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Valentines Special Photography Shoot Offer - $39 (Save over $139) and 10% off All Purchases: SEQ


Give your valentine the gift of a romantic photo shoot for just the two of you this Valentine's Day (or you can simply give a Gift Certificate for a photo shoot but have your shoot on another day - up to you really).

Our prices are clearly provided on our website so you can see that these are genuine savings off regular prices. No catches, no tricks. The basics;

  • Must be paid for by 14/02/2014.
  • Booking must be made by 30/04/2014
  • Session must be prior to 15/09/2014
  • You get one free print - no further purchase required whatsoever
  • Any additional purchases can be made after you see your images on your password protected webpage
  • Get 10% off ALL purchases - no exclusions
  • If purchasing digitals a minimum of 10 is required.

PLUS special OZBARGAIN exclusive offer;
Get an EXTRA discount off all purchases from your photo shoot based on how many years you've been married.
Been married 7 years? Get 10% plus 7% discount off your purchases (Canvas prints excluded)
Been Married 50 years? Get 10% plus 50% discount off your purchases (Canvas prints excluded)

No tricks, no catches. The basics;
- Buy this certificate for yourself and partner or give it as a gift to any married couple to use
- Certificate must be redeemed by any married couple - proof of marriage required to redeem
- Discount applied to all additional purchases of Photo Prints and Digital images
- Must quote OZBLOVE at time of enquiry to qualify for this exclusive OzBargain deal
- All other conditions as previously stated apply.

This offer is not found on our website or anywhere else. The only way to get this deal is to quote this OzBargain code.

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    I'm still waiting for an actual deal lasting for at least 1 business day on VT Day flowers in VIC…

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    Hopefully it's not what viva photography in Perth does. They sell cheap photo sessions on scoopons etc and then use extremely pushy sales technique to make people feel bad about not paying hundreds for their prints.

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    No hope necessary.

    This is how it works with us: We take the photos, put it up on your password protected webpage and at your leisure and pleasure you tell us what photos you want, whether it be in prints or as digitals or both. Unlike other photographers we don't try and make our sales face to face so no high pressure sales. We let our photos and our prices do the talking for us.

    Oh…and for your free print you choose the image that you want. Additional Prints start at $13.50 with the 10% discount


    How much are the prints?


      Yeah good question Flashi,

      I just edited my last comment at the same time as you posted your question.

      On our site we have provided just 6 sample print sizes and prices but we do our prints in 34 different sizes so if the size that you see if not on our site then please ask us for a quote.

      To give you an idea of prices (BEFORE discount)

      5" x 7" = $15
      20"x 30" = $120

      A quick word about our prints. Prints are professionally processed using paper and ink with the highest guarantees in the industry. We use imported archival quality print paper (which means it is guaranteed for over 100 years). If you order PRINTS and DIGITALS then we'll work out a special package deal for you based on how many you order.

      Can you order the images and print yourself at K-Mart? Yes you can. We give you the same full high resolution images that we use for printing PRIOR to making them print ready. What does this mean? If you print them you will need to make them print ready yourself otherwise the machine at K Mart will chop off parts of your image indiscriminately, stretch them or leave you with white edges.

      Does this help?


    Looking at website free photo is a huge 6"x8"

    Rest of photo pricing listed below

    Photo Prints

    5" x 7" - $15
    6" x 8" - $18
    8" x 10" - $25
    12" x 18" - $70
    16" x 24" - $85
    20"x 30" - $120

    Canvas Prints

    12" x 18" - $95
    16" x 24" - $150
    20" x 30" - $195
    24" x 36" - $245
    30" x 40" - $325
    40" x 60" - $450

    Extra Digital Images on CD

    10 images - $150
    15 images - $200
    20 images - $250
    30+ images - $300


      SirNed, thanks

      6" x 8" is a nice size, not huge but really nice for the bedside drawers.
      Most photographers only give a 4" x 6" as a free print sow e think its a pretty good deal


    I've been married for 90 years, do I get 100% discount? Only problem is ive lost my marraige certificate, can I just whip one up on MS Word and print it in colour?

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      I reckon you've got your birth certificate around somewhere, else you've got your info up on a searchable government/credit rating site somewhere.

      I'm sure that once the store rep's verified that you were born prior to 1913 (you must've been at least 10 when you got married!) they'll work out a nice deal for you :)

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      I feel like I've been married for 90 years. Does that count ?


    Then maybe a photo shoot together will be just what you need???


    I would not worry about the discount more about the quality of photography …

    I would be very careful about this offer. The pictures presented on the page are very inconsistent in quality and have different watermarks of other photographers on them (S.J. Thompson Photography, Zoe Topcov Photography, …)

    Are you representing these photographers?
    There is no information about who takes the photos and their actual portfolio.

    I give this a negative (as a warning) until clarification.



      We find amazing and passionate independent photographers who don't have the overheads and restrictions of being a big business.


        Good find … so they might be all related to him :-). I will revoke my neg …


          Thanks wombats and thanks tycn.

          I'm posting via phone so typing is difficult but I would like to clarify.

          What I do is find photographers who are trying to establish themselves. I use my site to try and find them work. Then if over time they become successful and can start their own full time business then they leave me and I find someone else to help establish their business. For that work I take a small spotter's fee.

          The problem is that I don't own the photos that they take so the online portfolio is very limited plus most people don't want their photos posted for the world to see. The way that deal with that is I take the enquiry and determine who the best photographer that matches that client. The client gets to talk to the photographer and can view more or all of their photos before making a booking that way the client is in full control. If they don't like my suggested photographer then I will find one that they do like OR I refund their deposit or any other payment. I've never had to do this yet however that could be because most customers first approve their photographer prior to making any payment.

          I hope that this helps. Will answer more questions etc when using my computer




      Each of the photographers that I use are still trying to build their own businesses which includes managing their own brands. My job is NOT to represent them and their brands but to simply find work for them. They have their own strategies for their own brand. However, because I can obtain certain business economies that individually they cannot obtain, then occasionally that means that I can offer prices for their services which will be cheaper than what they offer directly themselves. Same photographer and same photos but different service and different price. SO, I purposely do not state their names in these deals because then people may expect to get the cheaper prices (that I offer) directly through them or otherwise will perceive them differently to how they intend on being perceived. It's like a brand name manufacturer packaging product for sale at Aldi….if you know what I mean.

      For these reasons could you kindly edit your comment to delete their names so I can continue to offer good deals without compromising their brands?

      Thanking you kindly

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