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($0.99USD Delivered) B22/E27 3W, 240LM Led [email protected]


Use coupon code "oz0844" for E27.

Use coupon code "oz0845 "for B22 .

Haven't been post deal for nearly a month , hope guys enjoy the deal .
Warm remind : People can buy bulk order with this $0.99 price/pc .
Thanks !

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  • thanks.

    must log in to us coupon.

  • oz844 does not work

    • Thx for remind , i have changed now :)

    • Shipping calculator doesn't work too

  • says delivered in title but website showing shipping fee.

    • yes , but when you claim the code , the total amount of per pc will be $0.99

  • I like warm white bulbs, it will be interesting to see the brightness of these to decided if they will end up as the main room light or in a lamp.

    I paid $2.26 AUD for 2 x B22 shipped so it looks like its not limited to 1 per customer.

    • +1

      Description says:

      Warm remind : People can buy bulk order with this $0.99 price/pc

      I just bought 10

      • thank you

  • anyone tried these?

    absolutely dangerous LED lights (electrically speaking) or an absolute bargain for $1 each?

    • Not sure but I'll give em a go. Can't expect too much for $0.99. I plan to put mine in lamps and closet lights etc.

      Aldi sell good ones from time to time.

      • normal price is $2.28+shipping , but we make this low price for ozbargain . thank you

    • they are safe and are the OEM bulbs that many supermarkets and hardware stores use around the world with their own brand.

    • I'll let you know. I've had four halogen ES globes blow in the last two weeks after momentary power outages, so I've ordered some - but I don't expect them for a while.

      $1.08 each (shopped in AUD rather than USD).

  • Has anyone received the last deal of kitchen tap led?

    • Not even a shipping confirmation, despite being charged $1 USD instead of 44c.

      Rep can you please advise the status on Order #100010112 (Feb 18)?

      • i estimate should be reach you these 3-5 days

    • My sister in-law received her blue LED tap thing, I used the tap when visiting at night once when the kitchen light was off and scared the **** out of me because it was unexpected.

      About a week after that I received the LED festoon for the cars map light even though I ordered it first.

  • 3W equals to how many W of the traditional light bulbs?

    • almost 8 or 9 W “`

  • It's a shame this doesn't work for Cool Light.

    The prices are a bit suspicious but for $10 with Delivery for 10 X Warm Bulbs isnt much of a gamble.

  • thanks worked out to be aus$1.08

  • bought 3x hope they will last.

  • Thanks REP, just got 10 of each for various projects but also got 2 x R7S Linear Halogen Replacements for a couple of cheapie portable floodlights I no longer use because they just get too hot… but that shouldn't be a problem now :) Thanks!

  • +1

    Not buying anything from MyLED again - still haven't received the previous order - CREE Flashlight from early January 2014

    Have emailed 3 times, every time being asked to wait for 10 more working days….
    I have sent another email - but no response

    Not happy at all

    • may i have your order number so that i can help

      • Thanks for your response
        I have sent you a message with the details

  • Your Order #100012017 (placed on March 18, 2014 7:25:09 PM CST)

    why my account order didn't show the place order?

    my account is lihong10

    do u have any LED 9w 12w for sale?

    which are newsletter item?

    there is discount for newsletter item….but i don't know which is?

  • I have bought a number of these type of LED bulbs from various sources (the ones with a large number of small LED's inside). None of them have lasted. Some lasted seconds, some a few months. The only LED bulbs that have been okay are CREE-based spotlights. I do not recommend buying this type of bulb.

  • hopefully it last long…

  • Rep, try to buy 6xE27 and 4xE22!in one go, can't get the price down to 99c each? Come to $28+ when check out with PayPal???

    • I would guess that the coupons don't stack so you need to do Edison and bayonet separately.

    • I think it's just one voucher per type of bulb per order.

  • Deal done, thanks!

    I hope they are bright enough…

  • Are these bulbs safe to leave on at night ? I have LED/CREE flashlights and they become hot after a minute of use. I notice that other LED ball bulbs sold on ebay have heat fins around their body to dissipate the heat and these bulbs do not have heat sinks and fins to radiate heat.

    • I have similar low-wattage bulbs from China and they're made up of a splattering of SMD LEDs on a small round circuit board covered by the empty domed plastic top. Because they're just standard small LEDs they don't get anywhere near as hot as the super high-powered ones we have throughout the house as downlights but they're also nowhere near as bright.

      These should not be considered as replacements for all lighting tasks, these are only very dim so should only ever be used in things like floor or desk lamps purely as decoration or other low light purposes. Probably only just good enough to read at close range so think of them more as a 'night light' for illuminating an area just enough to avoid banging into things but not bright enough to keep someone awake.

      For what they are they're perfect but I think people expect a lot more out of them than they were ever designed for.

    • It's a lottery. Some lamps are good, most are not. All the bulbs I bought with a large number of small LED's have failed me. One of them would light up when touched, which was alarming.
      I have bought numerious CREE spotlights, most of which were good, but one set of GU10's was so bad the lens would melt and burn within days. Very dangerous.
      My advice based on experience: when buying LED lights online, strictly stick to products where both the seller AND the product you plan to buy have a large amount of positive reviews. And make sure you have Paypal protection.

      • +3

        Agree on all fronts.

        We filled our new-build with 90 decent quality GU10 downlights that were only around $16 a piece at the time (excluding fitting). They were from Beacon of all places and unlike the rest of the stuff they sell I thought these were very well priced for their high build & output quality. They're all still working flawlessly 18 months later too!

        I actually made it a mission about 2.5 years ago to compare many of the mid-range Chinese LEDs both in 12V MR16 & 240V GU10 varieties as I was plannng on going into business importing, testing, certifying & selling them here. I even registered my business and got my domain name! A lot of the absolute cheapies were really quite poor however the mid-range stuff bench-tested really REALLY well and I was pretty surprised how the $10 generic Chinese Lamps compared to the $100+ OSRAM Lamp I purchased locally. There were only very subtle differences in colour and light output and even heat generated both when brand new and even after 10 months in my test rig running 24/7! I decided to pull the pin on the business in the end as technology was progressing so fast that I knew I couldn't provide a proven quality & 100% certified product to Aussies at a competitive price because by the time I had tested them and had them certified they had already been superceded at least twice!

        Lately I've purposely purchased cheapies like these for non-critical uses and haven't had many problems but yes, they are definitely built to a price and are definitely dim dim dim so be warned.

  • website down or just me?

    nevermind, working now.

  • FYI, all my LEDs have now arrived. Cheers MyLED! Will shop with you again no problem.