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PlayStation 3 12GB Console + BattleField 4 $199 Delivered @ Target


PlayStation 3 12GB Console + BattleField 4 $199 Delivered @ Target

12GB console for $199 delivered is the cheapest at the moment and bonus game makes the deal even sweeter .

Console alone $230+ elsewhere

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Target Australia
Target Australia

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    12GB should just about cover Patches and DLC for BF4.

    • 12GB storage is quite useless for most modern games. That's why a hard drive is needed for this console. HN has a PS3 250GB hard drive for $68 for the 12GB super slim console. Should be enough space for multiple games. If you get a $5 discount voucher will bring it down to $63.


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        just buy a laptop hard drive at msy it is the same thing as what HN is selling but alot cheaper

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    Is there any bundles with gtav?

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    Standard 2.5 inch sata drive works just fine. Harvested a 320gb from a broken laptop for mine. Folded an A4 piece of paper down and slid it in against the hard drive and the case so it didnt jiggle, as I couldnt find anywhere that sold the brackets at the time. Worked fine for the past year.

    • Yes i harvested a 500GB hard drive from a laptop and used it on my slim PS3. But if you want to go down the BYO hard drive route here you are the PS3 super slim hard drive bracket is easy to buy off ebay this one is $17.49 delivered. That's since the 12GB PS3 super slim doesn't come with a hard drive bracket bundled with it.


      • When I got mine, the brackets were nowhere to be found. Got one now, but the paper worked fine.

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    This is good deal if we can act a lil smart…. i bought this deal last time when the game in bundle was NFS Rivals…. i sold the game after playing for $45(as the cost of new was still $68) So the cost of ps3 came down to $155. Bought a 500gb had for $65 and caddy for $6 eBay. So ps3 500gb ready for $220 including nfs rivals, which I played and sold at the right time… may be it might ring a bell with a few of u.

  • I wonder how much ps3 stock is around in general for stores to dump in coming weeks /months?

    Hard to know how much longer new ps3's will be available.

    I'd like a second one for putting in the kids playroom.

    • Sony said they will support the ps3 until end of 2015 which is next year.

      I still saw brand new PS2's on store shelfs at least till the end of 2012 for $99 at jbhifi.

  • I currently have an original 40GB PS3 (with an aftermarket 500GB hard drive put in last year), which has started intermittently experiencing the YLOD (think of it like a car that won't start - it takes a few attempts, but so far it does eventually stay on).

    Anyway, the issue with buying this and simply swapping the hard drive in, is that I would lose all my data, and I can't use the Data Transfer Utility because that would require a 500GB hard drive in both systems to start with.

    Do you think the 500GB PS3's will be discounted soon? Or consider buying a used one off eBay?

    • buy this ps3, borrow a 500gb drive from somwhere or buy one (should be less than $50)

    • Ill buy your ylod ps3 of you :)

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    It says Currently unavailable offline. Sold In Stores. But when at the store, said it's an online deal only..

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      Just an example of one hand doesn't know what the other hand is doing.

    • Also, you can't find it on the website anymore….

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