cable
AV Cable
One Year Replacement Warranty
4GB SD Card
User Manual
Power Adapter (AU)
TVpad Remote

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  • +6

    Rep, is this a real deal on your website as well or price error: http://www.onestopadmin.com.au/coolermaster-centurion-5-ii.h...

    • Looks legit to me! :p

      • Free postage too!

        • Website is down for maintenance, so I think some of the prices of the PC Cases and Cables are getting fixed possibly?

    • Did anyone pay and order this $1 case before the website went down?

      • Yep:
        Note from merchant
        Sorry we have price error on our website, please have your refund. Sorry again for the troubles. Best regards Onestopadmin

  • Website down?

    • 404 - Not Found Error - Under Maintance

    • Sorry we have sort of price error on our website, we are fixing it now, will bring the website back ASAP

  • +2

    Just looking online and the gifts are selling for approximately $10 each so there's $20 value there. However, I think you'd get a much better response by selling the unit at $230 without gifts. And maybe even offer a further discount for people picking up.

    • +3

      I think the company which runs the TVPAD puts a limit on the minimum price a retailer can sell the device for (similar to what Apple do)… and any company which doesn't comply, gets blacklisted not receiving anymore stock and potentially having their devices banned.

      A way around it would be to add free gifts such as USB's, HDMI cables etc. to entice the deal. (Once there was an eBay seller who would list the price at $230 for the TVPAD2 and then if you offered $210, he would accept, though TVPAD could not see the offers.

      Please do correct me if I'm wrong though.

  • Well, this is the first time I have seen this reason given as the eligibility for registering a .com.au domain.

    Registrant: Cong Zhang
    Eligibility Type: Citizen/Resident
    Eligibility Name: Cong Zhang

    Reverse Whois:
    "Cong Zhang" owns about 30 other domains

  • +1

    USD$199 at aliexpress http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Original-Tvpad3-internet-tv-b...

    convert to aud around $220, not bad for this seller making profit $30

    price can be as cheap as $100 if your purchase in big quantity http://www.alibaba.com/product-gs/1479199021/Factory_supplie...

    • +1

      Hi there
      That's the fake TVPAD3, please look at that picture and go the official tvpad website to check out the difference.
      One is black one is white, one is without antenna and one with two antenna. Lots of people were confused by the those two.

      • +1

        Not sure what you were talking about. The pictures are identical on your site and at alibaba - black box without antenna.

      • do you know the orignal company that invented this tvpad3? iphone - Apple ?

        • hmm some idiot give me neg vote for asking this question? I just want to know how do identify which one is original and which one is fake, coz the seller said the one on alibaba is fake.

          all seller would claims their item is original, but how do I know? anyone can answer this question?

  • +2

    Bought from these guys before. Good reliable seller

  • USD$199 at aliexpress

    To be fair. (EDIT: You are comparing the price of a 'fake' with the genuine item.)

    Is there a 'local' supplier with a 'better' price for the genuine item?

    What about the 'extras'?

  • I bought this from the chinese newspaper for my dad. advertised at $280 fully installed at home,

    I got away with paying $265 in the end (installed and tuned to all his fav shows)

  • I'm interested but can't find it on the site? I'm being directed to http://handycomputers.com.au/ o.O
    Also is there a discount if you buy 2 or more sets?

    • Back online now!

  • Rep can you give us a deal if we buy 2?

    • Hi there, i have change the price for 2 to $480 delivered with free gifts.

  • can we record live tv japanese tv programs? what format are the recorded files? can the recorded files be converted/playbacked on PC (given that it only stores the recorded shows for 3 days)?

    • The TVPAD3 have recording function that you can record different TV channels.They are mpeg videos, so you can play them with other media players like VLC.
      It is a bit complex when configure your device to store the recording files.

      • so the files can be copied across onto usb and watch using VLC on your PC?
        can you tell me how many japanese tv channels there are now?

        • You can only record them into USB flash drive, Microsd card or portable hard drives and then connect to a PC to watch.
          There are 8 Japanese channels.

  • How's this compared to the Moonbox?

    (genuine question - contemplating to buy either one ASAP..)

    • Tvpad is more popular than moonbox, you can find tvpad everywhere but not moonbox. Don't rush, you can try both of them then decide which one to buy.

    • I just googled moonbox as Ive never heard of it.

      Hers what I found. http://www.moonbox.ch/ I dont think were looking at the same thing.

      ^not a typo

  • Rep, can you watch video files stored on NAS with this?

    • I dont think so

  • Rep, will this come pre installed with Chinese and Hong Kong channels (tvb)?

    • Yeah, they coming with those apps

  • Ordered 1, looking forward to it!

  • Hi Rep. Was going to order from your website and noticed that $245 does not include free gifts?

    Could you give a discount if I buy two?

    • Hi there the free gifts will come with any order until all gifts are gone.

    • I will offer a deal if u purchase two, please contact me via emai.

    • I will offer a deal if u purchase two, please contact me via email


      • Just PM'd you and bought 2 TVpads from your website. Hoping you can do a super deal with gifts for me.

  • Hi Rep
    Just order 1 from your website and pay by paypal yesterday around 4:45pm(AWST). but I haven't receive any order confirmation email.

    • Hi there, your order has been posted today, later on you will receive a email for updates with tracking number.

  • Hi Rep, also wanting to order one. How do I get the free gifts?

    • Just order and the free gifts will come with order unless the deal is mark expired.

      • Ok, the deal is not expired but there is no mention of free gifts on the site. I will take your word for it and order it expecting it to come with free gifts. Thanks.

        • Cheers mate

        • Hi Rep,

          I've ordered the TVPad on 15/1/14 and I still haven't received a confirmation email. Also, its meant to be express posted right?


  • Hi rep how do i get tw channels on the tvpad?

    • +1

      Try 516netTV, that's the live TW channel application

  • Hey Rep, have the orders been posted if it's been placed last week?

    • Never mind, just got it today and working great!

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