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4x 225/40r18 92Y Goodyear F1 Asymmetric 2's BRAND NEW - $615. Fitting and Balancing Inclusive


Goodyear F1 Asymmetric 2 225/40r18 92Y - $615 [CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK]

Available at Goodyear Autocare Croydon.

Inclusive of fitting and balancing for customers in Melbourne.

Tyres are BRAND NEW and sourced directly from Goodyear. These are not parallel imports or knockoffs.
Date of Manufacture is 47th Week 2013.

Shipping available
Sydney $60
Adelaide $60
Brisbane $90
Perth $160

Methods of Payment: Visa/ Mastercard, EFT, Cash.

Call Ruben - 03 97254633 / 0421155533

or email: [email protected]

Other sizes also available:
245/40r19 - $820
245/35r19 - $820
235/35r19 - $1020

Also available here:
(Although I'm asking the customer to front the eBay fees obviously).

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    Give them a chance JV.

    OP what is your normal/regular price for these tyres (fitted etc.)?

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      Beaurepaires retail that tyre at $300-$350. Most of the customers I've received feedback from have been quoted well in excess of $1000 for a set.

      My retail per tyre is $205. But under a Buy 4 Pay for 3 deal that's reduced to $615.

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        Good on you for not cranking the price up before the sale price. That's what typically happens around here :(

        • There's no reason for them to crank the price up, they're not the ones that are giving the tyre away for free, their parent company Goodyear Dunlop Tyres are!

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        This is a wheely good deal!

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          that pun has been done before, it's getting tyred.

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          I've seen people banned for this many puns, tread carefully.

        • You people ought to be steel belted a round.

        • So long as they're not being biased, they should be alright!

        • I think you all need to get a grip!

      • I apologize for not responding to a few queries, however due to the unexpected and overwhelming response from this advertisement we ran out of stock within a day for the 225's and I was forced to expire the offer prematurely.
        Please note there is still some (not a lot) stock left in the 235/35r19's, 245/35r19's and 245/40r19's. Price is still as indicated.

    • Reminder: Please keep comments relevant to the deal and refrain from personal attacks.

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    What's going on here?

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      jv was being negative for a change

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  • Price for sets of 235/45R17 and also 235/40R18?

    Can you do better on shipping given there'd be no fitting, balancing and tyre disposal fee?

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      No stock left of 235/40r18's at Vic Warehouse. Next shipment is July. They WERE the same price.

      235/45r17's are $660.

      Can't do any better on price unfortunately.

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    This is actually a pretty good deal, as they are $283 each here and $294 each here

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    I'm not familiar with prices for 225/40 18s, but I bought 235/40 18's 2 years ago and with the buy 3 get 1 free offer, it still cost >$1k fitted.

    Sounds like a great deal to me for great tyres.

    Do you stock these in 245/35 R20 and 275/30 R20?

    • +1

      No sorry. I work with XR5 and GTI car clubs and therefore only pickup bulk deals in the certain sizes I've listed.

  • OP what about an alignment for 4 wheel?

    • $70 for a Fronts/Rears.

      $55 for Fronts.

      • need both. What is the best price you can do with alignment?

        • for the 225/40/18

        • $675.

  • Is the buy 4 pay for 3 deal on at all Beaurepairs (specifically Brisbane)

    • Yes. $205 per tyre inc of fitting and balancing, therefore $615 for 4.
      I'm a Goodyear franchisee though.

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      This is a Goodyear outlet deal. Might also be at Dunlop outlets (same parent company). Beaurepaires may have similar deal, but not showing on their website.

  • No chance of doing the same price through your eBay store?

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      Ebay fees. :( Sorry.

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          It still says fitting and balancing inclusive, maybe you're just poor at comprehension. And yes, all tyre stores charge shipping extra, and no there's not TWICE as much. You're welcome to come pick them up for free if you have a problem. Although I feel you're just a time waster.

        • +16

          $615 for 4. vs $756 for 4. Go do your math son.

      • Fair enough. What's the chance of reducing the shipping fee though given you will only ship them but not needing to fit/balance them?

        (probably another no but this is OzB afterall…worth asking)

        • This is the official ToS issued by Goodyear.

          Ensure that you comply with all terms of the offer at your store. If you do not honour Goodyear Autocare’s marketing promise in-store you risk breaching the Australian Competition and Consumer Act. Ensure that you offer this fantastic deal to all eligible customers and take advantage of this campaign.
          DO NOT increase the normal price of service and fitting charges. You may follow the Service Menu Board to charge for normal fitting and service charges, but you MUST NOT inflate the price of any service & fitting charges during a promotion.
          If the customer does not want their tyres fitted, charge them normal service and fitting charges and allow them to carry the tyres. If a customer would like to carry their tyres, please point out the exclusion on the terms and conditions counter card (which states that the tyres must be fitted).

