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20th March 10% off Woolies - WITH SENIORS CARD - NSW ONLY


20th March 10% off Woolies - WITH SENIORS CARD - ONE DAY ONLY



Refer to Page 16 of PDF
Refer to Page 31 of magazine

Edit: also use coupon code SENIORSDAY to get 10% off online.

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    i take this is nationwide. looks like ill send the old man to do my shopping for me.

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    On the bottom of the advert in the fineprint it says NSW only. Please adjust heading to avoid stacks of questions!

    • +17

      looks like ill send the old man to NSW to do my shopping for me.

  • Thanks, great deal.

    Page 61.

  • So the luxuries are left out. Cheeky woolies.

    • +1

      Same policies as staff discount. ;)

  • Mobile recharge voucher included?

  • May be worth putting on that old grey beard disguise. Now just need an image of a seniors card to print out…

  • +1

    Protip: Get a senior, buy them a apricot slice and coffee, go do your shopping and then take them in when you're checking out. Easy as winning the flag

    • +6

      If you follow this Protip, make sure you cover the cost of the apricot slice and coffee, or then you're just wasting your time (but + for seniors for outbargaining you and nabbing free food).

    • +1

      Better tip: Say you'll listen to their stories if they help you checkout. ;) (albeit some of the stories are actually pretty interesting) So can be a win-win :)

      • +3

        So I tied an onion to my belt which was the style at the timeā€¦

  • Question is" how to get the young guy to do the shopping as well? That's the ozbargin spirit, should not limit this deal to elderly people only.

  • This would be stackable if you pay for the purchase with gift cards that have been purchased @ 5% off from the usual sources.

    • Ing paywave, 5% no problems

  • Isn't this just for ONLINE shopping for Senior Card Holders? If you download PDF files it clearly states for ONLINE shopping only :)

    • You were looking at pg 31 I suspect

      On pg 16 it says for in-store as well

      • thank you :)

    • Are you sure? i cant see that anywhere in the terms, only says "offer may not be available in all store's" EDIT - sorry just saw the other add on page 31

  • ahh yes was looking at pg 31, yes pg 16 states in store as well, thank you so much :)

  • i guess this wouldn't include Caltex Woolies petrol?

    • you can almost be certain of that. petrol kiosks always run their own promos if any.

    • "not available at CALTEXWOOLWORTHS or co-branded fuel outlets"

  • +1

    I might arrange a whole family trip to NSW on the 20th of March for this :)

  • I can confirm it is in this coming weeks NSW Woolworths brochure.
    You either use the code SENIORSDAY when you checkout at woolworthsonline.com.au, or I assume you present your card to the cashier in-store.

  • -1

    age discrimination act.

    • The whole seniors card is technically age discrimination, but so is student concession transport fares. Swings and roundabouts.

      • +1

        Not age discrimination in your example. You can be a student at any age but you can't get a seniors card at any age.

        • -1

          lol, people actually took my comment seriously..

  • 10% off my incontinence pads. Illness discrimination against the age-ed !

  • Worked online…doesn't exclude alcohol at all. My case of Heineken got discounted :)

  • Get my old man with us getting few packs of $14.49 1/2 price burramudi fish pack n few vanilla rice pubbings $2.49. Get 10% discount extra. Happy woolies shopping day

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