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Hitman: Absolution (PC) $4.99 USD [Steam]


Hitman: Absolution is currently $4.99 USD on Steam as part of their Midweek Madness sale. Great price for a good game.

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    Besides Contracts there is 80% off all Hitman titles including the collection


    Great game for a great price. Hopefully they'll make a new Hitman =\

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    For this price, you won't be disappointed.

    It is true that Absolution is basically Hitman: Arkham Asylum, in stark contrast to the earlier Hitman titles where it was about customisation and one giant sandbox as opposed to lots of self-contained sections, but man it never gets old strangling and knifing everyone in a building without alerting a single guard.

    • And throwing axes at guard's heads?
    • Turning on electric fences just as someone leans against them?
    • Dropping disco balls on a target in a nightclub?
    • Mixing blowfish poison with cocaine and watching your mark snort it all?
    • Disconnecting a petrol pump and letting a guy drop his lit cigarette in the pool of petrol under his feet?
    • Replacing the barbecue hot sauce with kerosene?
    • Setting off fireworks in Chinatown to escape?
    • Yanking people out of 10th story windows?

    So many memorable hits…


    Is this game a third person shooter or a stealth game or something very different?

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      Technically, both. It's in third-person, its trademark is stealth, but you can go around guns blazing (especially in this Hitman; previous releases weren't so Rambo-friendly) and guns are almost necessary for some parts (though if you're patient enough you can complete the whole game just by incapacitating people and hiding their bodies/sneaking past people).

      If you want to get perfect scores though and all the achievements, then you'll want to play it properly and complete all the challenges.

      On Expert/Professional/Purist difficulties you can forget about trying to be gung-ho. A very careful, silenced shot here or there is acceptable but letting off rapid fire bursts will fail missions faster than drug dealers snort poisoned cocaine in Hitman Absolution.

      Because the levels are no longer big sandboxes (i.e. once you infiltrate into a target building, it's a separate environment and any guards you left outside won't come chasing you in), you can make a huge mess of the first part of a mission and still pull off a very well-executed second or third half.

      There are also a lot of ways to set off explosions/traps/kill by proxy that can kill a lot of guards at once without anyone becoming suspicious of you. Like I said, this is a far more forgiving Hitman title, but playing it on the harder difficulties takes you back to the old-school days.

      Personally though, you don't play Hitman games to walk around and just mow stuff down with automatic fire. Plenty of other FPS games for that kind of fix.

      Sneaking into a basement and stealing a briefcase full of money just before two rival groups walk in to do an exchange and then end up blowing each other away in a massive shootout because of the missing briefcase, is so much more satisfying.


        So what is the closest game you would compare it to?


          Have a look at some gameplays on YouTube.

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          Splinter Cell


          As I said, the atmosphere is fairly close to those segments in Batman Arkham Asylum/Arkham City when you have to forgo beating up everyone to a pulp for silently taking down guys and then hiding on Gargoyles and ledges until you clear an entire area one bad guy at a time.


    If you got an amazon $5 coupon, you can get this for 2.50.