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Humble Weekly Bundle - Double Fine

  1. Psychonauts
  2. Costume Quest
  3. Stacking


  1. Brutal Legend


  1. Spacebase DF-9 (Early Access Game)

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  • +2

    Stacking was a surprisingly fun game..

  • GREAT deal if you've not got them but for someone who has all but Spacebase it's another repeat bundle.

    • +2

      mmm, agreed but don't forget to check the Amnesia fortnight out! If you decide to contribute their you get a prototype of spacebase aswell…
      Edit:looks like a really early prototype….oh well :P

  • They look interesting

  • +1

    dammit, no broken age.

    can't go wrong with Psychonauts though

  • Can't recommend these games enough! Well, except for Spacebase DF-9, which I haven't played.

    For $6, that's less than the cost of one lunch. Amazing value!