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[Pre-Order] Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Vita/PS3 - PAL Version $27.16 (+$2.00 Shipping) @ Blockbuster


Update2: Product(s) no longer publicly listed, and unable to be purchased with direct links.
Update: Price further reduced to $27.16 (+$2.00 shipping).

Pre-order for Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD for PS3 and/or PS Vita for $27.16 (+$2.00 shipping)@ Blockbuster (Pal versions). Release date 21/03/14
Vita: http://www.blockbuster.com.au/games/final-fantasy-xx-2-hd-re... Includes FFX on cartridge and download code for FFX-2
PS3: http://www.blockbuster.com.au/games/final-fantasy-xx-2-hd-re... Includes both FFX and FFX-2 on disc.

I was looking at prices for the Vita version via comparegames.com.au and noticed Blockbuster wasn't listed, so I did a manual search and found it at this price. Its a huge saving when compared to brick and mortar ($55-$60), and beats out OzGameshop by ~10-20 dollars depending on version.

Edit: It has come to my attention that Blockbuster (as well as Video Ezy and WowHD) are now listed on comparegames, with WowHD selling the Vita version at $34.81 (+$2.00 shipping), making Blockbuster the cheapest still, but only by $6.00. Furthermore, some posters have had experiences with Blockbuster pre-orders going on backorder status at the release date, increasing the postage time by 7-10 more working days, which could leave total postage time of 4+ weeks. Unfortunately I can not guarantee that any of the other 'cheaper' options (WowHD/Video Ezy) avoid this issue, as I do not have experience with them, and have also been lead to believe they share the same parent company.

Hopefully this information will help you guys decide whether it is worth the cash you save or not, and whether it is in your best interest to pre-order and purchase either of these games from Blockbuster.


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  • Can anyone with a vita please let me know if you can download any of the star wars battlefronts (originally for psp) off the psn and for how much? Cheers

  • Thanks OP, I'll give BB another chance after they messed my last order up.

  • Wow, great price. Thanks OP!

    One question: Is this FF X and X-2 in one package? Or is it $28.86 each?

    • Upon clicking the link it appears it includes both games in one.

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      PS3 you get both games on physical
      VITA you get FFX physical and digital code for FFX-2

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    Wonder what the Sony digital price for both will be….

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      Tell me about it. Playing Persona 4 now and looking at Persona 2/3. $75 or something for 2 old games downloaded. Seems fair, except they are about $40 for both in the USA. Digital distribution, when the reality of "(profanity) you, pay us" is made abundantly clear.

      • I think they're $10 each when on sale in the US. Still quite expensive IMO considering their age. I couldn't decide which version of P3 to get; the portable one lacks 3D apparently and the P3 FES has the inferior battle system. In the end I got neither and saved my money instead.

  • Is blockbuster a hit and miss store?

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      I've ordered three times now. One came very promptly, the next came after a few weeks, three third came slowly and when it did the case was empty (they refunded me)

      • Thanks, doesn't seem too good of a deal now.

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      I've only ordered from them twice so far, with one being shipped pretty quickly, and the other on backorder for about a 1-2 weeks. Both times the games arrived in about two weeks from the day of shipping, which seems to be normal for my location (SA) when ordering from online stores. Don't quote me on this, but I think they ship out of Hong Kong as well, so they may be faster for some people.

      I do understand that my experience will differ from others, and I've definitely heard stories about long shipping times and other issues, but I personally don't think they're any worse than other online stores such as OzGameshop or PlayAsia. At this price, compared to retail or other online stores, I don't think you're doing yourself any harm by 'taking a chance'.

      • Thanks for the insight, I reckon this price is simply too good to pass on. I'll see how my experience with Blockbuster goes.

        • Yeah the price is definitely the strong suit. Just thought I'd add that I haven't dealt with them before for preorders so I'm not sure how smoothly it will be (although they have 2 months to get numbers before ordering stock I guess). It can't be any worse than FishPond and the Killzone: Mercenaries 'deal' they had; ended up waiting about 2 months after the release date to get that one. :P

        • My prediction is that it will immediately go on back order on the day of its release. Then you will have to wait 2-4 weeks before it is despatched. I have had a few pre-orders with them and that is what happened.

        • Yeah the Pokemon fiasco. I'm in no rush though, PS4 and Steam are my main time killers for gaming at the moment.

        • Cheers for the information.
          I have a pretty big backlog of games already to fit around other commitments, so the potential delay isn't really an issue for me, especially with a saving of $20+. However, it may be an issue for others so it is good to have the information out there.

  • Sweet was waiting for this game… now i can get it for a reasonable price.


  • any idea how big the digital version of ffx-2 will be?

  • My Vita is on a US PSN account, will the digital code for X-2 work still?

    • Good point. Doubt it. If it's a PAL release, the code will be for PAL region.

    • Unlikely. I've switched exclusively to US PSN at this point because a lot of great PSP games were never bothered to be added to the Australian store. So this deal is no good for me :-(

      • By being on the US PSN does that mean you were able to access the 14 for 14 games that were on sale?

  • Great price, thanks OP.

  • Oh darn. I've got an older model PSP slim (with the spinning rom). This wouldn't play, would it?

  • I thought this was the upcoming Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Returns, LOL

  • Awesome deal for both ps3 and vita, too bad they disabled multiple accounts per memory card on vita though, then I would've been able to use it on my US main account after downloading it on a AU one like what people do with the PS3 version =/

  • Great find; thanks OP! Anyone know of any deals on the Vita?

  • Already played both games on PS2 but still quite tempted to purchase these given the price…argh ozbargain you're making me spend more than I should!!!

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