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Panasonic 65" Full HD 3D Plasma TV Model TH-P65ST60A $1999 Inc Delivery


If you want the 65" Panasonic Plasma ST this might be your last chance? ummm… until the next big retailer reduces it further? Purchased today from Retravision O'Connor WA. I tried HN Cannington as they had signs in-store saying they would guarantee to beat any advertised price. Waited for half an hour at HN to be served and then told cheapest they could do was $2400! Mentioned Retravision and was told guarantee has conditions in fine print??

Panasonic 65" Full HD 3D Plasma TV Model TH-P65ST60A
Panel NeoPlasma
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Panel Drive 2500 Hz FFD
Picture Mode Dynamic/Normal/Cinema/True Cinema/Custom
Contrast 1:5,500,000
Filter Infinite Black Pro
Shades of Gradation 12,288 gradation steps
1080 Pure Direct —
DCI 98% Color Space —
Super Clear Resolution —
Dot Noise Reduction Y (Pro)
THX Mode —
isf Mode —
24p Playback (2:2)/24p Smooth Film Y/Y
Hexa-Processing Engine —
3D 3D Type Y (Active)

*The 6 star rating on the Retravision website is incorrect its only a 3 star rating

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  • Bought the 60" at this price a few months. Definitely one of the best TV's on the market.

    BUT only buy this from Retravision if it's in stock. I put a deposit down on a TV a few years ago and they told me it'd take a week. 2 weeks later, it still wasn't it. So at the end of the 3rd week (being a Friday), I went in and got my money back and went down to Harvey Norman and got it there and then…

    …that certain Retravision was closed over that weekend. I would of been out of $300 if I didn't go in that day. Don't trust Retravision with ordering TV's in.

  • I have this TV…beautiful picture - worth spending a little more for superb quality!!

  • have one myself - absolutely beautiful beast. Couldn't recommend it more, got mine at Appliances Online for around $200 more a few months back inc delivery.

  • Don't bother try price match at HN Cannington. I tried once as well and the answer was "go buy there"!

  • I have a 50 inch ST60. Awesome TV

  • $239 delivery to Central QLD. Hmm, still tempting.

    • Give Appliances Online a call and ask for a pricematch of $1999. They might do it and throw in free postage as well - and trust me I've bought my fridge, washing machine, microwave and TV and their service has been tops

  • Good price! Too late for me as I bought the 55" VT60 last week. So many Panasonic plasma run out deals :-)

  • I have this. It is awesome. Any questions?

  • If only I could justify this…

        • I think what you are describing might turn people off buying a Panasonic plasma when it is a superior picture over LCD.
          Do those brands still even make Plasma TV's now?
          I own a Panasonic plasma and compared my old Pioneer plasma, it's not as hot. They have improved a lot over the years.

        • I'm glad you're not selling them anymore Phreakuency because there are enough salesmen out there that have no idea about the difference between Plasma and LCD. Let me guess you're a LCD fan and only have them at home so this is what you sold?

          As for the trim melting on plasmas tvs along with fans giving out what a load of bollocks, this would never happen on a brand name tv unless your showroom was like an oven and LCD tvs would also suffer.

          Early plasmas suffered from some problems but so did early LCD tvs and when looking at reliability and even power usage there is very little in between them but plasma has the edge of picture quality.

  • Get the Panny plasmas while you can. It's the last generation. After Samsung exits, plasma technology is effectively gone. The king is dead…

    • But the emperor will arrive with OLED No?
      Better contrast than Plasma and more energy efficient.
      We just have to wait until we can get 55" for $2k :P
      Plasma had their role and they were fantastic, but technology is progressing and the new wave of TV's are awesome.. just need the prices to be awesome too.

      • If they can iron-out issues like high production costs and very low panel lifetimes, then sure. Until then the king will only have an usurper on the throne.

  • How are these for gaming?

    • For reference, I've just received my PS4 and have been doing a lot of Fifa 14 and have been playing it on the exact same screen. Can't fault it and I'm somewhat glad I broke my Samsung 64" Series 5 Plasma.

    • To be honest the ST60 series has higher screen latency than most TVs. Google it, lots of information out about it.

      Didn't stop me from buying one. But good to know if you are a serious gamer.

  • +1 vote

    What's the input latency like on these?

    The Panasonic plasma we used to have had no perceivable input latency, but the Samsung LCD we have now is shocking.

    • They have gaming mode.. which generally means lower latency.

      • Yeah, input latency is super important to me, I love my current Sony but it has a really noticeable input latency which is frustrating.

      • Unfortunately even with gaming mode the ST60 has significant lag in that department and isn't any good for competitive gaming. Might be bearable as a casual gamer though.

      • I've got the 50" ST60A and I know the actual measurement of it's input latency is (objectively) higher than other TV's, but (subjectively) I don't notice it much, if at all. Keep in mind that I am incredibly picky when it comes to things like input, graphical, and network lag, like.. reaaally picky! Either I'm not picky enough to notice it, or they've since released an update to either address or mitigate the problem (the TV got about 2 firmware updates since i've owned it).

        In terms of more "competitive" gaming, a friend of mine who is a heavy (and quite experienced) CoD player didn't notice any significant difference in the way he was able to perform online. AVS Forum have a good thread on the ST60 model and this is what helped shape my decision to purchase.