        • No worries. Good deal for local customers, rather lukewarm (or in my case, no deal) for interstates.

          With freight, fitting costs and inconvenience of waiting for the tyres to turn up/take them to the local tyre store, I'd rather the Bridgestone offer.

        • Overnight delivery to Sydney/Adelaide. :p

  • Price of a set of 235/55R18 ?

    • $720. Goodyear Fortera.

  • Any deals with 235/55 R19?

    • No, sorry. Nothing ultra special in that size.

      • No recommendations?

        • I won't be anywhere close I know that!
          Goodyear Excellence are $1350.

  • +17

    JV go away.

    Anyways these are a fantastic tyre at a very good price, they came standard on my Focus ST, and i use them on my FPV GT, they are regularly rated one of the best sports tyre on the market, they are very quiet and have fantastic wet road grip as well. Well worth purchasing.

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      Nice garage!

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        Soon to include the limited edition 351GT (or whatever they call the last FPV model released) and a FH XR8.

    • -13

      jv's sometimes right with his nitpicking and sometimes he's very wrong. but ultimately, he's been here a lot longer than you so if you have such an aversion to him, then it's you who should "go away."

      • Wow! Jv actually has a friend :)

        • hating some random on the internet is as pointless as worrying about whether or not your comments are popular

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          2 sometimes! (We don't always see eye to eye!!!)

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  • +1

    Any 225/45/R17 for my GTI?

    • +2

      Ah, sorry, 225/45r17's…

      F1-D5's available for $600!

      • That's a good deal as well.

      • +1

        Hi rep, do you have asymmetic 2 for this size as well? May i know the price?


        • +1, I'm keen on this too!

  • How much for a set of 235/50r17

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      $720. Goodyear Excellence.

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    This is a great price! Would buy if I still had a need for them.

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    hey mods why did you unpublish comments i was enjoying watching jv make a fool of himself, by the way jv the tyres you linked to were $756 per set of 4.

  • Any deal for 4 x 245/60/R18 or equivalent for CX9 Classic - shipped to Sydney?

    • $970 for Goodyear Wranglers from me here. I think you can find them cheaper in Sydney though.

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    Anyone else and they'd have been banned by now…

    Great deal OP!

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      Jv is a protected species now?

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      Yes, totally agreed. I am not sure why his account is not banned or suspended. He is baiting the poster of the thread for no legitimate reason.
      Other genuine people have come on to this thread and agreed it is a good deal.
      No one else has been able to show a better deal.
      JV has attacked the poster and tried to claim better deals elsewhere by using misleading information.

      Like ryang said - if it was anyone else, their account would be banned.

      • +6

        I agree, not only that, the Rep is responding to other members asking for prices on certain sizes etc, something you dont see every day.

      • jv has already been banned on commenting on this thread. I will review the comments when I am in front of a computer again (currently on the phone).

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          Thanks Scotty, its a shame that we have a rep here answering questions from other members in regards to products he sells and you have one specific member hassling the rep, doesnt exactly show OZB in a good light to other companies.

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          Is it the same jv that has been banned over at Whirlpool forums?

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          judging by the post count. i would say yes

        • I think jv just need a sneaker.
          I never seen JV getting this aggressive before. I mean pick yes but not unreasonably aggressive and childish like this. May be his account is hack or JV junior got a hold of his computer.

        • Feedback?

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    Just try not to run in to this guy while you're there…

  • Store Rep,

    pls email looch777(at)gmail or post here for 215/55 R17 in Goodyear model, and Bridgestone Turanza?

    I want quite noise tyre over softness (grippy - low mileage.

    my Turanza have lasted over 90,000klms!!! so I'm a bit favourable to them!

    but I need to change as some wear is showing.

    so can you price me on 4 fitted 215/55 R17 Goodyear F1s or some other "name" brand with good grip, low road noise? Thanks.

  • I was looking for these tyre but non available last year. Great set of t yre.

  • +3

    Wow great prices, I don't need new tyres but if I did I would definitely go to you guys based on cost and how the rep is ripping jv a new one.

  • Hi rep, any deals on either 225/45/18 or 235/45/18?

    Cheers, mate.

    • F1-D5's are $750 in the 225/45r18 for 4.

      • Nice.

        Just a shame my Mazda 3 is only less than a month old, so doesn't need tyre replacement yet. Otherwise I would have ordered a set too.

        • +3

          lend me the keys and it will…