        Anyway, that's my 2c on the input lag :)

    • $134 shipping to Sydney.

    Worth it?

    • Give Appliances Online a call and ask for a pricematch of $1999. They might do it and throw in free postage as well - and trust me I've bought my fridge, washing machine, microwave and TV and their service has been tops

  • I've currently got a 55" sony LED but I was going to buy another TV for the other lounge room.
    These plasmas are 37kg compared to 18kg for the sony. Any issues with this amount of weight on the wall?

    • As long as you fix the bracket into the studs, it should be fine. (usually ~600mm spacing centre to centre)

    • Don't forget to check out eBay for reputable wall bracket suppliers with brackets one-third the cost of in-store prices.

      • I've got the 55" sony on a selby wall mount at the moment in to the studs. holds it nice and firmly but I still get squeamish thinking of 40kg just sitting there (if it ever fell…)

  • O15 check out this site should give you an indication whether its suitable for gaming.

  • Bought this a couple of months back. Just wondering if any others who own this tv notice a very mild pink hue on whites? The whites don't seem to be perfectly white, only noticeable if most of the screen is in white though.

    I've previously owned a Samsung Series 7 plasma with a pink band across the screen, so I've been pretty sensitive about whites being totally white.

  • Save $400 for 5" less? $1,596 for the 60" here

    Is this model just as good? I think 65" might be too big for my sitting distance.

    • So giggles you went from an older generation Plasma to a latest generation LCD and you noticed a huge improvement. I guess you would say the same if you went from a 20 year old Hyundai to a new BMW - everyone else on the other would not compare the two.

      Heat and power consumption are linked, plasmas use around the same power as a LCD tv so your logic is flawed. Black levels will never be as good as a plasma, colour is the same and as for detail you're probably comparing a lower resolution plasma to a full HD LCD.

      So whilst you may be happy with your Samsung don't think it's because it's an LCD, it's because you have a much more modern TV and a modern plasma would likely outdo your LCD in many respects.

  • Quick question for the experts out there - I have a VT30A - best tv I've ever had & looks amazing for gaming.
    - Would I see any noticeable picture quality differences with the new 60A models?? I'm thinking the difference wouldn't be worth the 2k but could be easily swayed.
    *shattered Pana plasmas are going to be no more soon

    • Incredible differences.

      • Incredible differences.

        Really? I don't think so matey. I have the vt30 in the lounge and the st60 in the man cave. It's not "incredibly" different (in terms of PQ) by any stretch of the imagination. If anything I prefer the vt30for PQ, and overall look and feel - it was the flagship after all and the last of the Japanese made plasma panels.

        Lego Legend, if your VT30 is a 65 I would just stay with it, however if its a 55 then I would consider upgrading to this newer model/bigger size as the st60 is a fantastic tv in its own right.

  • Why are these so much more than the Samsung 64"s that were going a year back for $1400?
    While this being obviously newer technology I'm not under the impression those were significantly bad models.

    • That sammy is the bottom range and this pana is the top?

    • I think it comes down to reputation.

      Panasonic gets rave reviews everywhere so they can afford to charge more because it's "worth it".

      Don't get me wrong I'm not saying that's not true as I've never really seen/compared properly calibrated Pana plasmas to other calibrated TVs. It's just I think one of the reasons for the higher price is how famous it is.

    • I actually upgraded to the ST60 from a 64" Samsung Series 5 myself. Long story short, the TV stand broke on my Sammy and the unit fell.

      The difference is night and day and the ST60 is a MUCH better unit in terms of every aspect from my point of view. The only regret is that I didn't break the Sammy earlier as my one had really bad buzzing issues which is known.

    • The only Sammy that compared to this Pana was the 64F8500.
      Almost extinct. JB cleared them last year at $1800.

  • I was thinking who will I turn to for plasma goodness in the future as panasonic will stop production of plasmas?

    By the time my st50 dies 4k tech will be affordable ( hopefully ) and LCD or O/LED whatever they are using will have big improvements. That's the plan anyway. I do like my plasmas.

  • +2 votes

    I think some have asked why get this over the cheaper Samsung 64" as I did before I made my purchase. It can be compared to PC display Monitors even in the Dell Ultra series IPS there are differences and so some sell for way more than others.

    The Panasonic ST when compared side by side to the cheaper S series Panasonic as I did in-store do appear to have better colour. I work with colour correction everyday as a photographer on high quality monitors. The cheaper TV panels when switched off are grey the premium plasma panels in all makes are blacker in appearance when switched off.

    I am no tech-head so it is just my personal opinion and I thought it was worth the small premium, the 65" VT model Panasonic is supposedly superior again but is priced at around $3500 so this seemed good value at $2000.

    This Panasonic plasma will not suit all as I think the LCD is better in lighter rooms and they appear superior in-store because of this but get it home and you will see the difference. I did have a 55" Samsung plasma then changed to LCD now I have gone back to a plasma my opinion is that plasma is better.

    *The 6 star rating on the Retravision website is incorrect its only a 3 star rating.

  • Appreciate the informative insight, I had put it down to the AU dollar value

  • what about this

    in usa its $1700. am going over to usa. i dont think i can carry it over though :(

  • Just tried to get Retra Vision in Rockhampton to price match and they said 'no way'. Bummer.

  • Bought one instore from cannington wa. 2 left

  • Has now been removed from the Retra Vision website

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